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Can someone shrink a pic for me?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Beanie, Jun 27, 2001.

  1. Beanie

    Beanie ~*Snoopy Fan Forever*~

    Can one of you wonderful tech people shrink this clipart for me?? I would really appreciate it!! :)

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  3. BobBrazeal

    BobBrazeal <font color=green>The <b>best</b> castle is at the

    Here you go. I'm assuming that you wanted it within the signature clipart guildlines. I made the largest dimension 200 and made sure that the file size was small enough. Hope this was what you needed.

  4. Beanie

    Beanie ~*Snoopy Fan Forever*~

    Hey Bob...

    Can you shrink it just a bit smaller...Like the size of my Mickey? Or would that make it distorted? I just don't want some big ole pic! lol...I would really really appreciate it...sorry to be such a pain!! :)
  5. BobBrazeal

    BobBrazeal <font color=green>The <b>best</b> castle is at the

    No problem. :cool: Check him again in the post above. He is now the same height as Mickey!
  6. Beanie

    Beanie ~*Snoopy Fan Forever*~

    Bob your awesome!!! :) I cannot thank you enough!!! What a great job!! You need a raise!!;)

    Thanks again!!! :)

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