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Character Meals Super Thread!!

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by DizNee Luver, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. DisneyNic

    DisneyNic Mouseketeer

    Does Goofy's Kitchen breakfast still have chicken nuggets and cheese pizza? What about all of those desserts (pudding, cupcakes, brownies)? I saw pictures that showed these things, but they were from 2010. I am trying to decide between Goofy's or Surf's up and it is the food selections that have me going back and forth. We have some picky eaters and some that don't really like breakfast food.
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  3. wildflower329

    wildflower329 Earning My Ears

    What are the best character meals for gluten free kids? We are planning on doing Ariel's Grotto for one meal and either Goofy's Kitchen or Surf's Up on the day we leave (we wont be doing a park day this day).My daughter is gluten free right now, so I thought I would see what people's experience was with gluten free dining
  4. 6Smiles

    6Smiles Mouseketeer

    December 2012 at Minnie and friends Captain Hook takes issue with teen mimicking the Croc:

    Tick Tock

  5. fitinmarin

    fitinmarin Earning My Ears

    My son really only wants to do a character meal if he can see Captain Hook. Anyone know if he regularly goes to the brunch at Goofy's Kitchen?
  6. junmatno

    junmatno Mouseketeer

    Hook is at Minnie's Breakfast regularly at the Plaza Inn
  7. BringingUpDisney

    BringingUpDisney Mouseketeer

    Trying to decide between Minnie & Friends, Goofy's Kitchen or PCH Grill with DD who is nearly 3. Any recommendations?
  8. Mommy2PrincessAbby

    Mommy2PrincessAbby Mouseketeer

    My fave is the storytellers or PP character meal with Stitch and Mickey... But for a 3 year old, Minnie's is great because it has the Pooh characters and some others that might be more recognizable for your dd! Enjoy! 3 is such a magical age!
  9. Mommy2PrincessAbby

    Mommy2PrincessAbby Mouseketeer

    Surfs up has a more Polynesian flair to the food (I love it!) but if your kids are picky they'll likely find more brunch type items at goofys...
  10. BringingUpDisney

    BringingUpDisney Mouseketeer

    Thank you! I looked at the Storytellers, but she doesn't care as much for the critters yet, I think you are right and Minnie's is the way to go! She is so excited to go to Mickey's house, only 3 more sleeps to go.
  11. Mommy2PrincessAbby

    Mommy2PrincessAbby Mouseketeer

    Have fun! We do all the character meals we can on our trips!
  12. disneyobsessed808

    disneyobsessed808 Mouseketeer

    My friend and I tried the Surfs Up Breakfast with Mickey and Friends because my friend loves Stitch, and I wanted to make sure his first character meal was awesome, so we HAD to go there. I was pleasantly surprised with everything.

    We went last week Tuesday (September 3rd). My friend is vegan, so since I had woken up early, I walked across the street from the GCH to ask if they had anything that could be made for him. The chef said there is rice, fruits, potatoes and they could make waffles for him. I wasn't really sold but my friend really wanted to go to a character meal. (I'm vegetarian myself, and eat vegan food often, so I'm pretty skeptical when places aren't really accommodating).

    We arrived around 930 and got in at 935. They noted the food restriction, and brought out the chef to speak with my friend, so I got up and ate

    Here is the selection of food that i remember:

    Scrambled Eggs
    Rice (which I appreciated being from Hawaii)
    Salmon & Bagel station
    Assorted Fruits
    Beef Chilaquiles
    Cereal Bar
    Baked Bananas Foster French Toast
    Omelette and Huevos Rancheros (I didn't notice the Huevos Rancheros until I was too full and someone else had ordered. It was listed in really small print at the Omelette station)

    Nothing was particularly great - it was buffet food. Though the potatoes were good and the rice was yummy with my eggs (they also have soy sauce if you want for your rice, if you ask).

    For my friend, the chef made vegan gluten free waffles which were really good. I liked them better than the buffet waffles. They also had soymilk which was also surprisingly good, not too soy-ish.

