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CR garden wing or WL bunk bed room in dec?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by chimommy, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. chimommy

    chimommy New Member

    We have not stayed at a disney hotel before (but this will be our 5th trip)... pretty sure we want to go next dec. I love the rooms a the CR and I think it would be great to walk to MK... but I think WL would be nice during Christmas. We have 2 littles ones.. will be 2 and 4 on the next trip.

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  3. Anniefrances

    Anniefrances New Member

    We have stayed at both resorts and I think I would choose WL for the Christmas decor. Plus the bunkbeds would probably be a hit for your kids. The thing I like about WL is that at the end of a very long day at MK the walk to the boat dock is even shorter than back to CR and with the larger boat there is no need to fold up the stroller. Either way though you cannot go wrong as CR is pretty fantastic, too.
  4. chimommy

    chimommy New Member

    Thanks!!! Great advice. Are the waits long for the boats at WL? How is transportation to the rest of the parks? I think we will spend most of our time at mk...but we will still go to,the others. We have never been in dec.... I'm sure it's just beautiful!
  5. Mom2twinboys

    Mom2twinboys Now mom to 3 boys

    I would definitely choose WL particularly in dec. We would stay there again except now we have 3 children so we are roughing it at the Poly! I was worried about transportation the first time we stayed at WL but I think the boat and buses from WL were more efficient than the monorail resorts. I don't remember long waits for the boat to MK and the ride is short too!
  6. poohgirl6

    poohgirl6 I dream of Stormalong Bay

    With the little ones and the Christmas crowds, I would choose the CR over WL because of the transportation options. Being able to walk to MK is a huge plus, especially at busy holiday times. Granted, the holiday decor at the WL is so beautiful, but you can always book a meal at WL, or just go visit to soak up the ambiance of the lobby. JMO and YMMV. Either way, you can't lose:thumbsup2
  7. monami7

    monami7 New Member

    I love the look of WL. We are staying there in 2 weeks. We stayed at the CR for our HM and we loved that too! Not sure you have a bad choice.
  8. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    We've never stayed at the CR, but we love the WL, especially during the holidays :santa:. With that said, my choice would be the WL. The decorations are amazing and I think the kids would love the bunk beds. It's convenient being within walking distance to MK from the CR, but taking the boat from the WL is great as well and doesn't take long at all, IMO. Good luck deciding, although I'm sure you'll have a great trip no matter which resort you choose as Disney at Christmas time is amazing in itself :goodvibes.
  9. Anniefrances

    Anniefrances New Member

    We stayed at WL in mid-June, so it was crowded but certainly nothing like Dec would be if you are going over the school break. Anyway, I don't think we waited longer than 10 minutes or so for a boat going in either direction. They had 2 of them--one large enough that I didn't have to fold the stroller and a smaller one that did require that. When my children were sleeping in the stroller on the way out of MK it was no big deal to sit on a bench and wait an extra 10 minutes or so for the larger boat. For buses, the waits also were reasonable--very comparable to mods/values except that there seemed to be plenty more seat availability. I did find that on days we went to parks other than MK that it was less convenient to head back for mid-day breaks so those days ended up being good days either to arrive early and leave in time to enjoy the pool before dinner or enjoy the pool and head out after lunch. At this point in our Disney visits, with my children still too young to appreciate Epcot and hanging around WS in the evening, CR and WL are my 2 favorite resorts. And despite not being able to walk or take the monorail, there is a relaxed vibe about WL that gives it a slight edge ahead for me (and my boys like the adventurous theming there, which for them includes the boat ride to MK).
  10. twinboysmom

    twinboysmom New Member

    As much as I love the ambience of the WL, especially during Christmas, the CR is easier transportation wise with little ones. Assuming you had a double stroller? The boat to the MK is a nice ride although it can be downright cold in the cooler times. You can roll the stroller onto some of the boats but the smaller boats will require it to be folded. Our last stay there the boats came every 15 minutes exactly and they alternated the larger ones with the small ones (was during peak season). All other transportation is via buses.

    For us, we prefer the transportation options of the CR. So easy and quick to walk to the MK (much faster than taking the monorail). No waits, no crowds, nothing. Of course monorail to Epcot and buses to AK and DHS. As the mother of two toddlers, I would recommend the CR. we really do love it and bonus, watching wishes from the resort (4th floor viewing deck).

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