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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by jockotaco, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I thought I had all of this figured out but I don't want to screw my self or my wife will miss out on Hawaii...Not good.

    As of today we own at VGC. We are planning on banking our June 13 UY points into June 14. Traveling between June 1 2014 and July 31 2015. We will borrow from June 15 UY for this trip. That part is pretty easy...

    Here is where it gets confusing.....So we are looking but undecided about purchasing Aulani points. If we do we will most likely make the purchase around June or July of 13. Assuming we do I would like to use my VGC points for Thanksgiving time next year and would like to use the 11 month window to book This reservation will use all of my June 13 UY points and I will need to borrow a handful from June 14. The VGC trip will only happen if we buy Aulani points (if not the points will be used for Aulani). So my question is this if I use my VGC points to book VGC using my 11 month window (here in a couple weeks) using current UY points and borrowed points and we don't by Aulani thus needing to cancel the VGC reservation (5 months out) will the borrowed points be returned to the original UY? and can the current UY points still be banked into the next years UY? I hope that all makes sense.
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    Points once borrowed or banked always remain borrowed or banked even if you cancel or change a reservation and thus if you borrow for that VGC reservation, the borrowed points cannot be put back into their original use year. The June 2013 points can be banked into June 2014 use year if you cancel that Thanksgiving 2013 trip more than 30 days before arrival -- you can bank up until tghe end of the eighth month of your use year (January 31 for a June use year) but if you cancel a reservation 30 or fewer days out, all points go into a holding account, cannot be banked and can be used to make a reservation only 60 days or fewer before date of arrival.
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    If you are buying the Aulani points direct from Disney, tell your Guide that your purchase is contingent on your points being put where you want them. I bet that it magically happens.

    :earsboy: Bill

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