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Back from the Wonder

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by UGAFan0829, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 New Member

    Well guys, we finally made it home, and I've gotten enough rest to come post about our trip.
    I apologize in advance for not posting LIVE from the Wonder, but really didn't think that we had time...so here's my report:
    We left Wednesday night and ended up getting into Canaveral about 12:30 or 1 on Thursday. There were a lot of people who were there at the same time, but things went very smoothly. The weather was very nice, and lots of people had on shorts.
    Once we got on board they told us that our rooms were ready, so went went ahead and found it. They had the DH's birthday decorations all put out, so that was a nice surprise for him. Our luggage wasn't there yet of course since it was so early, but we put our carry-ons there and made a couple of calls to family while standing on our verandah. We went to the sail away party which was nice and had a couple of "Bon Voyages" which very very good! After that we went back to our rooms and got ready for our late dinner. We ate at Tritons the first night which was nice. I was glad that we ate there because it was my husband's birthday. I was a little disappointed that they didn't do anything special for him, even though I made sure and pointed it out to Disney when I made the reservation....Oh well! We had lots of pictures made that night. After that we walked around the ship a little then called it a night.
    The nexy day we were in Nassa, and the weather there was beautiful. The water was absolutely gorgeous. We met up for our shore excursion around 8:15, which was the Dolpin Encounter. I highly recommend this excursion. The DH and I had an awesome time. After the Encounter we went over to the other side of the beah and had lunch and lounged in a hammock until time to get back on the ferry. After we got back to the place where the ferry picked us up, we did a little shopping there on Market St., but didn't go too far. Then we went back to the boat and went to a "Future Cruise presentation". It just told us about the benefits of booking another cruise on-board. Of course they were pushing for the 7-night, so the benefits weren't as good for the 3 and 4 nights. After that we played bingo, which we didn't win anything. Then of course we went back to the room. I had a terrible headache, so we skipped dinner and just went to Pluto's Doghouse and had chicken fingers and burgers. They were getting ready for the Pirate party, which we also skipped, so we picked up some ice cream from Scoops and headed back to the room to turn in.
    On Staurday we arrived at Castaway Cay. It had rained on us a little at breakfast, but it was only a short shower. The water was pretty rough that day so they cancelled a lot of the excursions. We had the Glass Bottom Boat tour reserved, but they cancelled it as well. So we ended up going over to Serenity Bay, which I myself found to be a little boring. SO we headed back over to the family beach and rented an aqua trike. It was fun, but the current was so strong that you had to work hard. After that we rented snorkeling gear, but that was made short after I nearly came in contact with a jelly fish. That was the first one that I'd even seen out in the wild, so I didn't want to see anymore after that. We ate lunch at Cookies, had a couple drinks, did some shopping on the island, mailed some postcards, and then headed back to the boat. The Cruise Director was giving her Disembarkation Presentation at 4:30, so we wanted to make sure and be there for that. After that we shopped a little more in the stores on board and then went to get ready for our last dinner. We had dinner in Parrot Cay, which was nice. The servers all came out at the end and did a "Parade of Nations" which was nice. Our servers were Christian from Chile and Bang Bang from South Africa. They were AWESOME and made the trip worthwhile! After that we went thru the lobby and happened upon the "Til We Meet Again" character celebration. We were able to get pics with all of the characters that we had wanted. And then they had a special goodbye at the end. It was really nice.
    Of course then we had to go back and get all our luggage out of the room by 11. That was a task, but we managed.
    The last morning we ate breakfast in Parrot Cay and disembarked the ship. When we stepped off the wind was terrible and it was raining and COLD!!
    Overall, we had a good time. I was disappointed in some things, but there were others that made up for it. I was sad that at our dinner table for 8, we were the only people there. And I didn't get to meet any fellow DIS'ers. Also, another thing that I noticed is that sometimes the other cruisers can be very unfriendly. We like to talk to others and make new friends, but kind of found it hard to do. I'm sure that wasn't the case with all of the people on board, just the ones that we came in contact with.
    We had thought about booking a 7-night while still on board, but decided against it after meeting with the "Future Cruise Director". She didn't seem over friendly to me, and we weren't sure about being gone for that long. So we're throwing around the possibility of a 4-night.
    I just wanted to let you guys know how our first time was. BTW, I was the only one that I saw with a door sign...oh well...LOL!!
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  3. mudangel77

    mudangel77 New Member

    So there IS a pirate party on the 3 night? That has been the million dollar question lately!! You wouldn't happen to have any navigators to submit would you? Would love to see some current ones.
  4. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 New Member

