"Charge It To The Room! - I'm NOT Drunk!" - WDW Vacation 2013! (UPDATE - (2/7)

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  1. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013

    Here you leave today & enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, & fantasy.
    Just kidding, you are now entering my 2nd trip report ....

    "CHARGE IT TO THE ROOM! - I'M NOT DRUNK!" - WDW Vacation 2013!

    Let me take this moment to not so much explain the title, that will come later! However, it is necessary to explain that ANY & ALL times you see "CHARGE IT TO THE ROOM!" it must UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be said in a British accent! MUST!

    Now, on with the show!

    Obviously you know what this is,


    We'll start out with your host of this fine adventure, WHICH IS ME!
    Hey there! I'm Libby, you can call me Princess Libby, cause it makes me smile.
    I'm 19 years old, but 5 at heart. I will never, ever grow up & NO ONE CAN MAKE ME! I'm serious, don't even bother. Eternally stuck at age 5, but I'm not complaining, do you know how much happier 5 year olds are!?
    I am a Disney addict, Dis-addict, Dis-lover, whatever you want to call me, I LOVE DISNEY. I have loved Disney forever, I was probably in the womb humming the Tower of Terror queue music, I'll ask my mom about that one. I have 100% a Disney heart. There is no place in this whole world that makes me happier than Disney World. I can't even begin to explain how much all of it means to me, so I'll save you my sobbing story of how Disney is my life & I'll just let you know the basics!
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom, the epitome of happiness.
    Favorite Characters: Belle, Ariel, Merida, Meeko, Pocahontas, Woody, Buzz, I could go on & on & ONNNNN!
    Favorite Rides: Splash Mountain, Toy Story Mania, & Tower of Terror

    Up next we have,
    Ryan is my boyfriend & a new-er Disney lover! I took him to Disney for the first time last year, which you can read about in my first TR! Do it, it's awesome.
    Ryan is starting to understand the love of Disney, THANK GOD, & understand my obsession, for which I am ever grateful. He was more ready for this trip because he actually knew what he liked & what he wanted to do! I was more than happy to support his love of Tower of Terror, which we rode about a gazillion times! :love:
    Favorite Park: Animal Kingdom but he loves Hollywood Studios for the rides!
    Favorite Characters: Wreck-It Ralph!
    Favorite Rides: Tower of Terror, Tower of Terror, oh & Tower of Terror.

    Just as our last trip, we had a most important of visitors!
    Kelly lives in Florida, & we always meet up when I am in Disney. Kelly is my absolute bestfriend in the world & we are always laughing about everything. Kelly is a complete Disney lover as well, must run in the family. She is an incredible artist & will one day work for Disney, that I am sure of. She's also the sweetest person you will ever know, seriously.
    Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Characters: Peter Pan & Wendy!
    Favorite Rides: I am actually unsure, she loves Tower of Terror & Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, but I'll have to ask her what her all time favorite is!

    This trip would not have been possible without my dad & stepmom!
    I'll refer to them as Miller & Marge, seeing as that is their names. :lmao:
    They absolutely adore Disney, however they are more of the type to relax at the hotel pool & lounge all day. Once in awhile we'll get them on a ride, but they need these vacations to relax.
    I cannot thank them enough for this vacation, there really is no greater gift than a trip to Disney!? AM I RIGHT!? Yes. I am.

    There are a few other guests on this trip as well, but not so much our "main cast" so if they come up in the report, I'll include a little info, but for the most part, HERE YOU GO!

    Now you know who we are, if you don't, go back & read it again.
    As long as you know that I am Princess Libby, I think we'll get a long great. :goodvibes

    May 29, 2013-June 3, 2013.

    We'll be staying at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge!
    This is my dad's favorite Disney hotel, & to me this hotel feels the most "homey" to me. All of Disney feels like home, but this is the hotel that really gets to my heart & gives me an extra amount of Disney feels. :cloud9:

    Is this really necessary, we all know why we go to Disney.
    I mean, where else can you truly believe that all of your dreams can come true? That around every corner is a new adventure? That you can meet your most favorite of Disney characters?
    I'll tell you where!

