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Christmas Event Schedule?

Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by bizeemom4, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. bizeemom4

    bizeemom4 New Member

    Hi. Does anyone have a copy or recall the schedule for Sea World's holiday events last year?

    The park is open until 11p.m. Is that when Reflections goes off or is it earlier than that?

    We are doing the Family Fun tour in the morning and I'm trying to figure out how long it will take to do all the rest of the special events that day. Thanks! :santa:
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  3. KBF

    KBF New Member

    Reflections is always the last show of the night since its the fireworks show. So I would say that would start at 10:45. It would follow the 30 minute ice skating show. So that would be 10:15. Which starts after the last Shamu Christmas Miracles show so that would probably be 9:30. And before the Shamu Christmas show is the Sealion Christmas show. Probably around 8:30.


    Clyde And Seamore Countdown to Christmas: 8:30pm
    Shamu Christmas Miracles: 9:30pm
    Winter Wonderland on Ice: 10:15pm
    Holiday Reflections: 10:45
  4. bizeemom4

    bizeemom4 New Member

    Perfect! Thank you very much.
  5. MrsMud

    MrsMud <font color=green>Thinks the Ghostbuster wearing t

    Thanks, I appreciate that information too! We're considering tacking on a one day Seaworld package to our Universal trip. I'm wondering, when the park is open late for the special holiday shows, are the rides and animal exhibits open late as well? Thanks.
  6. KBF

    KBF New Member

    Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting the day after Thanksgiving will be an 11:00pm closing. Everything is open until 11:00 including exhibits and rides. The only thing that may not be open is dolphin feeding because their feeding times are very specific throughout the day and later in the day may mean its to late for them to eat.

    Starting December 16th until December 30th, the park is open every day until 11:00pm. December 31st the park is open until 1:00 in the morning for New Years Eve.
  7. mdurette

    mdurette New Member

    We have been to SeaWorld a few times during the Christmas season in the recent past......and will be heading there at the end of Dec. Is it my imagination or have they stepped it up a bit with the holiday presentations. Looking at their website I see ice skaters - holiday Shamu show, etc. I don't remember ANY of this in past seasons.

    Maybe just a weekend thing that we missed????

    Any insight??? Are they doing more now?
  8. VikingInMouseEars

    VikingInMouseEars New Member

    They had it all last year. And yes, it is only on weekends until Dec. 16th and then its everynight.
  9. mdurette

    mdurette New Member

    Aaah....thats the reason. We have always been there late Novermber/early December. ooh good....something new to look forward too!

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