Are we really getting no replacement shows or anything exciting next year?

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by mikneyspackson, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. mikneyspackson

    mikneyspackson Mouseketeer

    Aug 31, 2012
    I'm a Disneyland nut as in I LOVE the main park. I love it for it's beauty, the atmosphere, magic and themeing. I am excited for the Ratatouille ride but I really just overall dislike the studios park for it's lack of atmosphere, theming and that Disney "magic." Basically, I wouldn't plan a trip to go to DLP just for studios... i feel like that needs a MAJOR revamp but that's another story...

    I think the thing that makes the magic and atmosphere in Disneyland is the little random things you get, little drop of pixie dust such as random live entertainment acts and new exciting shows etc.
    Please don't tell me they'll just repaint the casey jr train again and let that be sent down Main Street every hour like for the 20th Anniversary...
    We need something more! OR bring back an old classic!

    WHY IS THE BUDGET SO BAD? WHY DO DISNEY LET THIS GO ON? CAN'T THEY TAKE OVER THE COMPANY? I don't understand really... but the park is painting a bad name for Disney.
    I LOVE IT. I haven't gone and ever had a bad time because I've made the most of it...but then I think it could be SO much more.
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  3. addverbaan

    addverbaan DIS Veteran

    Sep 13, 2012
    You took the words right out of my mouth. I think the park is relying heavily on one off visitors lured by Dreams. This is obviously boosting customer numbers in the short term, but I think for the long term it is only damaging. I think if my first ever visit to Disney was this summer, I would not be returning. No shows about from the standard parade and Dreams, making all the lines for the rides so much longer. When there are various shows throughout the day big and little, it helps to make the lines more managable. As it stands people this year will be paying the summer premium, dealing with massive crowds and as far as I can see do not really get back anything in return that visitors out of season would be getting.
    Summer Fire works
    Stage shows
    Follow the Leader and more - all gone now - just makes me sad. We have already decided to cancel our trip next May and to wait and see what the park does once Dreams stops running - if anything at all - would not surprise me if it was not replaced, no shows came back and they just spent 2014/15 the year of Ratatouille :(
  4. chmurf

    chmurf DIS Veteran

    Nov 30, 2011
    just to be blunt, there is no random live entertainment (or so rare many guests think there are none. TBH they put 3 CMs dressed as pirates with music instruments at the entrance of blue lagoon, yihaaaa ...)

    it runs 4 times a day, when they manage to start it (ok I'm just exagerating ... or not ...)

    I'll try to answer is a quick fashion (forgive the shortcuts)

    On a fiscal level, it is more interesting to be in deficit rather than making profit, because charges are less, and laws are in your favor (employment protection, whatever, I'm using a big shortcut here, but you get the picture, DLP MUST NOT make profit to be profitable to TDWC (the walt disney company)
    DLP owes royalties to TDWC for use of the various licenses ( among other things)
    TDWC also holds DLP's debt, and DLP is plagued by the interests it reimburses. Even if DLp wanted, it could not make profit because of the money it pays to TDWC
    The big boss (P Gas) has no incentive to change things, as he gets paid by TDWC through a special company. So whatever the results, he gets paid (poor old guy had a wage cut last year on his performance premium ... still made in the 6 zeros figure ... I might send him money ... this recession really hits everybody :) )
    If DLP made money, it would be a catastrophe for TDWC, because right now TDWC makes money out of DLP. If DLP was to make profit, TDWC would need to invest, which means spending money on a park that would then fall into deficit again, due to the interests owed for the new credit lines.

    So right now, the only policy is to cut on expenses, thus reducing the shows, and all of those other things that make the Disney atmosphere. And it also means cutting back on maintenance and putting the guests at risk (accidents do happen. In July alone, a gutter gave way on space mountain and a large block of concrete (or resin) fell off a Phantom Manor banister ...
    (and when I say guests are at risk, I mean it. The roofs are supposed to have been inspected and rehabed a few weeks ago, still there was a failure of one of those roofing elements, and the issue has been deemed serious enough so that a large number of those elements, on several rides, had to be "temporarily" secured (which in DLP speech means "until the safety itself fails ...")

