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Are values under-rated?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by blackacex2, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. blackacex2

    blackacex2 New Member

    When I was 12 years old, I stayed at all star music. I remember being completely blown away, and absolutely loved it. Now I'm 27, my wife and I have been to Disney each of the last three years, and we've always stayed at bonnet creek, with the exception of 3 nights we stayed at wilderness lodge. We don't have kids yet.

    We are planning a trip this year to stay 1 night at the swan and 6 nights at the boardwalk or grand floridian. We never even looked at the values. I know the rooms are smaller but I was thinking- for tons less money you still get: A beautiful themed pools, access to extra magic hours, a unique and fun Disney theme, counter-service that is reasonably priced, on-site location, your room cleaned every day (doesn't happen at DVC rentals), and you can request a king size bed which isn't possible at places like old key west.

    Right now I have access to a deal to stay at pop century for $424 for 6 nights. That's $1005 less than a boardwalk inn studio and $1,392 less than the grand floridian for the same time period.

    Is $1,000+ worth it for- 130 more square feet in your room, walking to a restaurant vs driving to one 5-10 minutes away, having access to a hot-tub and pool slide vs easily being able to add the water park option with money saved, avoiding lots of loud families and children vs using saved money to get a spa massage twice and eat at victoria and albert's- twice!

    I am re-thinking our whole trip. We could put $1,000 toward V&A, Spa treatments, behind the scenes tours, a fireworks cruise, or we could both get the deluxe dining plan and eat like kings (even though it's not a great deal).

    All I'm saying is, how bad are the values to where you would give up couples massages, the best restaurant in Disney (or maybe in all florida), and special experiences you would normally never do?

    I'm almost thinking hey- screw the boardwalk, let's squeeze into POP so we can put $1,000 bucks toward doing all the things we would normally say are too expensive.
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  3. addicted2dizney

    addicted2dizney New Member

    I am personally very fortunate to be able to afford luxury resorts, I grew up in the 80's going to the Poly every spring and now I mostly choose the values. It serves the purpose, clean themed rooms and on disney property. I look at it that I can come back more than once a year and stay longer with the values. I did Poly with my DD (now19) a few years back. I couldn't wait to let her experience it. she likes the values better! I like the food court options and usually do my other main dining at other locations. I can use the extra money for other stuff I'd rather do on the trip. Everyone is different but for just two people I'd say it's enough room for you guys. Disney is not known for large rooms at any location. good luck with your decision! :)
  4. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ


    I've done one at each level now, and while I thought I'd end up being a Deluxe girl...ehh not so much. (stayed Beach Club, POFQ, ASMuX2, AoA)

    I actually prefer the moderate level.

    Now if I could get some super deal on a deluxe, I'd totally do it again. I actually have more value stays than anything. But for the best combo of nicer surroundings but a reasonable price it's the moderate level.

    For a price saver I have no problem staying Value. But I'm not a hang around the resort/pool kind of vacation girl so I didn't need a hot tub (though I do occasionally use a hot tub/pool I very rarely have at WDW), a table service resturant, bar/lounge, or seating area.

    So if you plan to do any resort time then you may want a mod/deluxe, but if the resort is just someplace to sleep, grab a burger, or maybe sunbathe/splash to get cooled off, then I think you could do POP with no problem.
  5. Megsie1000

    Megsie1000 New Member

    My Mom was very anti-value but we stayed at the POP last October. She loved it! It was perfect for just two adults. You will never know until you try it. You do lose some of the convenience (especially monorail resorts or boardwalk resorts), but like you said you gain a LOT financially by saving your money and spending it elsewhere.

    Since you two are young and able-bodied I think you would find the values just fine. And since you don't have young kids you don't need to worry about the ease of getting back mid-day for naps or of having enough space for all the baby paraphenalia. I would absolutely try a value.

    And you know what? The bus transportation from POP was the best we've had anywhere. Better than any deluxe or moderate. That was our experience anyway.

    If the values had Queen beds instead of fulls (they would have to be just a smidge larger to make that work), I would be sold. I have no desire to sleep with either my husband or one of my kids in a full-size bed, though. ;)
  6. bookgirl

    bookgirl <font color=darkorchid>I don't eat onions-they squ

    Oh I forgot the little beds.

    I was travling alone on most of the value trips. That is the advantage of the mods/deluxe as well. Queen beds.

    You can request a King room but you may not get it and end up with a double room that has two full sized beds.

    Can you sleep together in a smaller bed or will you be fine splitting up and each having your own?

    Also there are bars at the values it's just that it's usually at the pool and not inside like an actual sit down lounge type bar.
  7. blackacex2

    blackacex2 New Member

    We could save about $400 stayed at art of animation in a suite- that has a queen bed, TWO bathrooms, and a lot more square feet to spread out. It also has a kitchenette.