    Now that we have the basics down, I think we're ready to get this thing a-moving!

    For your safety remain seated with your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the train & be sure to watch your kids! If any of you folks are wearing hats or glasses, best remove them, cause this here's the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!

    Oh wait, that's not right, but you might want to remove your hats or glasses cause this TR is about to get a little wild!
    There will be Dis-meets, THE BEST CHARACTER MEETS OF ALL TIME, moments of extreme emotions & I mean we'll hit every emotion on the wheel, & tons of hilarious moments, oh & a little over 1000 pictures, believe me, you won't want to miss this!

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  3. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013
  4. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 DIS Veteran

    Sep 3, 2011
    I'm here! YAAAAY so excited! I do wish I was one of the DIS meets though! SIGH! Next time.
  5. maryj11

    maryj11 DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2002
    Joining in :thumbsup2 !
  6. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013

    YAY! Glad you're here! :wave2:
    But I am 100% positive we will someday, I mean, we will.
    WE. WILL.

    Thanks for joining! Glad you are here! :wave2:

  7. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    Loved the last TR looking fwd to more!!

    ASMU/POR Dec 16-22, 2012 & CR Sept 8-15, 2013
  8. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2012
    Joining in! :)
  9. Marsheliz

    Marsheliz DIS Veteran

    Dec 8, 2010
    I'm in too!!

    I really need to know where you got those adorable Disney shirts!!
  10. disneyhockeymad

    disneyhockeymad <font color=magenta>˚o˚ ˚o˚ <font color=blue>Shari

    Oct 4, 2007
    joining in :D can't wait to hear about it all after seeing all your pictures on Twitter! :)
  11. precious pixie

    precious pixie DIS Veteran

    Sep 30, 2004
    I leave in just 9 days (can't be more excited to say that!) and will be staying at AKL for the first time. Excited to hear all about it
  12. FancyNancy

    FancyNancy DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2012
    Subbing in! Did I actually make the first page of a TR? :scratchin
  13. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013

    Thanks for sticking with me! Welcome to this one! :)


    Welcome! :wave2:
    I got them at Hot Topic!
    That's basically all I wear this trip, so you'll see many more!

    Thanks for following along on Twitter & on here!
    Believe me, there are TONS of pictures I didn't put on Twitter! ;)

    Ohmygosh, so jealous! I am so ready to go back!
    I absolutely love AKL, it's such a beautiful beautiful resort, ugh, LOVE! :lovestruc

    Thanks for joining in! :wave2:
    It would appear as if you did!
  14. oneprincessjo

    oneprincessjo Mouseketeer

    Jan 12, 2013
    Yay!! Joining in :)
  15. 1000HappyWishes

    1000HappyWishes I know every mile will be my worth my while.

    Jan 23, 2013
  16. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013

    Welcome to both of you! Thanks for joining in! :thumbsup2

  17. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013
    My alarm went off BRIGHT & EARLY at 6:15 AM on May 28, because it was time for me to

    We were flying Southwest & wanted to make sure we checked in exactly 24 hours before since there are no assigned seats & we absolutely HAD to be in the first group so we would have seats next to eachother.
    I am terrified of airplanes, (wait til you see the flight home, but that's a long way away, so don't even think about it, I APOLOGIZE FOR BRINGING IT UP!) so this was a necessary thing to do.

    So you know how it is, when the whole weeks before your trip, you are bouncing around with so much excitement that sometimes simple, clear as day things, slip out of your mind?
    Well, that happened to me.

    I checked in to our flight & up popped our boarding passes,
    Group A! YES! I was 32 & Ryan was 33.
    I was so excited because I wouldn't have to ride the big scary airplane without my loving boyfriend there to hold my hand & occasionally shake some sense into me. :cool1:

    Then, of course, my stupid brain FINALLY wakes up.
    My thought process kind of went like this;
    Hey Libby, guess what?
    What do you want brain, I'm so happy right now.
    How are you going to print out your boarding passes dummy.

    Oh.... :scared1:

    Now that I look back on it, this wouldn't have been such a big deal cause I could have just printed them out at the airport, but I had not flown Southwest before, so I was in immediate panic mode.

