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BOG ADR are earlier times hard to get?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by michlyn, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. michlyn

    michlyn Member

    I am at 180 today, so I booked all of my restaurants around the timeframes we wanted them....except for BOG which we booked at 8:30 - I took the ressie but it seems pretty late for my kids. Is BOG worth it for dinner so late? my kids are 6, 6, 9 so they can always nap and stay up but just curious why BOG is such a hard "get." No problems with Chef Mickeys, CRT, Le Cellier...but darn if BOG was the one where I had time issues.
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  3. Aries14

    Aries14 Member

    Yeah; I've noticed that too. Also harder with a big party.
  4. KittyKat1978

    KittyKat1978 Active Member

    Keep looking. I just got a 5:55pm late last week for the first week of May.

    They seem to release more times around the 75-85 day mark.
  5. purple figment

    purple figment DIS Veteran

    BOG is the hardest reservation to get currently. You can continue checking online multiple times a day to get a better time. People cancel when their plans change because of the credit card guarantee so it's a case of being online checking when a cancellation goes back into the system. If you are an odd numbered party (e.g. 5) you can try going up 1 to see if there any tables for that size group. As long as at least one person shows up for the reservation, you won't be charged for the "missing" person.
  6. kristinradico

    kristinradico Member

    I've been looking 1-2 times a day since my 180 mark with no luck for a little over 2 months. I am hoping as it gets closer something will come available with a decent time (2030 would be too late for our family).

  7. Heidi K

    Heidi K Member

    I made my ADRs this morning and the only BOG availability at the beginning of our trip was 8:30 or later. Too late for my kids! I was able to get a 5:10 slot for a date near the end of our trip.
  8. ElizabethG

    ElizabethG When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!

    It is so popular right now, you have to make it towards the end of your trip. I made my on day 6 of our trip for 6:00 (my first choice).
  9. kddlm

    kddlm Member

    I just landed a BOG ressie for my boss and his kids for spring break week (8:55 pm). I would keep the reservation screen minimized on my computer and try at random for the dates he will be there.....was coming up empty until today! I am so excited you would think it was for me! Can't wait to tell him:cool1::cool1: In summary, keep trying!!!
  10. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    Yes, I did the same thing. I made one near the end of my trip at 6pm with no issues.
  11. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Active Member

    kind of fuming over this....i started on 180th day last year, sometimes 3x a day and never got a ressie...today i was on line at 180 days minus 30 seconds and there was one reservation left at BOG- 9:20PM for dinner....

    i understand letting people make reservations 180 days in advance and this may be a bit selfish but we've paid a lot of money for Disney vacations three years running and 8 of the last ten years...

    to make it fair i really should think they should hold a number of tables back at the popular restaurants for people who's 180th day is just arriving...(now watch someone say "they do that")
  12. MatoMany

    MatoMany Member

    Im thinking I won the lottery for BoG reservations.. I booked one a month out and got 4pm reservations, I prefer 4-530 for dinners on vacation, with no issues. I didn't realize the reservations were so hard to get.

    Keep trying closer to your trip time, hopefully you can get a better time.

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