    The pricing policy has been a policy of volume. As I already said on another thread, guests here in France can get their tickets for as low as £15.
    DLP is advertising, on TV, several times an hour on almost every channel (imagine how much that costs on a park that says there is no budget for characters, shows, or pixie dust things). They were even distributing flyers in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris at the beginning of the week to try and draw people into the park

    They seem desperate to get people in the park (14th of July, Bastille day, was dead slow ... come on !!!!)

    They only do things so that shareholders do not feel too alarmed (they probably should)

    try to imagine that on Bastille Day, they had a smallish fireworks (smaller than the one of a small village in france) before dreams, no decoration along main street, no celebration, no nothing. The only thing they did was to dress Donald in Blue (duh!!!) Mickey in White and Goofy in red to represent the french flag at the top of DLH's stairs (for 5 minutes)
    they do a thousand time more for St Patrick's day ... and nothing for the host country's national celebration
    If a US DISer reads this, let them imagine a 4th of July at WDW without a special fireworks, a special parade, without flags, marching bands, or special celebration ... that's what it is now like at DLP, and I call that a crying shame.

    This is a desperate situation, there is no money, and no will to make money.

    Maybe does TDWC want the park to file for bankrupcy (just like the city of Detroit did yesterday) and work to transform the debt into shares, and get absolute control over the park.

    Future looks grim. 2013 is the worst year so far, and more and more French guests begin to be very vocal about it (as I am here)
    It's not to deter you from going, or to spoil your fun or your magic. It's just that we're fed up with seeing our park go down like this when it used to be the best Disney park in the world (honest)

    Consider this post (and the other I've made here) as a cry for help. Our park badly needs help

    It's still possible to have a very magical day there, if you manage not to notice, or not to mind all of the minor inconvenience. But at some point, when you're a regular, it becomes worse and worse.

    This situation even changes CMs, you'll realise it next time you ask "where are the ...(insert place here)" and the CM answers "It's written on your map, duh !!!" and walks away ... (true story)
  5. addverbaan

    addverbaan DIS Veteran

    Sep 13, 2012
    such a shame :( I think that will be it for us after October - at least I will be able to save extra pennies for California in 2015.
  6. BabyAriel

    BabyAriel Mouseketeer

    Jun 27, 2011
    I have been feeling this as well to be honest. Still looking forward to our trip (it's an add-on to an already booked holiday) but can't help think the only difference compared with going off-peak will be the crowds. I'm going to miss Fantillusion so much.
  7. cherrymarzipan

    cherrymarzipan DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2010
    We have been regular visitors since 1997 and this is the first year that we will not have visited over the summer season - a direct consequence of the lack of shows. It is not just that we like to watch some shows but that during the peak season the Park needs something to swallow the crowds up. Crowds without shows just didn't appeal. However we have put the saving towards a slightly longer trip at Halloween and in a Golden Forest room so I suppose Disney hasn't really lost out! :rotfl2:

    I can see that a big show like Tarzan with Cirque de Soleil performers must be terrifically expensive to put on but what I don't understand is why we can't have more of the little shows performed by CMs? Following the Leader with Peter Pan has already been written, costumes made etc, how much more expensive is it to put that on a couple of times a day?
  8. Figgygirl

    Figgygirl Mouseketeer

    Sep 16, 2009
    I enjoyed reading your post chmurf. Many of us on the TA DLP/MLV forum feel the same way as you guys about the lack of shows, the loss of the electrical parade, and the sadly downhill direction of a place we love. Yes Dreams is fantastic, and we are looking forward to the new Ratatouille ride opening, but what else?? This is not enough to keep visitors returning to DLP. Where is the Magic?

    After M.Gas promised us 'new surprises' at the Shareholder's Round Table in London, it seems he meant more show closures - Tarzan, Mickeys Treat On The Street, and no show this Christmas in Chapparal Theatre again. All the seasons used to be special, with different experiences, so worth going a few times a year.

    I try not to go on about the good old days, for fear of sounding like a stuck record, but my heart is feeling heavier and heavier. I can't imagine not having a DLP trip booked, (two at the moment) but it is getting harder to feel excited about them without things like shows to look forward to. So very sad.

    It does make long term Veteran DLP fans wonder what in the he** is going on.

    Regards to all,


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