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Boma or Cape May for breakfast?...details?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by mommycrawford, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. mommycrawford

    mommycrawford New Member

    We have a late return flight and want a great breakfast our last day.....Which would you suggest?
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  3. ses1230

    ses1230 New Member

    I have never been to Boma.

    Cape May is a character breakfast, all you care to eat buffet. We saw Minnie, Goofy and Donald in their beach attire. It was laid back atmosphere with great character interaction - Donald and Goofy came back a second time. I remember the food being standard breakfast buffet fare. Beach Club is beautiful and we love to walk over to the Boardwalk from there.
  4. dancin Disney style

    dancin Disney style <font color=blue>I found one to share with some fa

    I've been to both and liked them both. In general we prefer Cape May. We like the atmosphere and have consistantly had excellent service there. Food wise breakfast is breakfast and it's pretty hard to screw it up. Boma does have a made to order omlette station that Cape May doesn't have and if you are in to pastries Boma has a lot including Banana bread and cinnamon rolls.

    I don't see how you can go wrong with either one.
  5. JoePa4Ever

    JoePa4Ever New Member

    Both places are good, but if you want the best food, then Boma has the better breakfast buffet. Cape May's breakfast buffet is good, but it is standard breakfast fare - nothing special. If you want a fun breakfast for your last day then Cape May has Goofy, Minnie & Donald in their swimwear - the character interaction is excellent and is the most relaxed character meal at WDW.
  6. Pakey

    Pakey <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    We prefer Boma over Cape May. Like PP said, Cape May is pretty standard fare, nothing special. It's good food but Boma has a bigger spread, more variety.
  7. KBoopaloo

    KBoopaloo New Member

    If the characters are important to you, then I would say Cape May. If you are really just looking for a yummy breakfast, I would say Boma without question.

    Boma is my favorite place for breakfast on property (or maybe anywhere, really!). We make a special trip there for one breakfast every WDW trip no matter how inconvenient. I start dreaming of their bacon and baked goods weeks before my trip!

    The food at Cape May was fine, the characters are fun, but Boma is just delicious!
  8. snowdrift7

    snowdrift7 New Member

    We've eaten at both and I like them both. Boma's juice is awesome! However DS loves traditional breakfast buffet fare so we've stuck with Cape May the past few times. And I think the food is very good.

    Character interaction :donald: ::MinnieMo :goofy: is really good too.
  9. grace&philipsmom

    grace&philipsmom New Member

    If you have a child in your party I would go with Cape May. The food was good and it had the most relaxed character interaction. Boma was okay but we liked Cape May better.
  10. Silver Queen

    Silver Queen New Member

    Definitely Boma for us. We can get a standard breakfast buffet back home if we want one.
  11. Dixiemom

    Dixiemom New Member

    Funny you should post this. I booked us for Boma on our departure morning.....already doing Cape May and the menu for Boma's buffet looked so good.
  12. mommycrawford

    mommycrawford New Member

    Thanks for the thoughts!:goodvibes

    ...I have Boma booked for dinner, and Cape May for breakfast (I've got people in my party who would like Chef Mickey's Dinner, but I just can't bear another meal there!) I really wish Cape May had lunch, but alas, no! I know the bacon will be inedible wherever we go on property:rotfl:, so I suppose breakfast is not the best meal to book anyway, but I am sure it will be fun none the less!
  13. bellefromboston

    bellefromboston New Member

    Great decision! Cape May breakfast is one of our favorite meals on property! I'm sure you will enjoy it! :goodvibes

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