Chris and Marysa's Happily Ever After

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by tazzrules96, Apr 9, 2011.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Hey guys :D

    Me and my fiancee are HUGE disney freaks, we spend more time at disneyland then anywhere else (yay for annual passes) Chris is a 25 year old pilot and I am 21 and finishing up my bachelors degree in Liberal Studies.
    We met through mutual friends on my birthday and he ended up stealing the birthday girl at my party :D
    Chris was a professional veledrome racer and actualy qualified for the olympics. He is funny and sweet and the best guy i've ever met, and he makes me smile every day.
    We are planning a wedding at the Reef in Long Beach with hopefully a few disney touches to give tribute to our disney courtship.

    We already decided our first dance is going to be to the sleeping beauty waltz (Sleeping beauty is my favorite and chris loves the classical style.)

    I'm torn between toppers, I love the glass castle, the precious moments sleeping beauty and prince, and the disney wedding precious moments figure.

    I welcome any suggustions as to how to put the disney into my wedding and make it magical :D

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