    Because it wasn't too busy, we got a lot of good time with the characters and took pictures with all of them. It was really fun interacting with the characters - Daisy was telling my friend to get more food after looking at his empty plate, Pluto gave each of us a "kiss", and I got to ask Stitch where was Lilo? (Apparently that was a sore spot for him, since he just looked down. HAHA)

    Watching the kids do activities was fun, even if we were only one of two childless groups there (There was another childless group who were not shy about getting time with the characters, so we didn't need to be either). We saw Stitch, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and of course Mickey

    Here's my favorite photo of the day:


    Of course, my friend didn't take very good pictures of me, and the pictures I took of him were much better :lol: :rofl:

    All in all it was a great time. I have been to Goofy's kitchen and Minnie's at Plaza Inn, but this was probably the best character meal I've had at Disneyland. I was always skeptical because the variety and characters seemed limited but it ended up being more fun than any other character meal before.
  13. BringingUpDisney

    BringingUpDisney Mouseketeer

    We try to do so as we'll, we will also have breakfast with Ariel and company. :-)
  14. JennyN

    JennyN Member

    Last December one of our party was gluten free. We ate at Goofys kitchen for dinner, I mentioned it when i booked and again when we checked in, someone from the kitchen came out and spoke to my friend telling her what she could and couldn't eat. There were plenty of options for her and it was all very easy. :thumbsup2
  15. PoohBearFriends

    PoohBearFriends Mouseketeer

    We went to WCT, Blue Bayo and Goofy's Kitchen

    Each resturaunt the chef comes out and speaks to you and makes sure you have options and they meet your needs.

    Jolly Holiday also has a fantastic GF Blueberry Muffin she loved and they had GF bread for sandwiches.
  16. mommamonster

    mommamonster Member

    I would like to pose this question as well, does Goofy's Kitchen serve the desserts, nuggets, and pizzas at breakfast - I'm wanting to do an early (I'm aiming for the 7 a.m. slot!)breakfast meal but those items are some of my son's favorite things about GK and I want to make sure he can get some worms in dirt (hehe) and pb&j pizza if he wants them :) Thanks!!
  17. mom2bmmg

    mom2bmmg Earning My Ears

    I had a 10:00 reservation this past Saturday. They had chicken nuggets out with the Mickey head waffles. My 6 year old was in Heaven. He is my picky eater and enjoyed bouncing from lunch foods to breakfast foods.

    There was also the whole section of desserts too. The snicker doodle cookies were nice and soft. The kids ate the dirt cups and jello.

    Hope this helps :)
  18. mommamonster

    mommamonster Member

    Thank you!!

    I wanted to double check before booking breakfast, my oldest DS doesn't care for the characters but loves the buffet and really loved the dessert buffet there. Disneyland is the one place I don't mind him eating dessert wth, or even for breakfast! :) I get Mickey waffles, littlest DS gets characters, and oldest gets dessert...it's a win for everyone (DH is okay with whatever we want :love: ).
  19. jitterbug

    jitterbug Member

    Just wanted to mention that I took a look at Disney Visa's webpage for discounts for my upcoming trip and saw that their discounts have changed from what is posted on the main page of this superthread. Looks like instead of Goofy's Kitchen, it's now Surf's Up at the same 10% discount. It lists PCH Grill discount for breakfast and dinner.

    In light of having purchased parkhoppers through Ebates/Orbitz, I'm thinking that the same savings (10% cashback) could be had, given it's still an Orbitz activities listing? Haven't tried it myself, and don't know how accurate pricing is for the character dining, but may be worth checking out to save money. For us, we already have our reservations at Surf's Up, so I'll be using my Visa 10% discount.

    Hope this helps!
  20. egritz

    egritz Never too old for Disney!

    They still had the discount listed on their website in April when I made the reservations (at Goofy's Kitchen) then a week later they said it was no longer offered. The CM spoke to a manager though since I said it showed the discount exactly 1 week prior when I called for the ADR and the manager went ahead and gave me the discount. For 4 adults it ended up being about $17 saved so that was nice.
  21. wallawallakids

    wallawallakids Mouseketeer

    We have never done PI or PPH for breakfast. After reading on here, most reviews are mixed. Is there one that is preferred over the other? Should I try AG for breakfast instead?

    We have done Storytellers breakfast before and GK for dinner, as well as AG for lunch. I am looking for something different that has decent food and fun characters for the kids. My youngest LOVES princesses but she doesn't "need" to see them and the boys get a bit tired of all princesses all the time. So PP or PI seems like a better choice for all of them, but if the food is hands down better at AG, then maybe I should just do that anyway? So confused. Storytellers is nice but not a whole lot of characters, which kinda defeats the purpose IMO. Thank you for any help and for this very thorough thread!

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