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Can you charge an OBB to your stateroom?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by IndyDisneyFan, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. IndyDisneyFan

    IndyDisneyFan I want to live at WDW!


    We cruise next Friday and were wondering can you charge a future cruise deposit to your stateroom instead of a credit card? I have been using Disney gift cards to pay for our current cruise, gratuities, and shipboard credit for ourselves. Now I am wondering if I place more shipboard credit on our account with the gift cards can I just use that to pay for our next year's cruise deposit? If so I am headed to Target to buy more gift cards at a discount!

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  3. wendyoconnor

    wendyoconnor Mouseketeer

    No they don't charge OBB to your stateroom account. It's processed as a separate transaction. I don't know what forms of payment they accept at the booking desk, we used our credit card.
  4. DLBDS

    DLBDS <font color=red> Loves that Sweetened Condensed Mi

    Anyone know if they take cash?
  5. When we booked on board in Feb it was charged to our stateroom account. We just signed the quote we had, noted we wanted it transferred to a TA and handed it to a CM that was helping with the line at the booking desk.
  6. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Mouseketeer

    If you are paying with a Disney Visa Rewards, you do not want to add this to your stateroom account, otherwise the deposit will not be subject to the 6months zero financing.

    It is charged to your credit card on file.
  7. stsomewhere

    stsomewhere Mouseketeer

    The cruise desk takes cash. They just don't give change.
  8. clten

    clten Mouseketeer

    Are you sure they charged it to your stateroom account? Usually they ask if you want to use the same credit card already on your stateroom account and then make a separate charge to that card. They don't put it thorough your stateroom account because if you cancel the cruise it becomes a bookkeeping nightmare for them. The accounting on the cruise is closed and the money on a cancellation has to go back the way it was charged.

    They do take the same forms of payment that DCL would take on land and that includes cash/check. They can do gift cards but depending on the denomination and the crowds, wouldn't be a bit surprised if they limit the # of cards they will process per booking.
  9. moosecrouse

    moosecrouse Member

    If I remember correctly I charged my OBB to my stateroom account.
  10. peachygreen

    peachygreen Mouseketeer

    They would not charge it to my stateroom last week. They specifically told me it was separate. They also said they would not take my GC. This was in line mind you so I called up and had my DH bring my CC down so I ended up just using the CC and not trying to use the GC to book.
  11. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 Member

    I took a $500 Disney Gift Card and used it at the desk to rebook.

    I'm currently paying on my 3rd cruise paid for entirely with gift cards. Big fan.
  12. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    This is what I would like to do, how exactly did you go about it? The rebooking onboard, not paying for your other cruises with GCs, I already do that. ;)
  13. mom2william

    mom2william Member

    How do you do that???
  14. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 Member

    I just brought an extra $500 gift card and when we re-booked at the reservation desk, she accepted it like a credit card. I suppose you can just put it on your shipboard account and have the resi desk bill to your state room.

    On our 7 night Western Carribbean I had almost $3,000 put on our shipboard account via gift cards prior to even stepping on deck. I just called Disney directly and had it added.
  15. Lobofan5

    Lobofan5 Member

    I personally, purchase gift cards at my local grocery store throughout the year using my Disney Visa--this gets me both points I use for deeply discounted gas and Disney Visa reward points.

    I try to time my purchases for when the store has 4x points..(currently)..then..

    $500 gets me 2,000 points...which is a $70 savings in gas plus an additional $5 Disney Visa dream dollars. So its like paying $425 for $500...

    My 2014 Alaska cruise is about $6500 so if I do this 13 times to pay for the cruise it's a savings of $975 dollars..which isn't bad at all. My grocery store also has a community rewards program I am signed up for to where a percentage of all my purchases go to a charity of my choice..a nice bonus.

    There are a lot of threads on here about people who purchase discounted gift cards at Target as well, I just prefer the grocery store option.

    I get the 4x points promotion about 4 times a year and each time the points can be used in the current + next month. Last Fall/Winter they allowed up to $2 a gallon in points to be used...LOVED IT... once i got 35 gallons for .99 each gallon. :thumbsup2
  16. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    It sounds as though you are a fellow Kroger shopper. I love 4X fuel points. :thumbsup2 I also like being able to buy GCs in larger increments. I have read on here that you could NOT pay for a future cruise deposit with gift cards so I was curious as to how you did it.

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