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  1. Boo-Boo

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Hi all

    I just wanted to ask those that have stayed at the Disneyland hotel Castle Club if you think paying the extra money is worth it?

    It's my biggy birthday next year and we are looking at staying in the Castle Club for a treat but we could also stay in a standard room for an extra night for a lot less, so not too sure what to do! :confused3

    Any comments will be greatly received! :thumbsup2

    Cheers x
  2. wmoon

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    Aug 24, 2010
    We did it last October and it was lovely! Worth the extra money probably not though, doesn't mean it wasn't great to do it once.
    I found the service in the castle club amazing both at reception and in the club lounge. It was great having characters at breakfast and it was certainly worth popping back to the hotel for the lovely afternoon tea.
    The dedicated lift was a bit hit and miss in my opinion, as it was in the centre you pretty much still had to walk past one of the hotel entrances to get in the park and when coming out but you did get to your room really fast.
    The check in was lovely and relaxed and ds was made a fuss of, measured, told what rides he could go on and given an autograph book and pen.
    The room we were allocated was very, very disappointing, worst view I have ever seen in DLH, with really small windows so pretty dark, I never like complaining but in this instance I did and the cm was great and went away and managed to allocate us a fab room with a balcony and view over fantasia gardens. However, I stupidly imagined that we would have been allocated a nice room with a reasonable outlook, not necessarily a view for the inflated price.
    VIP fast pass was good as it was our first trip over the weekend but we did find the fast pass queues were often closed as it was October.
    Would we do it again.... Yes if I could afford it as it does make it the holiday that little bit more special but staying in DLH is also special castle club or not.
    Don't think you get deals on castle club so it can be a vast difference if you get a good deal on a standard room and you could do a lot with the extra cash.
    Sure it will be lovely whatever you decide.
  3. torsie24

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    May 14, 2008
    I've not stayed there but when I've looked it's been lots more money, as the special offers don't apply.

    We'd love to give it a try one time, and I'd maybe pay an extra £100/night, perhaps more if it guaranteed me a park view room. If it was more akin to the Club level service we had in the Grand Floridian, with 5 food services a day, and rooms guaranteed to have ebtter views/location I would consider it more worh the extra. But just for afternoon tea I won't personally pay double.

    But any more than that I'd rather stay in a standard room and have the extra money for nice meals in the DLH.
  4. DLPDreams

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Yay - loving the new ticker :thumbsup2.

    But the CC is way more than £100 extra per night if you get a 'deal' on the DLH - I think it is even more than that on rack rate isn't it? BTW one tip - you can actually get a room only rate on the CC which does bring the price down (but only slightly!). I wasn't aware you could do this but obviously only applicable if you have an AP.

    I think the only way I would stay in CC is if I was guaranteed a park view room - which you are not unless you pay for a 'CC park view room'. We have just come back from the DLH in standard rooms but they were fab - we had a great view of Fantasia Gardens, the Village and the Studios. The rooms were so hot we slept every night with the window open and could hear the music in the park :goodvibes. I think this is the nicest room we have had there so far as we have stayed there a few times now.

    Not sure what time of year you are thinking of and whether it would be midweek or weekend. But if you are lucky and let them know it's a special birthday you may get allocated a nice room anyway especially if it is a quiet time of year. That way, you could book the extra night you mentioned too :thumbsup2.

    FWIW I don't think the breakfast at the CC looks that special. I have read a few people saying there is quite a bit less choice than in Inventions or Cali Grill (the main hotel breakfast areas), and the characters are OK but there aren't that many - not like there used to be. Plus, they do share with downstairs in the standard area (they switch around), so you could see similar/the same down there anyway. Have to say though, the queues are getting longer in the hotel for everything these days - the word has got out about the likes of characters at breakfast/descent des stairs which is open to non hotel guests too. A few years ago, there used to be a handful of people - now there are often hoardes! :lmao:

    I think if I had the money (without flinching about it), I probably would book CC - for the location/view/VIP FPs but otherwise, I'd stay standard.

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