    Yes, they just started it on our cruise (1/13). I did bring my Personal Navigators home with me, so I would be glad to post a copy if someone can tell me how.
  5. faireygod mother

    faireygod mother DIS Cast Member<br><font color=deeppink>I need som

    First let me say thank you for posting and being honest. I am glad the weather was,for the most part, good for you. My sister loved the Dolph encounter as well. I think it is hard to met people on the shorter ones because everyone wants to pack in as much as they can. The 7 day is not at all like that because people have more time. I am one of those shy people fae to face. I do not understand why because I am a therapist and see new cients all the time. I guess it is when I am out of my element. I hope you and Dh had a wonderful time together and were enough company for each other. Maybe next cruise you could plan a meet ahead of time with the fellow Disers on the "Meet" thread or bring another couple to join you.

    Welcome back
  6. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 New Member

    You're welcome for the post. I'm just sorry that I wasn't able to post on board!
    We were really thinking that we would have went ahead and rebooked a 7 night while on board, we decided that was just too long to be away from home. The worst part is that you can't even call out, so that was a little hard for me. I'm used to talking to my family every day, or at least every other. So that definitely puts me out of my comfort zone. And Lord knows we couldn't afford $6.95 a minute, so I just had to grin and bear it!
    As for the meet, I posted SEVERAL times trying to get people to post back, but there were only a couple who did, and I don't guess everyone was that in to meeting up...oh well, maybe next time.
    I think the main thing that really kept us from enjoying ourselves as much as we could have was the fact that it was our first time cruising and we were VERY OVERWHLEMED, not to mention that we felt very rushed and had hoped that this would have been a relaxing but yet fun vacation. I'm sure that if there is a next time, it will be better!
  7. Beth8266

    Beth8266 New Member

    It was a great trip wasn't it!!?! the weather could not have been better, considering it's Jan!! How about that rockin'a dn rolling coming back into port Sat night!!?? I am still rolling!!

    With 12 of us there really wasn't an opportunity for me to get any alone time to meet others. sorry!! I can't wait to go again some time. We all thought 7 days would be ideal!
  8. CPM

    CPM <font color=blue>Stands up in the Spider-Man ride

    Welcome back!
    I really think any 3 or 4 day cruises are rushed. Not much time to relax, especially if you do not cruise that much. You tend to want to see everything on the ship and off in such a short time.
    We have never done a DCL 7 day and after my 4 day (the cruise before yours) I instantly rebooked a 7 day! I was so tired upon return! LOL
    I had to leave my teenage daughter behind and found the internet was the easiest way to *talk* to her on a daily basis. we set up a couple of times where we would *meet* online. If we missed each other we would just email, no big deal. I felt it was a reasonable way to communicate. There are also phones at Port in Nassau that were reasonabel for long distance if needed.
  9. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    Thanks for posting....sorry you found some others unfriendly!! We were on the 1/6 three night wonder and found the opposite....we met several other families and couples that we kept bumping into all cruise and would stop and chat and share experiences, etc.

    Do try a 4 day.....and even the 7 days....it is never too long to be a DCL cruise!!!

    I could live onboard!!

  10. daisy112878

    daisy112878 New Member


    I'm sorry about your unfriend people on board. We decided to do the 7 night b/c we didn't want to be rushed to see everything. Yall should definitly try another cruise.

    If you want to do a 7 night this year come on ours, Sept 10th-17th. We would love to have some fellow UGA fans with us. My DH is already trying to figure out how to see the game. He's saying we will have to buy unlimited internet usage so he can at least see the score to the game.
  11. mudangel77

    mudangel77 New Member

    Man, I don't know. Can anyone help?? How can the navigators be posted? I would love to see what types of activities & times. It is KILLING me not being able to plan this down to the minute!!!! I wish they would mail your navigators out with your other document!!!!!

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