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Discussion in 'The College Board' started by KMGtwirler, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. KMGtwirler

    KMGtwirler Earning My Ears

    Sep 26, 2012
    Okay, so I went to a fur/face character audition, and I'd thought I'd share my experience. If you dig around, you can find all of this information, but this is a recent audition, and I thought I'd combine it all together for anyone that was interested. This was like my 7th audition for Disney. I've been to everything from face, to DCP auditions, to equity dance. I had never made it so far as to the second round, except for my CP auditions, where a large percentage did in comparison to most auditions. At this particular audition (animated costume and face, open to the general public), there were more than 300 people, guys and girls. They did the usual; stand in line, write your name, get a number, get measured, wait type thing. By the way, prepare to be measured about an inch shorter than what you are. I was in the second group, which was early for me. Usually I'm in the last (I'm not an early person, haha). They took us in in groups of 70. For this particular audition, they taught us the basic dance, and then made a cut. I almost cried when I was one of the 14 names from my group chosen to move on. After all the big groups went, there were 60 of us left over. We waited in a separate room and filled out some paperwork. From there, they told us to work on two animation scenarios. We also learned a longer, slightly more difficult dance (still easy if you're a dancer). The first group they called to perform were people they were looking at for face eligibility (I think they kept like 4 of them). They then took the rest us in groups of 6 and had us perform it twice in front of the casting director. The casting director then called my number and told me to stay. Everyone else he told to check their emails, they might hear back anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. After that cut, there were 8 of us. We performed that dance again on video tape. Then the director told all the girls (four of us) and one guy to stay. We learned another dance (much more balletic) and were told we were being looked at for parades and shows. We performed this dance twice on video as well. He told the five of us to check our emails for 2 weeks to 6 months and that was it! The whole process was about 5 hours. I was ecstatic to make it to the end after never making it past the first round! I'm a dancer, so obviously I'm hoping for a mover role (or really any, I'm not picky!), but they hadn't had any parade auditions since January. I just wish I knew what "2 weeks to 6 months" mean, and what the realistic probability of me getting hired is. Also, I'd like to know how long it usually takes to hear back. I've been trying for so long, and I'd truly love for my Disney dreams to finally come true.
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  3. leebee

    leebee DIS Veteran

    Sep 14, 1999
    Congratulations on making it through the audition! My daughter is also a dancer but she was cut based on her height, and you are quite correct in saying Disney under-measures. After 2 Rockette auditions measuring at 5 foot 5.9 inches (Rockettes are serious about you being 5'6") we know how tall DD is/isn't! She took it in stride after the initial shock of being cut based on height- she jokes that she is "too average-all-American" for Disney! DD was hoping to be hired as a mover for the CP but will do attractions instead.

    From everything I have read, it sounds like you are in the movers "pool" and they will call you if there are openings within the next six months. I don't know if that means you have to reaudition at the end of 6 months or not. Good luck in getting to the "big dance" at Disney!
  4. Cais

    Cais DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2011
    Was this the one in Orlando on the 18th?
  5. Berlioz70

    Berlioz70 DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 2007
    Depends on your audition score and how many openings they have. With the recent cut of DCR and C2F, there are very little openings for movers, but you never know for the other openings. Not to be a total dud - but I made it to the final round 2x and still never got a call. After the 1st time, I waited 6 months. After that next 6 months I took that as a sign and didn't go back.

    It really has everything to do with your height and their openings.
  6. katt789

    katt789 DIS Veteran

    Mar 14, 2010
    First off, congratulations!!

    Secondly, a few questions haha, do you know what the measured you at?? I'm assuming you're a dancer? Lol

    And you say they had you sign in, did the basic dance (the march, jazz square, skip, push turn one?) then they made the first cut.

    Then you filled out paper work before doing the animation?

    Then animation, then a bit of a harder dance, then a ballet style dance that was more for parade/show movers?

    I'm curious as I'm going to the parade audition June 20th! So far I've done a bunch of look a like auditions, a Hong Kong Audition and one that had everything in it that was my first audition way back when.

    Would you be able to explain more of what went on in the dances or no? (I know there's only so much you can tell, having been to auditions myself, just curious the level of dance that's required, any turns, jumps, complicated stuff, feel free to pm me?)

    Wow, sorry for the bombardment of questions, lol. I've just been searching around on audition tips and info and all you can find out there is character stuff!!
  7. Princess32

    Princess32 Earning My Ears

    May 21, 2012
    This is literally all I want to do! I so appreciate all of these answers!
  8. Mufasa000

    Mufasa000 Earning My Ears

    Jun 2, 2013
    Congrats and I really hope you get the role! Keep us updated!
    I actually have a question, too. Do they make you dance if you want to just be a character? Or does every character have to be in the parades and shows?
    It would be amazing to be a character, but I'm not sure about us people who can't dance! :P
  9. Joanna71985

    Joanna71985 <marquee><font color=green>Characters are my frien

    Feb 28, 2005
    There is a dance part even if you are just doing meet and greets/dining. But you don't have to be a dancer- I know people who have never danced before who passed the audition
  10. jobro912

    jobro912 Mouseketeer

    Oct 13, 2000
    Also a lot depends on your height, and what is needed at the time. My son made it through the entire audition, but at 5'11 was both too tall, and too short. :)
  11. UDFlyer12

    UDFlyer12 Disney Princess

    Nov 28, 2010
    I will note that perseverance is KEY to becoming a character. My roommate from my DCP was super obsessed with becoming Belle. She tried out a total of 8 times before she was finally chosen to be Rapunzel. They are super strict on height for sure so 5'4" was PERFECT. She is currently down there now so feel free to see her. And good luck!

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