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Bringing Cups

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by stitchandco, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. stitchandco

    stitchandco New Member

    Is it okay to bring your own cups for the drink station? Obviously we would fill our cup with the cups provided. Is this allowed or frowned upon?

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  3. Bonniec

    Bonniec New Member

    I know you can bring them. I'd actually love some suggestions on what kind to bring. I keep looking at the typical plastic cup style that comes with the plastic straw. Disney sells cute ones though you can find them just about anywhere. But I'm wondering if they are big enough. I'm guessing they are like 16 or 20 oz
  4. BigRed1

    BigRed1 If life gives you limes, make margaritas!

    I always bring at least a 20oz drink cup. :drinking1 The only time I use their cups to fill, is if mine won't fit under the dispenser... which is most of the time. :teeth:
  5. DisSarahK

    DisSarahK Missing Mickey...

    You definitely can bring your own--just, as you said, fill it using one of their cups.
  6. stitchandco

    stitchandco New Member

    Thanks! My husband was worried it wasn't allowed. We will be bringing our big Baylor tervis cups!
  7. GhostlyHitchhiker

    GhostlyHitchhiker New Member

    Most of the Disney Store cups (and the ones you find in every supermarket, etc) are only 12oz. When you add in the ice for your beverage it doesn't even hold an entire can of soda. You can find 16oz and 20oz cups and having bought several of the 20oz ones at Whole Foods we are absolutely in love with these cups. Some brands are better insulated than others (some aren't even insulated).

    The ones from Whole Foods though, we left an iced soda in the car in 90+ degree weather for an hour and a half earlier today. When we went out to the car, there was still plenty of ice in the cup!!
  8. Minnie321

    Minnie321 New Member


    These are the cups I made for our cruise using permanent vinyl and my cricut.:yay:
  9. Ptwolfman

    Ptwolfman Mouseketeer from CA

    We are bringing bubba kegs to avoid making several trips to the drink station. Also a good way to make sure we drink plenty of water. Definitely cups are allowed
  10. bahacca

    bahacca New Member

    Man, yet another thing to consider packing-but do I want to shlep it across the country???? I'm envious of those who drive to port from home! No worries about baggage fees for all the junk you want to bring:rotfl2:
    Guess I'll just have to find a cruise to go on out of Los Angeles so I can give it a go!
  11. TinkerbelleMom

    TinkerbelleMom Mom to 3 Princesses

    I never vacation without a large insulated cup of some sort, those other cups are too small! I also use the papercups to refill mine, no cross contamination that way. On another cruise line I took it to the pool bar for a water refill, and the bartender told me he couldn't refill personal cups, I just asked for 2 cups of ice water and dumped them in myself. He just looked at me like I had 4 heads, but I got what I wanted. :rotfl:
  12. GhostlyHitchhiker

    GhostlyHitchhiker New Member

    I saw those on the FE thread. They are SO adorable! My daughter was jealous of your fellow cruisers!

    Oh and we are *definately* spoiled being able to drive to the port. When we had to fly out to FL on our last cruise I shipped a big box to myself. I'm an overpacker/overplanner, but my family is ALWAYS happy when they "forgot" something important that I didn't. ;)
  13. bahacca

    bahacca New Member

    I'm thinking of shipping a box to myself as well. We went to Hawaii for a week doing only carry on bags, so I know a 4 day cruise we can do the same. I figure even a large box will be cheaper to ship than paying $50+ to check luggage.
  14. maryrego

    maryrego New Member

    Minnie321 where do i find permenant vinyl??
    I may have to copy; those cups rock :)
  15. GhostlyHitchhiker

    GhostlyHitchhiker New Member

    These days I'm a bit more confident my shipment will get there even more than I'm sure my luggage or flight will. :rotfl: And you can always send your package early enough that you can make sure (track it) it arrives before you do.
  16. Bonniec

    Bonniec New Member

    The ones I saw the other day are definitely more than 12oz. They might even be new because I've never seen them and they are really cute. I was seeing them in all the shops. I'm guessing they are 16 or 20oz. I'm not sure about the insulation. I'll snap some pics by this weekend. I thought they'd be super cute for the cruise. Just not sure if big enough.

    They were pretty pricey too. $19
  17. ludari

    ludari New Member

    I've seen passengers with all sorts of different personal cups/water bottles to use at the beverage stations. I have never done it and DCL doesn't seem to discourage it. You could always purchase a cup/water bottle from one of the stores on board the ships if you really wanted to.
  18. Luv2Diz

    Luv2Diz We love the Wonder and Magic of Disney cruising!

    The cups at the drink stations are definitely small! We took our own 24 oz tumblers on our last cruise and will do the same on our next one.
  19. EatSleepArchery

    EatSleepArchery New Member

    I picked up 16 oz double wall cups with lids and straws at the Dollar Store the other day...probably not the greatest cups, but thought they could be sacrificed if we needed room in the suitcase on the way back :) . Anyone know what size of refrigerator the Dream has, just wanting to make sure the cups would fit inside... ?????
  20. EPCOTatNight

    EPCOTatNight I am the Polynesian Parking guy and the Original D

    Since we drove, we stopped at a 7eleven type place and bought "Big Gulps" so that we could use them on the ship. They were about 44oz each.
  21. Bonniec

    Bonniec New Member

    So I went back today and checked those cups. I found them in several stores throughout DTD and MK. I looked a bit closer and they ranged 16oz to 20oz. They also had smaller kid sized ones. I'm still wondering if they would be big enough.



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