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Biking around the fort

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by hucifer, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    Newbies to the Fort here.

    We're too cheap to rent golf carts, so we plan on hoofing it around the fort on our bikes. Are there places to lock your bikes around the restaurants/pools/boat launch/etc? Or do people lock them around trees and stuff?
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  3. tinman694

    tinman694 Attention Space Travelers...

    We always use the bikes (and trailers) to get around not only the fort, but almost everywhere we go camping. It is sensible if you can ride a bike. (Not Cheap by any means)
    There are bike racks at most all the venues at the fort--never had a problem with parking the bikes around and leaving them (unlocked even!) in a designated parking area. Would not lock them to a tree or other non designated place.
    I really like when we ride them down to the boat dock and when coming back from a long day we can cruise back to the campsite and not walk so far!
  4. Conan the Librarian

    Conan the Librarian Been Visting the Mouse since 1972

    We are bringing our bikes this Christmas. We usually just walk everywhere, or catch a bus if there is one handy, but, we've gotten back into bikes and thought it would be fun.
  5. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    Ah, this is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you!

    I'm hoping that bikes will work out for us too.
  6. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    Come back and let us know how the bikes worked out for you guys!
  7. KristinU

    KristinU New Member

    Ditto this! We don't generally lock going into the stores/arcade/pool/etc. But we do lock if we've ridden to catch a bus or boat to the parks since we're away longer. I guess that makes no sense since a thief doesn't know how long you've bene gone, but that's what we do. :rotfl:

    And just biking around looping is fun to do too. If you don't have a basket or milk crate or something, you may want to get one or bring a backpack so you can carry stuff around like pool towels, treats from the store, etc.
  8. PEC

    PEC New Member

    Talking bikes, is there a bike trail or a trail that you can use between the campgrounds and Wilderness Lodge? We are planning this summer to have Dinner there one night and would like to just hop on the bikes.
  9. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    Great idea!

    Yes, I understand that there is a trail from FW to WL. Can't verify this personally, but that's what I read.
  10. icon123

    icon123 New Member

    Yes, there is a trail that goes between FW and WL. We ride our bikes on it everytime we stay at the Fort. Lots of deer to see as well. Have fun.
  11. KristinU

    KristinU New Member

    True. It is about a mile depending on your starting point at the Fort. And there are bike racks over at WL to park at as well :)
  12. Heerrera

    Heerrera New Member

    Can you do the trail from FW to WL in a golf cart? Is it allowd?
  13. 2goofycampers

    2goofycampers <font color=blue>Sounds like something a camping t

    Sadly, NO. The WDW POPO frown on this.
  14. Patsy1969

    Patsy1969 New Member

    If you think you might be riding your bikes after dark, you may want to get lights. The walkways can be pretty dark, and it lets the golf carts see you. We use bikes when we are there in January, It is a great way to get around and enjoy the Fort. Have fun.:ccat:
  15. hucifer

    hucifer <font color=blue>The tag that was here was staler

    I was wondering about this. Thank you so much for the hint!
  16. Mouse14

    Mouse14 Wish I was at the Lodge

    Have been riding bikes at the fort for yeeeeeears, I have never locked them up, even if we are going to a park or something. I do highly recommend front lights for your bikes
  17. nic2205

    nic2205 New Member


    I believe bikes can be rented at fw, just wondering does anyone know is this on a weekly basis? and if so how much is it?

  18. CDNCruiser

    CDNCruiser Recreation Professional

    From AllEars.net:
    •Bicycle rental: $9 plus tax/hour, $18 plus tax/day. (Prices are estimates, call the Bike Barn at (407) 824-2742 for current pricing.)
  19. bama_ed

    bama_ed My old avatar was the blue Muppet named Grover

    Yep, daily rates only. They're (Fort mgt) missing an opportunity here but we're not talking about the sharpest tools in the shed, are we?

    If they want $18/day to capture the day trippers, fine. But the incremental cost for extra days should fall dramatically to capture multi-day business. I guess they'd rather have the bikes sit in the Barn than be out in the Fort generating revenue.

    Sorry, I was on my soapbox. Disney only offers a single daily rate. Take it or leave it.

    Bama Ed
  20. CDNCruiser

    CDNCruiser Recreation Professional

    We always bring our own bikes. It's a great way to get around!

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