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Brave New World PTR

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by wvdislover, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Hi everyone! We are getting ready to embark on our 5th family trip to WDW! We leave in 1 week :scared1: For those of you who don't know us, let me introduce us:
    Me (Missy)--I LOVE Disney! It's my happy place! I have Disney stuff all through our house...that way I'm never too far away ;) My goal is to become a Disney Travel Agent! I have found that I have a passion for helping others plan vacations, especially Disney vacations...as a TA, I could do that without DH rolling his eyes every time I try to help others :rolleyes:
    DH (Alan, aka Goofy)--He tolerates my Disney obsession. He is sweet enough to take me and our girls every year. Secretly, though, I think he enjoys it as much as we do :rotfl: How does he pay for our obsession? He owns and operates a Chick-fil-A restaurant in our local mall!!!
    DD12 (Sarah)--She was our first Disney princess. She went on her first trip when she was 4 (almost 5), and still remembers some of it. Sarah also has Aspergers Syndrome/High Functioning Autism, along with some anxiety, attention, and sensory issues. She has been off her ADHD meds for 2 1/2 weeks now (thanks to insurance issues :mad:), but we have been enjoying the happy girl that we missed when she was on meds, so we may try this trip w/out the meds :scared1: We'll have to see how that goes :rolleyes: Could make for an interesting trip!
    DD8 (Allison)--Our 2nd Disney princess. She, too, went on her first trip at almost 5 years old. She's been hooked ever since! Her life plan is to work at WDW as soon as she is old enough (it would be tomorrow, if she could...hey, she could play Nemo in Finding Nemo: The Musical...she knows all the words, and sounds a lot like Nemo!). Her only issue w/ WDW is that her DS is one trip up on her ( she missed the first trip, since she was only 8 months old and had been born a premie, and had colic and reflux...wouldn't have made for a pleasant trip for anyone!)


    Anyways, now that you know who we are, I'll explain my title, Brave New World. Allison is the "scaredy-cat" of our family. We'll call her our "delicate child," although she's not too delicate now. Allison has been terrified of riding some of the "bigger rides" b/c she was too scared to ride them. We have given her grief to no end b/c she refused to ride...

    Goofy's Barnstormer! Can you believe it?!? Goofy's Barnstormer! She actually got in line to ride it a couple of years ago, when we went with one of her best friends, but she chickened out...it looked "too fast!" Last year, she wouldn't even consider it. So, we have gotten tired of it. We had basically decided that we were going to just put her on it, kicking and screaming (yes, bad parents that we are), b/c we know she'll enjoy is once she does it. Well, she made the announcement recently that she has decided to ride the infamous, terrifyingly fast, Goofy's Barnstormer. I was able to convince her further than that (along with the help of some of her classmates at school) to ride BTMRR, too! She has also decided that she'll try Test Track again, and is going to ride KRR at AK (as long as we bring her a change of clothes, so she doesn't have to walk around in wet clothes...something that apparantly REALLY bothers her to think about!). She has titled this vacation as...Allison's Trip of Bravery...da da da da!!! In preparation for these acts of bravery, we have watched videos on YouTube of each of these rides, at least once. So, there you have it! Our Brave New World trip!

    Oh, yeah, in case you didn't see in my siggie, we'll be staying at the Beach Club and will be there from 9/15-26! Our last chance to have real family time before the holiday season hits! So, here we go!!!
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  3. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Ok, so I got up and made my ADR's at 7am, 90 days out. Was put on hold for, like, 30 seconds, then was able to make all the ADR's I wanted, and only had to switch a couple of meals! :cool1: My ADR's are as follows:

    9/15--arrival day--no plans
    9/16--b'fast at Cape May and dinner at 1900 Park Fare
    9/17--dinner at Crystal Palace
    9/18--b'fast at Akershus and dinner at Coral Reef
    9/19--dinner at Tutto Italia
    9/20--lunch at Sci-Fi
    9/21--dinner at T-Rex (actually called them and booked)
    9/22--lunch at 50's PT and dinner at O'hana's
    9/23--dinner at Chef Mickey's
    9/24--dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern
    9/25--dinner at Le Cellier
    9/26--departure day--no plans

    Yes, I know it's a lot of meals, more than our free dining plan allows for. Sarah (DD12), though, only likes kid's meals, so we pay OOP for her meals at non-buffet meals, and bank her meals for me and Alan to use at another TS, so we stretch them out more. It costs us a bit more, but everybody gets to eat where they want, and we get to try some new places. New for us: Cape May, 1900 Park Fare (heard good and bad, so we'll try it out...the girls won't be into this much longer, probably :sad2:), and T-Rex; the girls have also never done Tutto Italia, O'Hana's, or Sci-Fi (we haven't done it in years, either, but DH requested it, so we'll give it a try...stick with the burgers, milkshakes, and other "normal stuff"). Needless to say, we'll probably be stuffed when we go home, but, hey, it's Disney!
  4. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer New Member

    I'm here!

