Comparing figures: BC (FP+) vs Dolphin (FP anything??) for Jan

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by luvallprincesses, Oct 8, 2013.

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    So, now that the deals are out, I need to make a decision, and some of it is still variable, making it more difficult. Jan 18-26, 8 nights. I am comparing RO rates. We will not purchase a dining plan. We will not have a car.

    I have a res at the Dolphin using the teacher rate of $219. With adding resort fee and airport transfers, the cost would be ~$2200. That rate could come down, last year it was $189 for that week, which would be ~$2000. I also have enough Starwoods points for 3 free nights, which would bring it to ~$1600 at my current rate or ~1400 at the lower rate if it happens (all including taxes/transfers). But if I save those points until I have 4 points nights, I would get a 5th free. (This wont happen before Jan, but can save for a future trip and get more bang for the buck in the long run.)

    As of today, I have a discounted RO rate at BC garden view that costs ~$2200. So perfectly equal to the Dolphin with added fees and not using points, assuming the teacher rate doesn't drop.

    Pros of Dolphin: heavenly beds, adding lots more Starwoods points
    Con of Dolphin: not knowing what the FP situation will be, maybe no FP+ or - at all come January???, (not worried about lack of Disney magic)
    Pros of BC: guaranteed FP+ and MB, (storm along bay not necessarily a pro in January)
    Cons of BC: keep reading about poor CM service and rooms in disrepair

    What would you do and why? If you say Dolphin, would you use points now or save until 4 nights for the 5th free?


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