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Charleston SC

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by barbmouse, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. barbmouse

    barbmouse <font color=navy>Thanks for your support!! I have

    For those of you from around the area or have visited what are your top 3 Must-dos in Charleston? We will be there in August with two teens. Thanks!
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  3. mmorano88

    mmorano88 Earning My Ears

    I live in Charleston! I moved here from NY and love it!! This city is so beautiful! The number one thing I would say is to come hungry! The food here is unreal! When my family comes to visit, I usually take them to a plantation, maybe a horse carriage tour, and of course the beach! Folly beach is only 15-20 minutes away. You always see dolphins, and they have some really cool stand-up paddle board tours. Also, you have to walk around "South of broad" in Charleston. The old mansions, gardens, and water front park is so beautiful! If you need any restaurant recommendations feel free to ask! :)
  4. Pembo

    Pembo OH-IO

    The Lost Dog Café in Folly Beach! Yum!!!

    A carriage ride around the city and a boat ride in the harbor.

    Word of warning, we went in July a couple years ago. It was HOT!!!
    We spent part of trip in Charleston and part on Folly Beach.
  5. Tink888

    Tink888 Wishing I Was At World Showcase

    Just visited for the first time a few months ago. Loved it!

    Definitely take a carriage ride and walk around the historic district.

    Also enjoyed touring Boone Hall Plantation

    Are your kids boys? Or into history? The USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point was pretty interesting to see.

    In August, I would also plan for a beach day or look for activities that are indoors. It will be hot and humid.
  6. The Princess

    The Princess <font color=green>Smiles everytime a check is writ

    We are going in July so this is a great thread!! (actually staying in Kiawah Island)
  7. Sanchez

    Sanchez Mouseketeer

    Hard to pick a top three because every family has different interests. But a few highlights to consider:

    Beach - try Isle of Palms or Sullivans. On Sullivans go to Station 22 or 23 and walk to Poe's for lunch. If you are staying downtown or in Mount Pleasant these are easy to get to. I am not as big on Folly as some on this thread. No decent restaurants and parking is a mess. Folly has some serious erosion issues as well.

    Where to stay - Much depends on budget but try to stay downtown. Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant is nice as well. Avoid North Charleston. Not very pretty and the drive downtown can be brutal.

    Tours - carriage tour is a must. There are also some excellent walking tours. I love the Fort Sumter tour and the plantations out Highway 61 are nice.

    Restaurants - too many good ones to consider. If you have decent standards avoid the tourist traps: Gilligans, AW Shucks, Bubba Gump, Crab Shack etc. It breaks my heart when visitors go to Hyman's Seafood. They have had some serious health issues but people love it. Dirty, greasy and low quality - the Golden Corral of seafood.

    Great free things - walk the battery downtown. Walk the Cooper River Bridge. Visit The Citadel - your boys should love this. If you go later in August the Corps will be back.

    I say avoid the aquarium. Expensive and dull.
  8. Laura66

    Laura66 Mouseketeer

    We are leaving for Charleston Saturday. Wild Dunes Resort!
  9. EeyoreEma

    EeyoreEma Mouseketeer

    Spot on - I agree with all of this! Hymans - please don't go there! There are some truly wonderful restaurants in Charleston, and that is just not one of them. Try Magnolia's or SNOB - those are 2 of my favorites, though really there are too many to count!

    As for beach - definitely get some beach time in. We are most definitely Isle of Palms people. Not huge on Folly, Sullivan's is ok, but my heart is on IOP!

    Charleston is a beautiful place - there is so much to see and learn. I love it there. Teens might enjoy a ghost tour as well - kinda fun!
  10. EeyoreEma

    EeyoreEma Mouseketeer

    Take me with you!!!! PLEASE!!!! This is the first summer in ... gosh, probably over 25, that I am not getting a week at Wild Dunes in - love it there!
  11. Laura66

    Laura66 Mouseketeer

    You're my new best friend!!!! We've been going every other year for the past 15 years!!
  12. mmorano88

    mmorano88 Earning My Ears

    I nanny for the Chef of SNOB! That place is awesome! Halls Chophouse is another awesome spot. Really good braised duck. Rue De Jean has an awesome brunch as well! I'm getting hungry lol
  13. mmorano88

    mmorano88 Earning My Ears

    Totally agree on the aquarium. So tiny. Would the baseball games be worth a visit? That's something I haven't done yet. Shem Creek is a cool spot as well. :)
  14. Conservative Hippie

    Conservative Hippie You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you

    I got to go to Charleston for a weekend back in October. I don't remember the name of the places we ate, but I do remember the she-crab soup!!
  15. EeyoreEma

    EeyoreEma Mouseketeer

    Ok - SOOOO jealous! Awesome job! I was never a nanny for anyone that cool. Nor did I ever get any great food when I nannied! Oh well!!!
  16. EeyoreEma

    EeyoreEma Mouseketeer

    Isn't it one of the most spectacular places in the world?! It's on my top 3 list, along with WDW and my favorite golf course! Where do y'all stay? I love the quiet end of the beach and always try to go that way when given a choice. We actually honeymooned there as well - Port O' Call will always have a most special place in my heart!!!
  17. mmorano88

    mmorano88 Earning My Ears

    My body might not like it, but my taste buds do! Haha
  18. christineann

    christineann Mouseketeer

    The Riverdogs (baseball) games are fun, and the stadium is right on the river with a great breeze!

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