    Why don't we have a printer? I mean, doesn't everyone have a printer in this day? Especially 2 college students?
    Well, one would think that would be the case.
    HOWEVER, about 2 weeks before our printer one day just started smoking while I was trying to print.
    Of course, I panicked & one thing led to another & our printer ended up in the dumpster because I wasn't about to have it explode & catch everything on fire.
    No, that would not be happening.

    So I was in full on panic mode because some part of me thought that I wouldn't be able to do anything & they wouldn't let me on the plane & I wouldn't get to Disney,

    I was going to visit my sister on this day so she could give me some money so I could pick up a few things for her while I was in Disney,
    I called her up & asked her if I could print my boarding passes out & that it was the most important thing in my life that these passes get printed PRONTO.
    Her reply?
    "Our printer hasn't been working very good, but I mean you can try."

    So at this point I was on my knees begging to God that this would work.

    Fast forward a few hours & I'm at my sisters house.

    I had brought my computer because again my clearly not functioning brain thought that if I closed the computer that our boarding passes would just be handed off to some late waker who didn't wake up with the sun to get these numbers.
    I know, in panic mode, my brain is useless.

    Emily said that I would have to email her the page because the printer was hooked up to her computer.
    Well, if one thing goes wrong, we all know everything goes wrong.

    She has a locked wifi password, & I couldn't send an email from the computer without WIFI! UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I'm sure a few tears were shedding, that's just what I do.
    Get used to it now, I'm warning you.

    After about an hour of searching for the wifi password, we found it & were able to send the email.
    Of course this happens.
    Of. Freaking. Course.

    At this point I am POSITIVE tears were pouring out of my eyes. :sad:

    By some good grace of the Lord above, the web page suddenly came up on Emily's computer.

    We hurried & loaded the printer with paper & then just stared at it.
    Willing it to work.
    It was making a few strange noises, & Emily made some kind of grunting "ehhh" & I knew she was saying,
    "This isn't going to work"
    I would not believe it, I was going to Disney World tomorrow, so some of the pixie dust had to have gotten to me already, even if it was just a little.

    Suddenly the printer made an awful awful noise, but DA DA DA!!!!!!
    Our boarding passes printed.

    I sprinted 16 miles because happiness was overflowing out of my body.
    Just kidding, I can't run. But I did to the most wonderful of happy dances.

    So the moral of the story is,
    Emily is my life saver.
    But I already knew that.

    Oh, the holy papers.

    I went home & saw this when I walked in the door.

    Please don't go mommy, I love you.

    This is Meeko, I should've put him on the main page because he is a VERY important member of the cast.
    Even though he obviously won't be riding Space Mountain with us, we had quite a few funny conversations about my little boy while we were there.
    Don't worry, you'll see him again.

    I had already packed, but considered it not good enough, so I unpacked & repacked.

    The tube in the picture of Meeko was actually a gift to Miller & Marge.
    I made them a banner where I work, that was savannah themed, because of our stay at AKL, that said real big,
    Thank you for our vacation!
    Walt Disney World 2013!

    I should have a picture of it, but alas, I do not. :confused3


    We had a rather large suitcase, so we only needed one, I had half & Ryan had half.
    My bows were packed away & ready in a Tupperware container.
    Someone on Twitter, who I cannot remember at the moment, gave me the idea & I am forever grateful.

    I listened to Disney music & tried to let Ryan sleep so he wouldn't be grumpy in the morning, which was coming quickly.
    Alarms were set for 2:15AM!

    I finally fell asleep around 1AM.

    IT IS DISNEY DAY BABY! :mickeyjum:mickeyjum:mickeyjum

    A side note:
    I will be including some of my Twitter posts, so they will either be bold or italicized. I feel as if it will add a little more info on just how excited I was.

