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    My DD is coming down to audition for a performance role for the 2013 fall CP. She'll take what she gets but is hoping to be a dancer. She's well-trained with lots of experience, so we are optimistic and hopeful! She has some specific questions about the auditions:

    About how long will the audition take? I know it depends on the # attending, but if there are about 300, what should I expect, time-wise (need to make a dinner ADR!)

    What is the process?

    What should she wear? (she's thinking jazz pants/capris and a cami, with hair in a french braid)

    If she makes the cut to the advanced audition, what dance shoes will she need? (jazz, character, ballet? Assuming not tap or pointe.)

    Does she need a resume/head shot?

    Do more people go to this audition for character roles than for dancer, usually?

    ALSO... more general, but if she puts down her 3 role choices as all being in production and then doesn't make the cut, will she have to opportunity to indicate other roles she'd like ( FSFB, recreation, front of parks, merchandising) or will they randomly assign her to a role? She really doesn't want custodial or QSFB.

    Thanks for your help. I know a lot of this is specific to WHO auditions, but it's nice to hear others' experiences.
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    This link to the program blog maybe helpful

    I have never auditioned, but from what I heard the auditions are for character and not really dance. Most dancers in parades/shows are part of the Equity union and these roles are not open to CP. If your DD is in Equity she should discuss this during her phone interview. Just being in entertainment will give her opportunities to network and help her get to that dancer position in the future.

    My understanding is you apply for the program and mark interest in other roles as well. Then you are placed in another role such as attractions, merchandise etc. You can accept that role and then if you are offered performer after your audition they will move you to that role.
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    They are actually only a few of jobs that are equity in WDW. Disney calls dancers "movers" for most of their shows and parades. When you go to a character audition, you will be taught a dance combination, if the casting director sees that you have advanced training they will teach you a new combination. If you get chosen, they will assign you a color code for your dance skills. Depending on your dance skills, you can be cast as a dancer for parades and shows such as Festival of the lion king, main street trolley, high school musical etc. Equity roles are cast separately in a specific casting call. Some shows that require professional dancing with equity roles are Dream Along with Mickey, Beauty and the Beast on stage and The spirit of aloha.
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    Tell her good luck! The audition is a generally relaxed experience; just remind her to smile and have fun.

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