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augh....might have to downgrade from Poly to ????

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by princessap, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. princessap

    princessap Mouseketeer

    Due to unforseen circumstances, we might have to downgrade our stay from the poly to a moderate :(
    I really don't want to but would rather downgrade then not go at all....was contemplating the POR royal rooms??
    there will be DH, myself, DD5, DD4, and DD 8 months. It is only for three nights and we are doing one day at MK only....what would everyone suggest IF I do have to switch :(
    My DH doesn't want to so we are waiting but with the discounts I am nervous that if I wait nothing will be available....thanks

    UPDATED: we are staying at the poly still!!!!! YAHOO!!!!
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  3. tinacaplan

    tinacaplan Mouseketeer

    You actually might be happiest with CSR. The landscaping is really very lush, they have a fantastic pool (best I've seen other than Storm Along Bay), queen beds, nice, modern room decor and the two times I stayed there excellent bus service.

    We stayed at the Poly last February and the entire time we were walking around he kept saying it reminded him so much of CSR! :rotfl:

    A lot of people find it to the most "deluxe" of the mods; if there is such a thing.
  4. klitteral2009

    klitteral2009 Member

    Oh no! I know you were so excited and I was excited for you to see the Poly and tell me all about it LOL...what happened?
  5. buzznina

    buzznina Mouseketeer

    We stay at PO's and CSR the most and I would go with POR over CSR if you are wanting to do any family activities at the resort other than swimming. Like renting a surrey bike or a searacer boat, carriage ride, Yeehaa Bob puts on a great family friendly show, you also have the boat option to DTD and you can also use POFQ amenities as well. My DD's loved the RGR, they would always play the headboard fireworks a couple of times before falling asleep:)
  6. ExpatDisneyLover

    ExpatDisneyLover Mouseketeer

    I think the Royal Rooms at POR will be great for little girls that age - very princessy - have a great time!:)
  7. haPevraftr

    haPevraftr Mouseketeer

    You will love POR. Yehaa Bob is a blast and the boat to DTD is great. POR at night is very romantic. I would suggest making a reservation for a carriage ride. Your girls will love it!
  8. NewmanFamily6

    NewmanFamily6 Member

    Our favorite moderate is POFQ. Love the New Orleans theming, it is smaller so less walking to get the food court, less bus stops, & kids love the pool. The pool has a dragon or loch ness monster type slide. Any way my boys could have stayed on that thing all day;)
  9. Hooked On The Mouse

    Hooked On The Mouse Mouseketeer

    We've never stayed in them, but the royal rooms at POR look so cute and great for little girls. Downgrading is way better than not going.
  10. Sue M

    Sue M DIS Veteran

    POR is our fav moderate. I go back and forth between POR and Deluxe with no problem. I love the beautiful landscaping and river path in the Mansion section.
    Pretty pool area, lots of shade, I heard they added Hammocks recently.
    I feel POR has a little extra to offer with evening entertainment (Bob Jackson as mentioned), boat to DTD, Horse & carriage rides, and a great food court. I go back for the Make Your Own Pasta bar even when We're not staying here.
    If you decide on a Princess room, I'd request Oak Manor. Enjoy.
  11. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    What about WL? It might cost a bit less than the Polynesian. Or even the Contemporary Resort Wing Room? Check those out. You can still get to the MK easily from both of those resorts.
  12. Mousemommy1

    Mousemommy1 DIS Veteran

    ::yes:: LOVE WL!!!!!!
  13. focusondisney

    focusondisney <img src=http://gfxlovers.com/smilies/imgs/glasses

    Absolutely agree! :thumbsup2 POR is a beautiful resort. The main pool is lots of fun, there are quiet pools all over & you can also use the dragon slide pool at POFQ. And the boat ride to DTD is so pleasant & relaxing. We stay at YC usually but went back to POR in Sept 2010 & loved it! Sorry you have to downgrade, but hope you still have a magical time! :goodvibes
  14. princessap

    princessap Mouseketeer

    I stay home with the kids and work is a little unpredictable for my DH right now so planning in advance....really hoping to stay at the poly but just trying to plan ahead!

    CR has no appeal to us and neither does WL so those two are out......when does everyone think the rooms for the RO discount will sell out??

    I have paid for half the poly reservation so am going to try to pay it off and then hopefully keep it. I am just wanting to make sure we can do everything we want when we get there!
  15. princessap

    princessap Mouseketeer

    Thanks....good to know about POR...the draw for me to that resort is the royal rooms.
  16. Racemom17

    Racemom17 Member

    We stayed at POR before the refurb...in the Alligator Bayou section and I have to say...it is probably one of the prettiest resorts on property...we were right behind a little pond...and it was so peaceful. We also were by the quiet pool and pretty much had the pool to ourselves all the time. We love the convenience of the deluxe-contemp and poly especially but our first choice is POR after that....I still feel like I am on vacation.
  17. closetmickey

    closetmickey Mouseketeer

    You will love POR! I just stayed there last summer with my three DDs (11, 10, 7) for two nights during a split stay where we stayed at the Poly first! We all loved POR....even after coming straight from the Poly. In fact, it was the favorite of my 7 year old! All three of them adored the room, the pool and the daily games there- so fun! I liked the monorail option from the Poly, but honestly, the girls didn't really care. And you can always work in a monorail ride on your MK day, if that is important. Honestly, with your girl's ages, they will LOVE the RR. It was a really special time for us, knowing that the princess magic only lasts for so long. And the POLY will still be there if you ever get back.

    We requested Oak bend (think that's right) and with our garden view were put right in the front of the building on the ground floor. It was great because the girls could play in the courtyard during the day, and I could sit on the benches at night still able to see the door while the girls were sleeping. They are both wonderful, but honestly, I think you will still LOVE POR! Have fun!
  18. princessap

    princessap Mouseketeer

    I am soooo happy to say that we didn't switch our ressie and are still at the poly resort!!
    So pleased I didn't switch as there are no rooms available with the discount anymore for our dates!!
    Cannot wait till Christmas morning and surprise the girls with the news!

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