    Continued in Next Post!
  18. precious pixie

    precious pixie DIS Veteran

    Sep 30, 2004
    I would be the same way! I am already in full "worry mode" that our plane is/will be overbooked and we may get bumped. :scared: AHHHH. I figure by friday I will already be in "panic mode" over the possibility and start placing phone calls to Delta. I usually have good luck travelling (knocking on every piece of wood), DBF....not so much

    Your kitty reminds me of mine. Everytime the suitcase would come out they would be all over it and hinder any chance of packing cat hair free clothes
  19. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013
    I hate the panic mode! It's the worst! I'm sure Delta won't mind when you call them a thousand times! :lmao:

    Hopefully your good luck cancels out his not so good, tie a few thousand rabbit feet & horse shoes to him!

    I love when my kitty does that, he's like MOMMMM! I wanna come too!!
  20. LibbyLovesDisney

    LibbyLovesDisney A most peculiar madmoiselle

    Jan 20, 2013
    I heard "The Laughing Place" coming out of my phone at 2:15AM.
    Oh dear Lord, it is early...

    I shot out of bed & ran to the bathroom.
    I wasn't even thinking clearly, I was shaking with excitement.

    I tweeted:
    "Did I sleep at all!? I don't think so! IT'S TIME TO GO TO DISNEY!" 2:29AM

    All in a rush, I straightened my hair & did my make up in the quickest amount of time probably ever.

    I literally could not just spell straightened. That just took 5 minutes. I told you guys, I'm really smart.

    Around 2:50, I knew it was time to start saying goodbye to Meeko.
    Now to some, this may not be a big deal, he's just a cat, you'll be home in a week.
    You just don't understand.
    I haven't had Meeko for a year yet, so this would be my first time leaving him for more than 1 single night, & we just moved into our apartment, so it would be his first nights completely alone & I was so worried about him.
    When I say I was hysterical, it's like a dramatic understatement.

    So I sat on the floor holding him, while BAWLING.
    Waterworks were in full swing.
    I tried to be happy cause obviously I was going to Disney, but I was just so sad.

    Ryan took many embarrassing photos of me trying to say bye to Meeko, but I'm only going to share one, just for you fellow disers!

    This was the least embarrassing.

    We ended up walking out of our apartment at 3:10.
    Yes, it took me 20 minutes to say goodbye to my kitty, I LOVE HIM OKAY!?

    I tweeted:
    "Put my makeup on just to BAWL it off hugging Meeko. I miss him already." 3:31AM

    We started our hour & 45 minute drive to the airport, Ryan was driving because clearly I wasn't in a good state of mind to be operating a vehicle.

    We stopped at McDonald's, so I could grab one of my beloved Mocha Frappes, believe me, I'm obsessed. It's kind of sick.

    The car ride up was filled with more tears, of sadness & excitement, Disney music, & a few tweets.

    "I can't comprehend the fact that I'll be in Disney in 5 HOURS!" 4:20AM

    "Texted my dad & told him we were leaving for the airport & he replies, 'Cool beans.' 4:26AM

    My dad & Marge had already been in Disney since Monday. So two days before us.
    We couldn't go down with them because of Ryan's schooling.
    Forgot to include that earlier, OHWELL.

    We made it to the airport & went into Extended Parking!
    If anyone travels from Pittsburgh, parking in Extended Parking is cheaper than Long-Term Parking!
    You. Are. Welcome.
    Libby, saving people dollars on the daily.

    Finally, the real excitement set in & I WAS READY FOR DISNEY!


    We thought we were so clever when we found our parking spot.
    No. We're just two idiots, that never had to park at an airport before.
    So we ended up parking here.
    Which actually means 10 DANG FAR AWAY FROM THE ENTRANCE.

    So, I rolled our beautiful suitcase to the entrance 15 miles away.
    Slight exaggeration, but whatever. Any distance keeping me from my plane to Disney was way too far for me!
    I mean, where was my limo, waiting to escort Princess Libby to the first class private jet that every princess should have?!
    Apparently they got the weeks mixed up. I forgive my servants this time because that's what nice princesses do! princess:

    We rode the moving platform thingys all the way to check in.


    Check in & security were a CAKE-WALK.
    I mean, they couldn't have been easier.
    Perhaps they realized a princess was among them.

