Cat. 11 Staterooms on Deck 5

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    Sep 3, 2004
    Has anyone stayed in these rooms before? We have a ressie for 5013, which on the deck plans is a horizontal room vs. the standard vertical. If anyone has stayed in these rooms and has any pictures I would be grateful. If anyone else has seen these rooms if you could describe the layout to me I would be grateful... :confused3
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    Aug 7, 2000
    We stayed in that room and my extended family were in the next 2. We really enjoyed the room and loved the area. Not having a porthole wasnt a problem for us and the room was fine size wise. There was no excess hallway noise and being on deck 5 was nice and centralized. Nothing was too far up or down.
    I dont have pictures but can try to describe it for you.
    -As you enter the room, the couch that pulls out to a bed it on the far wall across from you, facing you.
    -To the left of that is the closet.
    -Again, if you were to enter the room, but make a U turn to the left there is the bathroom(across from the closet).
    -Now going back to the entrance, on the far wall(the wall you are looking at), but to the right is the top of the bed. There was a little space between the bed and the right wall of the the room.
    -Across from the foot of the bed(along the wall where the door to enter is, but to the right) was the desk.
    -Directly to the right of the door was some storage with the fridge.

    I hope that explains it well enough for you. :)

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