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Camera stolen while onboard

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ShannonR, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. ShannonR

    ShannonR mickey's #1 fan

    My family and I were on the January 5th sailing of the Fantasy and on day number 4, my camera was stolen while attending a craft session at LaPiazza. I am so disappointed and upset for several reasons, but mostly because we had stayed at WDW for 5 days prior to the cruise and now all my pictures are gone. :sad: It just breaks my heart because my pictures are everything to me

    It was literally stolen right under my nose while I helped my 8 y.o. with her crafting project and I keep asking myself.....WHO would do such a thing?? Those are my memories and I feel robbed of more than just a camera.

    I guess I have learned my lesson the hard way and now realize that not even with Disney are we safe from those who steal :sad:
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  3. dallastxcpa

    dallastxcpa Active Member

    Oh I am so sorry to hear that. I am sending you a big hug! :hug:

    Something like that really does crush your belief in others. And your right of all things for someone to take that is just heartless.
  4. jkrislc

    jkrislc Active Member

    I'm sorry to hear about the theft especially given that I was on the same cruise and at WDW at the same time as you.

    While I can't replace your lost memories, I'd be happy to share pictures of WDW and the ship since we were both on the same sailing.
  5. MyYearWithTheMouse

    MyYearWithTheMouse Disneyland In A Year!

    That is just awful. Who could be so heartless? I'm sorry this happened to you :worried:
  6. winniedapooh

    winniedapooh <font color=magenta>Busy and proud Mom of 5 Disney

    We were on the same cruise as you...I am so sorry for your loss!! :goodvibes
  7. mimmi

    mimmi Active Member

    I'm sorry that happened to you.
    I can relate to that very well, as we had our camera stolen at the Universal studios Singapore at the end of our two week vacation, with all the pictures on it.
    I so hoped that the thieve would at least drop the Sd card at guest services, but it never happened :sad:.

    It's sad that you don't have the pictures, but at least you have all your memories, maybe write a trip report or a journal so that you have some tangible memories.
  8. ShannonR

    ShannonR mickey's #1 fan

    I checked with guest services at least five times a day after that hoping that whoever stole it would have a moment where their conscience would get the best of them and they would at least turn in the memory card. I could care less about the actual camera itself, I just wanted my pictures. :(

    How could someone steal another persons MEMORIES??

  9. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    oh I'm so sorry. :hug:
  10. lorenni

    lorenni Active Member

    It is always a shock to the system when an honest person experiences something like this. I have had similar experiences - Our first nanny stole our camera that had 4 months of newborn pics on it. Luckily I had recently backed it up so we didn't lose all of them.

    But take a deep breath and put everything in perspective.

    Someone took your camera and your ability to see the pictures you took. Pictures are NOT "everything" to anyone.

    You still have your memories. You have your children. You have what's really important.
  11. Oh my goodness! That is awful! :sad: Losing all of my pictures is my worst fear on vacation - to the point where I have two memory cards and switch them out every night, keeping one in the safe.

    I wish there was something I could do to help...
  12. UmmGooD

    UmmGooD Active Member

    That is horrible! I hope somehow through some magic you get it returned. I would contact Disney and make sure they at least know you are missing one and have the model and serial number for the camera. If you still have the box the serial number should be on the box.

    I purposely take my laptop on cruises so I can offload my photos every day. They are worth more to me than the camera so I don't take that chance. Another option is to buy a bunch of memory cards so you can use a new one every day. That way if someone takes your camera you only lose one day of photos.

    Memory cards, depending on what type of camera you have, can be had for about $10 or so on Amazon. They might be smaller than what you have now but if you are swapping them out every day you won't need as big of a card as you have for an entire vacation. My cards tend to be $30 because I have a higher end camera and I have slowly collected enough now where I can swap them out pretty regularly. Also look after Thanksgiving because they are really cheap that time of the year as places like Costco, Office Depot, etc... run sales at that time of the year.
  13. cypressmom

    cypressmom Love my Disney vacations!

    I am so sorry. I would be devastated. :(

    Do you mind if I ask where it was when it was taken? On your table or possibly on the floor? You said if was stolen right under your nose, so it's scary to think someone could be so stealth.
  14. JackieO

    JackieO Member

    Oh that is heartbreaking! I'm so sorry. Thank you for posting though as it will help to remind the rest of us honest folks out here to be aware.

    We went to Disneyland for DD 5th birthday, she received a teddy bear back pack from her grandmother and someone stole it out of our stroller, all it had in it was her princess lip-gloss. I kept thinking the thief would come to their senses but no. She is 19 now and STILL looks back on that sadly. Not for the backpack (which we replaced when we got home.) but for the loss of innocence.

    I wish I could retake all of your pictures for you!! Here's a hug :hug:
  15. sayhello

    sayhello <font color=royalblue>Have Camera, Will Travel<br> Moderator

    I totally can understand your feelings. I actually once almost *lost* my own camera at the end of a vacation, and that was scary enough. I can't imagine actually having it stolen. I am *SO* sorry this happened to you! It's sad but true, you can't be complacent anywhere, even Disney.

    After that, I started carrying some sort of backup media. Either a CD I could burn the pictures to, an extra media card, or, now, my iPad. It used to be I was just worried about the camera (or the card) failing (which happened on my Med cruise!), but now there's so much more you need to worry about, too.

  16. cypressmom

    cypressmom Love my Disney vacations!

    After reading this thread, I will definitely start traveling with multiple SD cards.
  17. bahacca

    bahacca Member

    I am so sorry. We lost about 95% of ALL of our pictures when my hard drive crashed AND our backup drive wasn't working. It is a sinking feeling that just hurts. And to add theft on top of that.....(((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))
  18. Madzac

    Madzac Active Member

    I am so so sorry!!! Pictures mean so much to me too. Our last WDW trip someone took our camera on day 5. I was devastated. Like you I could care less about the camera it was the pictures we couldnt get back. DH had backed them up on day 2 but we were missing the Halloween party ones! We were so fortunate though as someone turned it in late that day...

    I am so sorry!
  19. wallawallakids

    wallawallakids Active Member

    I am so sorry. That is awful!
  20. jjje

    jjje One time I saw a guy wear cut-off jean shorts to d

    I'm sorry, that's just awful. I am for sure picking up some extra memory cards for my trip though. Thank you to the people who mentioned that tip.
  21. BrennaM

    BrennaM Member

    It is so sad to hear that someone would do something like this to another person. I can feel your pain about losing pictures. I lost the entire year's pictures of 2005 due to a computer glitch and I still feel sick talking about it. (Lets just say I don't talk about it at all)

    One of the PP's mentioned they were on your cruise and offered pictures...I would go for it. You never know what you may find in the background. I had taken pictures of a fellow DIS'er's children. They may not be your pictures, but you will surely see one or two things that will clearly remind you of your trip and the happier moments. (My family gave me all their 2005 pictures that involved us and I couldn't have been happier)

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