    We rode the underground tunnel thing, I don't really know what it is.
    All I know is that it isn't a monorail.

    Still, we were excited.

    Magggggic tunnelllllllll.

    We ended up getting Auntie Anne's to eat, because we weren't too hungry, but we wanted something little in our bellies.
    I got the cinnamon pretzel bites & Ryan got the regular.
    They were awful.
    They didn't even deserve a picture. I was quite upset.

    My stepbrother & his girlfriend were also included on this vacation, they'll appear in a few pictures, but Nikki (the girlfriend) was flying down with us because she had just gotten back from a semester in London the day before.

    We met her at the gate & chatted a little.
    She was also in group A.

    We started boarding & were in our seats at exactly 6:07AM.
    I was happy because the plane wasn't full, so there was an empty seat next to me.
    Ryan always gets the window seat, because I'm such a nice girlfriend.

    The WHOLE back of the plane was empty.

    You know what happens next?

    A sick guy just plops on down next to me.
    Really sir...
    there is a whole plane behind us.
    & you are sick.

    I was rather upset, but I was going to Disney, I could deal with it.

    We took off at 6:20, 10 minutes ahead of schedule! HECK YEAH BABY!
    I panicked. The usual.

    Once we were in the air, we recorded some video.
    & taking some pictures.



    Our on the plane snacks were pretzels.
    I had really wanted those little shortbread cookies, but they only had pretzels & peanuts. :confused3


    At this point, we were talking about Meeko again, because I said I missed him.
    So Ryan says this exact quote,
    "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars, I really wish mom & dad would come home."
    Pretending to sing like Meeko.
    I cried & laughed.



    We landed in Baltimore, MD, 15 minutes ahead of schedule!
    Yes, we had connecting flights.

    Our connecting flight was to take off at 8:20, & we landed at 7:20.
    We found our gate, (A-4) & went on search of more food.

    I got a croissant, that once again was terrible. Yuck.

    I sat down to charge my phone a bit & we ALREADY started boarding.

    Now, before I get on a plane, I absolutely have to use the bathroom. I refuse to stand up on the airplane & use their little bathrooms.
    I was so worried because we were the first group to board, so I started sprinting to the restroom.
    It couldn't have been farther away!

    So I started running back & saw Ryan frantically waving his arms.
    OH GOD.

    So I apologized to the swarm of people trying to board that just had to wait for me to get back from the bathroom, & walked up to the podium thing.
    The airport worker had told Ryan just to board because I wouldn't make it.
    I was very upset, but Ryan, the loving boyfriend, knew I would probably have curled up in fetal position & missed the flight altogether. So he waited.
    A much nicer airport worker lady said,
    "He wasn't going to leave without you, he's a good guy."
    Oh, lady, I know. :lovestruc



    If you read my last TR, WHICH YOU SHOULD, you would know Ryan loves his sleep.
    So we're on our way to Disney & what does he do?



    I was listening to the Tangled soundtrack on the way down.

    We landed at 10:29AM. I WAS FINALLY IN ORLANDO!

    We rode the fake-orail over to baggage claim, but not before seeing this BEAUTY,


    While we were waiting for our bags, we suddenly heard Nikki let out a rather loud scream.
    I turned my head to see Nick had jumped on her & was hugging her from behind.

    Then Marge came up!
    I was so excited!
    Hugs took place & finally our bags came.

    My dad was circling around in our rental car which we named,
    The Junior Semi.
    It was a huge sedan thing.
    I have a picture, but it is at the day of departure, so no one wants to see that right now.

    We walked outside to loud into the car to go to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was so excited when I saw my dad & I hugged him & cried,

    We loaded into the car & off we went to see those beautiful gates of heaven! :mickeyjum

    Continued in Next Post!
  21. QueenJen

    QueenJen Mouseketeer

    Sep 2, 2012
    Princess Libby - Love your writing/storytelling style. Title sucked me in! Freaking hilarious. Can't wait to hear about the trip. Hubby and I are taking our first trip to WDW in Dec and staying at AKL. He has been converted to a Disney lover over the years (we live near DL/DCA)

    Off to read your first TR now.

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