Cheapest places to eat?

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by mikneyspackson, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. mikneyspackson

    mikneyspackson Mouseketeer

    Aug 31, 2012
    Going for like 4 days soon, where are the cheapest places to eat
    (not exactly a food snob but i would like the food to be nice haha)
    breakfast, lunch and dinner please
    I don't mind grabbing a hotdog and chips for lunch from casey's corner as i really quite like those!
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  3. cinderslg

    cinderslg Mouseketeer

    Feb 13, 2013
    Earl of sandwich seems very reasonable for lunch, or Toads hall in fantasy land do lovely (double) portions of fish n chips........ good to share :)
  4. lilacgems23

    lilacgems23 DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2008
    I haven't seen Toad Hall open in any of my recent trips, shame as we really wanted to try their.

    EOS is nice but it's right at the end of the village but its ok if you dont mind leaving the park to eat.
  5. HFJohnson

    HFJohnson DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2011
    Not the cheapest as such, but one of the best value places is the breakfast buffet at Inventions. It's about 14 euros per adult and open to 11.
  6. Happy Tappy

    Happy Tappy Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirates life for me!

    Nov 28, 2005
    Of the table service restaurants, Annettes is probably the cheapest. You get a burger with lots of fries, a drink and a chocholate brownie dessert for about 18 euros.

    We tend to share counter service meals. For example, an adults pizza meal normally gets you a 9" pizza, salad, dessert and a large drink. We find that's more than enough for 2 adults. The double fish and chips meal is also easy to share.

    Some of the restaurants (e.g. Walts) do a cheaper lunch menu where you can eat a couple of courses for around 20 euros. So if you eat table service for lunch and counter service for dinner you can save some money.

    Many people share Pizzas at Cafe Mickey to make it more affordable. One pizza from there and a side of fries is probably enough for 2 adults.

    As already suggested, Earl of Sandwich is very good and cheap. When on a budget we'll normally go McDonalds a couple of times as it's probably the cheapest place to eat.
  7. bonhoga

    bonhoga Bonhoga

    Jan 15, 2005
    Ok, if you are looking for cheap [but reasonable quality] eateries then I will second/third/fourth the recommendations for EOS...had a really good caeser salad there and it was somewhere around the 5 euro mark [cheapest caeser salad i had in DLRP ]. The other place I would recommend for a cheap evening meal is the Chuck wagon cafe. I need to add as a precaution that the last time we ate there was a couple of years ago and things do change but my kids particularly liked the salad bar.
    I've also seen lots of people say the Agrabah cafe and Plaza garden buffets are very good value but have no first hand experience...sorry !

  8. Ware Bears

    Ware Bears Mourning the loss of my tags Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    Definitely recommend EoS - you could easily share one of these as they are massive.

    Also recommend Agrabah Cafe :thumbsup2 we haven't eaten at Plaza Gardens or Restaurant des Stars for several years but they always were very good value.

    It's quite a bit cheaper to eat at Val d'Europe (one stop on the train) but not sure whether you'll want to leave the parks! :goodvibes

    Where are you staying? As if you're in a Disney hotel you'll have breakfast included with your stay - and it's often included with the offsite hotels too.
  9. Gwendolen

    Gwendolen Mouseketeer

    Mar 30, 2012
    I was there in nov , we had breakfast in sante fe, then tended to eat a late lunch in the buffets, we had the one with ratoullie and plaza gardens , I have to say both we're fab and we were full for the day, we did cafe mickey one night, you wouldn't rush back for the food but the atmosphere was fab, a lot of people were complaining around us about half board vouchers etc, we also went into billy bobs in the village and had a beer and the girls had nuggets & fries that was vey reasonable. If you do a big lunch it's cheaper than the evening option, we also went to Walts on the first day, they do a express lunch for about €20 an adult, well worth a look especially if you time it right for parade as it passes by the window, we didn't do any fast food as the "real food menus" we found to be just as cheap, EOS was used one night, enjoy your trip and plan a little and you will save some euros and eat well:)

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