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Barb's Cruise Disigns...If you have requests please post on my new thread-part deux

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Disneysince1982, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. tink2007

    tink2007 Mouseketeer

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on the Dream.
    Do you have something with Mickey and Minnie. I would like it to say
    "Celebrating 25 magical years together".
    Thank you so much for any ideas.
  2. Avatar

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  3. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Mouseketeer

    It would be easier for you if you look in my photobucket. The link is in my signature. All of my DISigns are in my photobucket.
  4. scmo44

    scmo44 Earning My Ears


    I like this one above for the anniversary saying, Celebrating 20 magical years together is great for this.

    Also for the other, i1327.photobucket.com/albums/u664/jbsrh/Disigns/Pirate/bth_piratemickeyandminniemh_zps35069920.png[/url] with Chris on the left ear and Shelly on the right ear since we are on the Dream with the pirate night.

    Also I have tried to make them larger and not been able to figure it out. Thanks! Shelly
  5. dr&momto2boys

    dr&momto2boys Mouseketeer

    Oh my gosh, Barb! Those CD cases are gorgeous! I can't believe you made two whole new designs and so fast! I will use both of them. Thanks so much!!!
  6. Jryn7

    Jryn7 Earning My Ears

    Wow! Looks great! Thank you so much Barbara! You Rock!

    God Bless,

  7. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Mouseketeer

    Here you go...
  8. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Mouseketeer

    You're welcome and I'm glad you like them.
  9. travisx4

    travisx4 Member

    I just realized all my door décor is for a Caribbean cruise and we are going to Alaska this time could you whip up something for us we are leaving Saturday:confused3 our Family name is Travis and it is me Liz my DH Scott and our son Spencer anything Alaskan would be great and if you can't no problem I thought it would be worth asking Thank you..:thumbsup2
  10. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Mouseketeer

    Here are a few to choose from...
  11. manqvu

    manqvu Member


    Thanks again for all your DISigns. You've really added to all our Disney trips

  12. Hummer

    Hummer Earning My Ears

    Thank you again!!!!
  13. rwjx2kahaj

    rwjx2kahaj Earning My Ears


    Your disigns are beautiful.

    Is it possible to get Mickey Heads with characters that aren't in your gallery?
  14. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Mouseketeer

    Sure. Just let me know what you are looking for.
  15. fambamaussie

    fambamaussie Earning My Ears

    Hi Barb,

    Can i please request mickey ears

    - Jieselle with all the disney princess
    - Jake with nemo
    - Roland with donald
    - Fritzie with boo
    - Helen with the fairy godmother
    - Ernie with scrooge mcduck
    - Fritzie with LV and crown
    - Maryann LV aswell
    - Tablizo Family Disney Cruise Bahamas December 2013 with the mickey & minnie in christmas clothes
    - Torres Family Disney. Cruise Bahamas December 2013 (same as above)

    Thanks in advance

  16. scmo44

    scmo44 Earning My Ears

    Hi Barb, I tried to do the link from your photobucket above but would not do it as I have too few posts.
    1. Retro mickey minnie life preserver saying "celebrating 20 magical years"
    2. Pirate mickey minnie - on left ear Chris and right ear Shelly

  17. rwjx2kahaj

    rwjx2kahaj Earning My Ears

    May I have:

    Mickey head Tink green glitter
    Left ear - Macey
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    Mickey head Eeyore with Balloon
    Left ear - Kady
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    Mickey head Sailor Pluto
    Left ear - Rob
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    Mickey head Aurora
    Left ear - Robin
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    Disney Cruise Porthole
    The Johnson Family
    October 26-November 2, 2013
    Disney Fantasy
    Western Caribbean

    Here are the other two Mickey heads that I'd like. I'm including the clip art web address but I can't link to it.

    One with Beauty and the Beast
    Left ear - Halley
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    The second with Pain and Panic
    Left ear - Shane
    Right ear - Fantasy 2013

    Thanks so much!
  18. travisx4

    travisx4 Member

    Thank You...Thank You...:thumbsup2
  19. grubbsjj

    grubbsjj Earning My Ears

    Thank You Barb! The graphics are perfect!
  20. bracefacemom

    bracefacemom Earning My Ears

    Hi Barb,
    We oing on first Disney Cruise Saturday!!Love your work!!
    I would love to get the following:

    Chip & Dale Bon Voyage
    The Buchanan Family
    Disney Fantasy
    August 17 - 24, 2013

    Ariel Porthole
    Name: Maeve
    Fantasy August 2013

    Minnie Mickey Silhouette
    Paul & Julia

    Thanks so much!1:yay:
  21. Barb love the designs. I would love to get the following... sorry its a few as we have a large group

    Oswald 2 mh- Tim in one of the ears
    Mickey Phillies mh- Tim in one of the ears
    pirate stitch mh- tim in one ear

    Can you do one with Mickey playing basketball no specific team- Ryan in an ear
    R2D2mh- Ryan in one ear
    Pirate mickey swinging mh- Ryan in ear

    Tink flowers background mh- Maddie in ear
    Minnie ariel mh- Maddie in ear
    Pirate minnie red- Maddie in ear

    Osward 1 mh-Jeff in ear
    Mickey tie mh- Jeff in ear
    Pirate mickey w swords 2 mh- Jeff in ear

    Castle w snow- Michelle in ear
    Pirate tink mh- Michelle in ear

    Minnie on the beach mh- Denise in ear
    Pirate minnie w swords- Denise in ear

    cocktails 1 mh nothing more than the pictures.

    Thanks so much
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