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BOG QS line-up

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by hvanes, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. hvanes

    hvanes New Member

    I tried for a dinner ADR the last week in May with no luck. I'm going to keep hoping for a cancellation but in the meantime am planning to try the QS lunch. I'm reading that the lines are getting really long by like 10 a.m. M question is: Does your entire party need to stand in line or just the person placing the order?
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  3. southernlady

    southernlady New Member

    You don't have to all stand in line, but if you're not all there when your party reaches the front of the line, they'll direct you to the side to wait until you all arrive.

    My DH and DS got in line for us around 10:45 on January 3rd so that I didn't have to carry DD and wait in line (she's only 1, and they don't allow strollers in the line). The line was all the way over the bridge, so I figured it would take a good 30 minutes for them to reach the front, but when I got back 20 minutes later, they were already at the front and had been standing there about 5 minutes. The CMs were very kind and let me walk through the exit side right up to the front to join them, so I didn't have to weave my way through the entrance line, which was packed.
  4. hvanes

    hvanes New Member

    Thank you, southernlady. Our situation is going to be very similar. When we do qs meals, either my husband or I place the order with one of our children to help carry, but the other adult stays back with our other children to avoid the hoopla and begin scouting out seats. I had a feeling it would be a slightly different process at BOG.
  5. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    There is no access to the dining rooms until after you have ordered, so your party can't sit inside while one waits in line and orders. There are no trays and nothing to carry, the food is brought to you, and you are not even given cups for the drinks at the ordering stations - you get those in the dining rooms.

    You won't be able to scout out any seats until after you have ordered.
  6. hvanes

    hvanes New Member

    THANK YOU - this is great info!
  7. ladeeesquire

    ladeeesquire New Member

    just to add on the timing issue, we were there yesterday and the park was very crowded! The line was forming by about 9:45 and by about 10:15 it was at the end of the bridge.(which I'm assuming everyone means is the bridge at the entrance where the BOG sign is???) We decided to use our mermaid fastpasses and hopped in line about 10:25. By that point the line was around the corner and about halfway down the path (the other bridge???) to gaston's tavern. My dh was giving me the evil eye because the cm was telling people it was going to be an hour. I was pretty sure it would be a lot less than that because the place wasn't open yet and its huge!!! Sure enough the line started to move and we were ordering by about 10:45 or so completely doen with our meal by 11:30. When we left the line was as long as when we got in it but by that time the restaurant was full and it probably really was going to be an hour.

    oh, and to answer your original question, just about everyone in line was a place keeper while the rest of their party was doing other things :-)
  8. LisaBi

    LisaBi New Member

    Our experience was the same....the line moved very quickly and took a LOT less time than the CM said. And we didn't even get in line until about 12:15.
  9. ChristineOH

    ChristineOH Member

    Thank you all for the info. Very helpful to know.
  10. nigel-bigel

    nigel-bigel New Member

    We were there for lunch right after New Year's, so still pretty crowded. When we got in line around 11:30, it was well over the bridge and snaking down the road. The CM told us it was an hour wait to get in. However, we were inside and ordering in 35 minutes.

  11. Ripey

    Ripey New Member

    We ate lunch there last Sunday and Friday. Sunday my sister got in line to wait, we all went to meet her when she got near the front. They did let us, but the cast member then announced to have your whole party together before getting n line. Friday, dh and I waited. The line was around the corner and the wait was less than 30 minutes. They let the rest of our party join us with no problems.
  12. cheryterese

    cheryterese New Member

    What time does it actually open for lunch?

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