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    Oct 20, 1999
    I have been going solo off and on since the late nineties. Stayed solo in ASMo, ASMu, PO, POP, The old DL, AKL and WLV. You'll be fine if you follow the rules of common sense. There are ALWAYS people around, and I'll bet you could tip a bellman to walk you to your room if you were nervous. (I never have, but in a resort with outside stairs, I request a room that is close to the main building and facing an area with activity. My least favorite in that regard was the old Dixie Landings - Now POR).

    I go a lot in January - and only make one TS adr a day, usually at lunch. In fact for this coming january, I have none, because I have great luck with these strategies.
    1 - make an adr in the morning for that day, either by phone, or the concierge at your resort, or guest services in the park.
    2- plan on lunch when the restaurant opens and ask at the podium if you can eat at the bar (Yak & Yeti)
    3. Plan dinner when the restaurant first opens and go as a 'walk in' - the cooking place counter is good for this at Jiko
    4. Plan a late lunch about 1/2 hour before the restaurant closes - I got a walk in at Tusker house last winter and had SUPER character interaction.
    5. I've had some really good dinners at counter service - Sunshine food fair in the land, Tangerine in Morrocco, Mara at AKL, POP food court - and they're not burgers, either. I watch what I eat pretty closely. Some budget trips, I've eaten out of my cooler for breakfast and supper. Now I get a DVC Studio.

    Until you try it, you may never realize just how much 'other people' influence what you do on a daily basis. It may take you a couple days before you figure out just what it is *YOU* want to do.
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  3. Sadie22

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    Feb 16, 2010
    As a type 2 diabetic AARP member, I have some concerns about overdoing it and having low glucose episodes. My glucose levels are under good control, I know to keep well-hydrated, and I always carry food on me, but I'm concerned about the first time happening in an unfamilar environment. I always carry identification with information about my conditions and a current list of medications and supplements that medical personnel would need.

    I was by myself around the parks a good bit on the last trip because DH was at a convention. I made ADRs so I always had a place to sit down and eat at appropriate intervals, and to cool off in the AC as well as replenish my water bottle. It was the height of summer, and with the crowds I was not willing to add the stress of standing in line to get food as another test of my stamina. As a diabetic, I always take extra good care of my feet, so I was not hesitant to sit on a bench and take off my shoes and socks to check my feet.

    I do not use insulin, but if I did I would make sure I kept it at the proper temperature (in a Friopack, I think is the name), and that I had plenty of extra supplies, for testing blood glucose and for medicating, in case of loss, accident, or just needing more.
  4. LiteninPrincessa42

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    Feb 19, 2009
    I have been on 3 solo trips, staying at Coronado Springs, Pop and Beach Club Villas. I have never been afraid because as someone said earlier, I'm careful and aware of my surroundings. Ok, there was that one time I heard rustling in the leaves on a path at BC that I thought might be a snake! Didn't go that way again! I have eaten at several signature restaurants and usually get a very good table and great service. I have food allergies and always need to see the chef, so that makes me feel special also. I had a very special dinner at the California Grill on my 49th birthday and the waiter along with people at tables around me made it a very memorable time! I did feel guilty because I have never taken my children or grandchildren and think about what it will be like when I bring them to my favorite place! I usually have a basic plan, but end up changing my mind on the spur of the moment, or if my feet hurt!
  5. ClareH37

    ClareH37 DIS Veteran

    Sep 23, 2006
    Another solo female traveller here :)

    The only part I don't enjoy is flying solo, I hate flying - not particularly helpful considering I'm from the UK and to get to my 'happy place' I have to fly lol

    I have my 3rd solo trip in a few weeks time and I can't wait, I enjoy dining at Disney so tend to make sure I have a restaurant booked each evening, now wifi is practically all over I'll be using my smart phone to read/play games if I get fed up of people watching ;)

    I particularly enjoy the Epcot resorts, Epcot is my favourite resort - I use the Disney transport mainly and have always felt safe, but I never let my guard down, eg I don't advertise to everyone I'm solo.

    I'm also diabetic (type 1) along with some other stuff, but I have no problem with going solo - I do tend to keep in touch with family at certain times of the day, the instruction is if they don't hear from me, they should call me, it's my safety net.

    I hope you decide to give a solo trip a go, it's not for everyone but if you don't try it you'll never know :goodvibes
  6. kwdw

    kwdw DIS Veteran

    Oct 27, 2010
    I'm headed on a third solo trip in a couple weeks - and really - go for it! If I waited for my significant other to be willing to go again --- I'd be waiting a long time (though like yours, he does say he will go again, just not too soon).

    Safety - really - I've always felt safe at Disney. Even walking to my room late at night alone. Yes - it's important to stay alert to your surroundings as it is everywhere - but it's probably one of the safest places to travel alone.

    I get a bit more nervous on solo trips as to "where's my cash and credit cards" because there is no back-up if I lose something. I make a photocopy sheet of my driver's license and the credit cards I have with me - and hide that in the safe in my room. So - at least I have the info if something happens.

    I much prefer TS meals - so I make my ADR's in advance - typically one a day - though sometimes I've done that for both breakfast and dinner. I've NEVER felt like I was stuck in bad spot in the restaurant and many times I think the server has made "extra" effort to make sure I'm okay during my meal. I'm staying in a DVC villa this time - and it's a long enough trip I even placed a grocery delivery for just little ole me! I'm actually more uncomfortable in the food courts at lunch because I feel guilty taking a whole table but I really don't like to eat on my lap. People eye my table hoping I'll leave soon!

    Yes, I have had passing moments of wishing I had a traveling companion at times, but those times never last long because SOMETHING perks me back up - a nap, a snack, trying something new. Sometimes just the freedom to say - "I'm tired and grumpy and I can go back to the room for a nap" and not disappoint anyone is the best part of all.

    So - anyway - GO. Have fun!

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