Back to back Magic cruises (10/12 & 10/19) part 2, finally

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    Apr 28, 2001
    I am back. Our new daughter decided to scare us to death and spent 5 days in the hospital. She is fine now.

    Day 5, Cozumel:
    We spent the previous night in Cozumel since we didn't make it to Grand Cayman. We could have gotten off, but didn't until the next morning. We had no excursions planned. We did however have plans to go to Cozumel mini golf. We love mini golf and this was an exotic version with palm trees, iguanas and lizards. The place was very nice and well kept. It is owned by Americans. If you walk the main drag to the giant flag pole and then walk inland a couple of blocks, you will find it. They played any music you wanted and had refreshments for sale. We got a couple of very good sangrias when we were finished. They have won best sangria in Cozumel 2 years in a row.
    After golfing, we went shopping. I bought a bracelet at one of the recommended jewelry stores. We made it donw to Los Cinco Soles this time. The store is wonderful. We got a great deal on blankets, 3 for $12. They are really nice. We also bought the Tequila Beach party package which included a nice size bottle of gold tequila, a blanket and a tote bag. After shopping we ate lunch at Pancho's Backyard which is attatched to the store. We had peach, strawberry and mango margaritas. All were very good. We also had salsa & chips and quesadillas. The food was excellent, and that is coming from 2 people that don't like Mexican food, but we had to try it since we were there.
    On our way back to the ship we stopped at Carlos & Charlie's to see what all the fuss was about. We shared a yard margarita. It really looks like a lot more than it was. The atmoshpere was really going, even in the afternoon. A wedding party came in while we were there.
    They had the 80's party on deck tonight since the mexicali party got switched to the night before. The 80's party is usually held in the Rockin' bar d.
    We played Know Your Music? in the promenade lounge with another couple and won a medallion on a ribbon. It was fun.

    Day 6, At Sea:
    This was a nice realxing day. We had planned in advance with other DIS'rs to have a wine party. We each brought a botle of wine to share, and our kind hosts (BeanoC) supplied the appetizers and the cabin. We had a blast!
    This was sem-formal night and of course we had the lobster. It was a nice size tail and very good.
    We saw Greek Wedding tonight, it was very funny. They held it in the Walt Disney theater because they kept messing up the movie schedule in the Navigator after Grand Cayman. A bunch of us complained and this is what they did. The theater was quite full!

    Day 7, Castaway Cay:
    For the first time, we had a beautiful, sunny day. Remember, this was our 4th time there. We just relaxed on the adult beach, had a konk kooler and enjoyed the sun. We ate at the adult beach but there was no lobster. There was grilled salmon, which was good.

    Day 8, Port Canaveral:
    We had to say goodbye to old and new friends this morning as they left for home or wherever and we stayed on to sail away again in the evening.
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    Feb 18, 2000
    Glad your new DD is feeling better. It must be quite a feeling to stay on the ship as all the sad cruisers leave.
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    Feb 15, 2000
    So glad to hear your new daughter is home from the hospital and feeling better.

    I enjoyed reading this and looking forward to reading about your second cruise.

    I would just love to have back to back cruises :)

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