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Coaster Being Moved for Dumbo

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by wdwfreeksince88, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. wdwfreeksince88

    wdwfreeksince88 Only An Hour From The House Of Mouse

    May 28, 2008
    Just listened to the Fantasyland 101 segment. Where T and Kathy were talking about Disney moving the coaster for room for Dumbo. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure the coaster sits exactly where is was before the changes. The room for Dumbo came by shortening the last curve for the Tomorrowland Speedway. The coaster could have been moved but they wouldn't have moved the load/unload station and building.
  2. DDuck83

    DDuck83 DisDad

    May 17, 2012
    I just listened to that segment this morning and that's what I thought too. We were there when they were shortening the curve on the car track and I'm 90% sure you could see the coaster in-tact behind it. I don't think it ever moved either.
  3. ImTooExcitedToSleep

    ImTooExcitedToSleep dis veteran

    Jul 15, 2007
    Also in that segment, Teresa talked about Small World. She was right that the original plan was to use the anthems of each country. When they couldn't get them to make any sense when played together, they brought in the Shermans.
  4. doconeill

    doconeill Fastpass Jedi Master DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Feb 11, 2007
    Yes, Barnstormer is in the exact same spot, and the did alter the last curve a bit to give more clearance for Dumbo. I think what might throw people off is that Barnstomer was always perceived as the first attraction on the right when you entered Toontown Fair - it was, but there was a walkway with trees on the right before it, that people probably can't picture because it wasn't anything special.

    Now Dumbo fits in that space between the two northern curves (in track racing, they would probably be labeled turns 5 and 8) and comes right next to Barnstormer.

    An easy way to see the changes is to use Google Earth. Zoom in to that area of Magic Kingdom, then click down the bottom to the right of where it says "Imagery Date", on the "1995". This will go into "time travel" mode. There will be a slider up the top that you can control what date you see the satellite images from. The last three are from 5/10/2010, 12/30/2010 and 1/3/2012, basically a "before" and "after" of Toontown, although while construction was still ongoing...The 5/10/2010 image is clearer than 12/30/2010, which is why I mentioned it.

    You can see that Turn 8 as I'm calling it, which is a slight bend right before turning left (which would be turn 9) doesn't bend to the right quite as much before making the left turn towards the end.

    If they needed to move Barnstormer to make room on that side, they probably would have just kept with the original plan which put Dumbo to the left of Barnstormer.

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