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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by lillieandlilahsmommy, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 New Member

    Got a BOG Reservation today for 26 October at 4:15pm. Far too early for actual dinner for us but we took it anyway. :) Will keep trying on different dates for a better time but couldn't pass up the opportunity. Today is 180 days out for 26 October.

    Keep trying everyone.
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  3. mdlove2cruise

    mdlove2cruise New Member

    Keep trying everyone. I booked my ADRs yesterday. I got BOG on Oct 31 for 8 of us at 6:20. I had other times available during the week as well I could have chosen. All available for 8 people. That was my first reservation exactly at 0600 on the website.
  4. LMO429

    LMO429 New Member

    This morning was my 180 day mark to make adrs. BOG was the first reservation I tried for an had no problems online getting a dinner reservation there. In fact as I was making other reservations there was availability at BOG as well. We are a party of 2 not sure if that helped our cause.

    Good Luck everyone!!! I think if you book at the 180 day mark and its not a weekend maybe its easier? :confused3
  5. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 New Member

    We are a party of two and have been looking 180 days out for over a week but finally today we have our reservation for 2 people at 4:15pm. As I mentioned in the above post, it's a little early for us but we don't care. :lmao: The current problem is that you're "competing"with countless people, some of whom have been able to book days before you (keeping in mind the 180+10 for people who are staying on site)
  6. elfling8

    elfling8 New Member

    We enjoyed lunch there. We went at 11am and it was only about 15 minutes until we sat down. The touch screen process leaves a bit to be desired. We wanted to add a dessert as a snack credit and would have had to start all over again, so we just paid cash. We split two meals and two desserts between the 4 of us for a light lunch. The beef stew was good a filling - a bit salty. The cream puffs were really yummy. The hummus sandwich was quite good.

    What we did for plans that morning was to hit fantasy land at rope drop. We had pretty much finished all of FL (did not do ETWB - kids weren't interested) and were heading over toward BTMM when I noticed the line was short so we stopped. Glad we did! Oh - predicted crowds for when we were there were 5/6
  7. benji2012

    benji2012 New Member

    I loved our dinner experience in March! I haven't tried lunch yet but when we went a few weeks later in April we heard a CM telling people the wait was about an hour and a half at a about 12:30. I'd keep dinner!
  8. LMO429

    LMO429 New Member

    Wow I guess I got lucky this morning..We got a 6:55pm and I put in the search that I wanted 7pm so I got exactly what I wanted.

    I did however see plenty availability throughout the week online when I was booking. hopefully its a sign crowds will be low lol
  9. princessap

    princessap New Member

    This is my plan for our trip too and I posed the question on here about if 180 plus ten includes check in day or not and wondering if you could help. When you booked for your tenth night was it including check in day or ten days plus your check in day?!
  10. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 New Member

    :thumbsup2 Here is hoping about low crowds. You get lucky with the 6:55pm reservation, we were willing to take any time we could get. If we get a better time on a different day, we might end up going twice. Beast is my favourite character and love the movie so much, I'm so excited. :)
  11. mjaclyn

    mjaclyn Currently in Wonderland

    I've been checking every day since the 180 +10 mark and still nothing. I really hope I can get something for Be Our Guest for our October trip! We have a group of 9 but I've been checking for tables of 4 and 5 as well because we don't mind splitting up.
  12. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse New Member

    That is very misleading on the hour and half wait for lunch unless it was a holiday. The line would have had to be stretched way down the walkway! :confused3 We have gone on two 10 day trips since they opened and have never seen it beyond a 30-45 min. wait, and that's extending a ways beyond the bridge! That CM was definitely 'off'!

    Were there on April 16 and walked right in at 10:45 (about a 30min. wait, line was there at 10am, then was gone a little later). When we came out at 12noon it looked to be about 30min tops. We have been there 3 times and never waited beyond 25 min. (that wait was end of Nov.).

    If you pick your times and don't eat right at lunch hour, it is usually no problem during the week days. We cancelled our dinner ressie after enjoying lunch so much!
  13. benji2012

    benji2012 New Member

    The line had crossed the bridge leading out of BOG, turned the corner heading towards the rest of Fantasyland..,maybe 3/4 of the way to Gaston's. it wasn't a holiday but MK was strangely crowded that day. I have no idea if it was misleading or not as we headed to Pinocchio's...though even that was a 15 minute wait.
  14. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse New Member

    Wasn't talking about your take on the time, 'but' the CM's ;) We saw the line out nearly that far along the stone wall also, but it tends to be 'stragly' there whereas on the bridge they 'tighten' it up a little better. The day we waited for 25 min. we were just barely on the bridge so I 'know' the wait could not have been more than half of what the CM told you.

    They're just 'eye balling' it and some are not good about 'eye balling' :) Week ends and holidays do tend to be much worse though, and I would never even try to get in for lunch then (in fact, we have never, will never, go to the parks on holidays).
  15. dadofgoofy

    dadofgoofy New Member

    I booked at our 180+10 date, at 7am, and could only get one time for the entire week in October, and that was at 4:30. Didn't like it, but took it. I've checked back every day since to see if I could find a later time and have had no luck.
  16. DopeyDave

    DopeyDave Earned one Ear, working on my second!

    I just booked this morning for our 180+2 day (A Monday). Was trying for 7pm, but had to take 7:25. That was the only time it offered me.
  17. LMO429

    LMO429 New Member

  18. danielleyoung0

    danielleyoung0 New Member

    I had a reservation the night of Princess Half Marathon this February (booked on my 180 + 10 date at 7 am, I think) and there were two groups who were able to get a walk-up. They were told there would be a 20-25 minute wait, but that's about the wait I had - with my reservation. So never hurts to try!
  19. xipetotec

    xipetotec New Member

    I don't know, but for me I'll be booking at the 180 day mark. Not only do I want a very specific night, but we'll be NINETEEN PEOPLE! 7:00am 180 days out for me.
  20. ellyn2000

    ellyn2000 DIS Veteran<br>Loves to go Pearl Diving in Japan<b

    We had dinner there the 2nd night it was opened. Was very pleased that ADR's seemed to be running on time and we enjoyed a nice dinner without feeling rushed at all. Have ADR's for our upcoming Oct. trip. My entire family enjoyed it. We were in the Rose Room.
  21. ellyn2000

    ellyn2000 DIS Veteran<br>Loves to go Pearl Diving in Japan<b

    Another thing....we are a party of 10, so they had to break us up into tables of 4/4/2 for this trip. That was ok with us. Go out back to the garden and see the statues after your meal.

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