    Lucky girl getting to stay at the Beach Club!
  5. stacopp

    stacopp Disney Dork

    I'm here- What a lovely family you have! Looking forward to hearing all about your plans and trip!
  6. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Hey Lessa! Thanks for coming to visit! You know, a few years ago, I didn't think I would ever stay at the BC, either! 2 years ago, DH said we could go back if I paid for the trip, so I decided since I was paying for it, I was going to stay where I wanted...AKL! He told me he didn't think he'd ever stay anywhere else. Well, last year, when we went on our Land/Sea, they put us at BC...we were hooked! It's costing us each an arm and a leg, but it's SO beautiful there! It'll be hard for me to get him to stay anywhere else...he loves the convenience of the location! Yes, I admit it...we have become "deluxe snobs" :snooty: (but only during value season with free dining!) :rotfl:
  7. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer New Member

    :laughing: I am a hotel snob too, it is only out necessity that we stayed at Pop the last two times. Stupid school expenses. :headache:
  8. KathyRN137

    KathyRN137 ...and the greatest of these is Love

    Hi Missy!! :wave2:

    Oh my goodness... only one week to go! I had no idea you were so close!!

    Tricia was looking over my shoulder while I was reading, and when we saw your family picture we both exclaimed out loud how much you and Sarah look alike! You have a "Mini-Me!" :rotfl:

    Ah, the Beach Club... I've always wanted to stay there... can't wait to read all about it! And you scored well with the ADRs, too!

    Everything seems to be falling into place! Yay! :yay:

  9. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Thank you so much! I'm getting more excited by the minute! You'd think it was my first trip!

    Yes, she does look a lot like me! Funny, though, that when just Allison and I are together, people thinks she looks just like me, too! I'm sure everything WILL fall into place, but I can't help but worry I'm forgetting something really important. This is the first trip I've done with no TA, so I'm completely on my own. Figured if I want to do this as a career, I'd better get some practice ;)
  10. wdwgirl03

    wdwgirl03 <font color=red>I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)<b

    Sounds great! How neat you are staying at the Beach Club...we stayed there last December at the villas and loved it. Great location, great resort!

    I had to laugh a little when I saw your DH owns a Chick-Fil-A. We love going there! In fact we stopped at the one at MCO on our last trip a couple weeks ago to pick up some lunch. Since there's none around here anymore my sister and I were sooo excited. We decided months ahead of time we'd be going there for lunch. :rotfl:
  11. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

  12. Tink9721

    Tink9721 New Member

    Haha this reminds me of my trip in February. I was always afraid to ride Tower of Terror. I'd go into Hollywood Studios thinking I would go on but then I'd chicken out as soon as I heard the screaming :confused3 A few weeks before we left I had an epiphany. I told my mom I was definitely going on and I told her not to let me chicken out again. And I went on and now it's one of my favorite rides :woohoo: :rotfl:

    And we became deluxe hotel snobs too. We got moved to the Wilderness Lodge because of an overbooking at Port Orleans and now we've stayed there for three straight years. I doubt we're ever going to be able to go back to another hotel! Haha!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the report! Have a great time! :yay:
  13. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Tower of Terror is the one ride I just don't know if I can ever ride. I consider it, but then think better of it. I have this recurring nightmare of being in a large elevator that is falling, so ToT would be like living my nightmare :scared1:

    Amazing how quickly and easily you can become a deluxe snob, isn't it? We did, actually, stay at CSR a couple of years ago. It was nice and I would stay there again if I couldn't afford a deluxe. As long as I can afford it, though, we'll be going deluxe, baby!

    Thanks for joining in, everybody!
  14. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

  15. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

  16. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Bump...check out the videos I added!
  17. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Sarah decided yesterday that she, too, was going to be braver on this trip...she's going to ride Everest with me!!! (We'll see if it actually happens, though ;)) 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!! :banana::cool1::banana:
  18. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    I just applied for the Disney Mom's Panel! Wish me luck and pixiedust!!!

    Allison is keeping us on track for when we leave..."only 5 more days till we go to Disneyworld!!!"

    Alan, too, has gotten into the Disney mood. He called me right before lunchtime to tell me he went to take a catering order to a doctor's office today, one that he has probably been to 100 times. When he walked in the door, "it smelled like Disney." I'm rubbing off on him. He tells me everytime something like this happens, "Get out of my head, evil woman!" To which I can only answer, "Bwa ha ha ha!" Maybe one day we can live at WDW...I just need to infiltrate further into his brain :rolleyes1

    Later, however, he calls and says, "I need your opinion." OK, great, wonder what this is about? "I have a toothache" :sad2: I ask him, "When did it start hurting?" Answer: "Oh, earlier this week :scared1: I thought maybe I could just wait until after our 12 DAY vacation to get it checked out" What is he thinking?!? :headache: So, fortunately, our neighbor across the street is a hygienist at a local dentist, and helped me get him an early morning appt for tomorrow. I'm praying that it is nothing major. Why, oh why, do these things happen?
  19. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer New Member

    Hope that everything turns out okay at the dentists. :goodvibes
  20. wvdislover

    wvdislover New Member

    Yeah, me too!
  21. KathyRN137

    KathyRN137 ...and the greatest of these is Love

    Oh Missy! Those videos were precious! :goodvibes :sad: :goodvibes

    Tell Alan he did a wonderful job... I'm praying his toothache is nothing serious.
    In 2007 Ed had to have a tooth pulled the day before we left for Disney! Oh, he was a BEAR!!

    I'm also sending pixiedust for the Mom's Panel!! pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust:
    I hope we BOTH make it!! :grouphug:


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