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    Jun 27, 2005
    I know that during the BSM adventure you are given some Fast Passes. What attractions are these for or does it vary? I believe you get one for WoC, right?
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    Hi NikkiBell,

    You will get 5 FP each day that you are in the parks with ABD. These FP are good for any attractions that has a FP line (in both parks) - excluding WOC. If you ask nicely, the Guides will most likely get the entire group FP to WOC for one of the nights. When I took the tour in October 2010, the guides were able to get us FP to WOC for the first fill day that we were in DL. They also managed to get the group into the perfered "seating" area after our farewell dinner. Of course, this was all optional - but WOC is definately worth seeing at least once.

    Hope this helps

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