Can previously bought mouse ears be embroidered??

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by lnhstl, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. lnhstl

    lnhstl New Member

    My DD's have mouse ears that were bought as a gift by my sister several years ago (they were bought at Disneyland, so they are "official" mouse ears). We were thinking of taking them with us on our trip to WDW in May and would like to have their names embroidered on. Can we do this, or would we have to buy a new set of mouse ears to get them personalized?
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  3. siskaren

    siskaren New Member

    I've done it.
  4. ohitsjustkaren

    ohitsjustkaren New Member

    Did you go on your trip? How did the embroidery go?
    I'm worried because I read that if the store doesn't have those mouse ears available, they will not embroider them, and mine were limited edition for January. Let me know how it worked!
  5. BeccaDoingDisney

    BeccaDoingDisney New Member


    You can get them embroidered as long as they don't have tons of detail on them! If you're talking about the classic Mickey ears, which I think you are then you definitely can! You can do it either in Mousegears in Epcot or Magic Kingdom! :)
  6. laurap614

    laurap614 Laurap614

    My daughter customized her own when we went in 2010. She really wants them embroidered with her name. They have a crown and veil.
  7. DisneyRegulars

    DisneyRegulars New Member

    Not all embroidery shops are created equal. Mouse Gear in Epcot has lousy machines that cannot handle all the variety of mouse ears that they sell. The embroidery shop in Downtown Disney can embroider just about anything, including ears that Mousegear in Epcot could not. You do not need to purchase your ears from them in order for them to embroider them. I have done this twice, with Oswald ears bought in the MK and with retro Mousketeer ears bought in the world of disney store.

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  8. serene56

    serene56 New Member

    we pre puurchased bride and groom ears and was told no to the embroidering.
    was told its a health issue to put used hats on the machines

    was this not true? coz i would lllike to take them back when we go in december
  9. allmylife

    allmylife New Member

    what's the price range for the shop in Downtown Disney, do you remember? I only need my name done (3 letters), nothing fancy
  10. DisneyRegulars

    DisneyRegulars New Member

    I want to say it was something like $8 per name, and maybe a $ more if you wanted a fancy font. It was definitely under $10, but more than $5. It's not per letter, it's for whatever length your name is. I was able to get the ears and the embroidery for about $18 I think.
  11. strmtroopr96

    strmtroopr96 New Member

    We were just able to have previously bought mouse ears embroidered a few days ago. We had the pink baby girl Minnie ears that we bought for our new niece on our last trip. Since we didn't yet know her name (she was born this January and our trip was last August), we didn't have them embroidered until our trip this month.

    We asked while in the new circus tent in new Fantasyland and had no problem. They were done super quick too.
  12. kaelalala

    kaelalala New Member

    It's $3 for the classic cursive font in yellow or dark pink/red thread. It's $7 for the "fun" or script fonts with more color options. As far as I know it's the same price regardless of where you get it done!

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