    Ahhhh boardwalk opulence vs less money for a suite at art of animation. Ahhhh, tough call!
  8. redrosesix

    redrosesix New Member

    ITA with this. We can stay luxury, but there are few places in NA that you are GUARANTEED a clean room for such a low price. The values also have all the amenities that we would actually use -- I know we could get more if we paid more, but we probably wouldn't use them. We only use our room as our bedroom (I don't live in my bedroom at home either) and the rest of the resort is the rest of our home while we're there. We like having no interior corridors since we're happy to escape winter. We spend a lot of time at the water parks so it's nice to have "just a pool". We go every year and take longer trips than most people here I think -- minimum of 10 days.

    WDW also isn't our only trip each year -- it's an addiction but I'm happy we can afford to travel so much. I have to add that not all of our regular stops in other places are 5 star hotels -- we enjoy some quirky little places and most of our other favourite hotels would be called boutique hotels. Great and friendly service, impeccably clean, kid-friendly - that's really our bottom line. :thumbsup2
  9. AliceIn

    AliceIn New Member

    You could stay at the value, and add more days to your vacation. You could then have money to spend to hang out at the Spa at one of the deluxe resort and get couples massage. You can enjoy the restaurants, hang out on the beach to watch fireworks, etc. You can do all of the paid activities there, including boat rentals, etc., you just can't use the pool.

    I'm fortunate in that I can afford any level of hotel, but my family has chosen a value (AoA family suites), over a deluxe depending on the type of trip we had planned. Last year it was value because it was my kids' first visit, and I knew we'd go park commando. This year we are doing Beach Club CL because it's a slightly longer trip, and we can have a more leisurely pace.

    IMO -- ALL of the resorts are wonderful. Each one is perfect for somebody on here. Feel free to love them all :)
  10. addicted2dizney

    addicted2dizney New Member

    did you look into the swan or dolphin? they can have some great rates too. slightly bigger rooms, and near the boardwalk. I've had friends get rates that are close to the value/mod level. :)
  11. Alabama Minnie

    Alabama Minnie New Member

    You could do a split stay 3/3 but I would do the value FIRST and do the bus-only park days then.
    Most trips we stay our first night at a value since we drive down and arrive late and save a little $$ to go towards our food budget.
    Neither DH and I want to stay the whole trip in one though. We really like the Epcot resorts convenience and not having to ride the bus (we really aren't fans of the bus transportation) or drive everywhere.
  12. blackacex2

    blackacex2 New Member

    The swan/dolphin is outrageously priced. Even the AAA rate at the cheapest room in the swan comes to $229 per night when you include tax and the resort fee. Add another $15 a night to park, plus needing to pay to park at the parks $14, it comes to $258 with their very best discount. We are staying at the swan our first night because it's free with a credit card promotion. Otherwise, it's just too close in price to staying at the boardwalk with our travel agent discount.
  13. Alabama Minnie

    Alabama Minnie New Member

    Not sure what your dates are but our last 2 trips I have cancelled our BWI ressie because I got a Swan/Dolphin rate $100 less a night (that included the fees). I would keep checking their rates too, sometimes they go down day to day and they will adjust it.
    We loved BWI but just couldn't justify that much difference when the location/transportation is almost the same.
    Also, you don't have to pay extra to park at the parks when staying there.
  14. Mousemom

    Mousemom New Member

    We have stayed at all the values (except AA), CBR/POFQ, WL/AKL. I love the deluxe resorts for the extra amenities but when we want to save a few dollars we will stay at a Value and have enjoyed our trips just as much. We stayed at Pop last year for the first time and found that it is one of our favorite resorts now. Have you priced the family suites? That would give you more room but maybe a little less money than the Grand Floridian or Boardwalk, plus if you stay at AA you'd be at a new resort and that could be a fun change. We also feel like POFQ is a really lovely resort. Rooms are bigger than a value and the resort is small and quiet with beautiful grounds. They have the boat to Downtown and POR is right next door if you want to visit another resort. POR has boat rentals and a sit down restaurant as well. One thing about WDW is you have so many options that it can be tough to decide what to do.
  15. danceintherain

    danceintherain New Member

    It's all relative. I felt crowded at AKL with just my husband, so I have a feeling the value resorts wouldn't suit us as we grow our family.
    I'm a bit nervous about staying at POFQ with DH, DS, and my sister in April, because it's the smallest room we will have ever stayed in at Disney and with the most people.

    We tend to spend a little extra time in our room though, since DH requires a break every day at Disney. I enjoy having beautiful grounds to wander during those times.

    It probably would be worth trying once.
  16. Mcert01

    Mcert01 New Member

    We can afford Deluxe as well, but have never stayed at a deluxe, or a Moderate for that matter. The secret to having enough money to do deluxe is to spend it wisely.

    We are either in our RV at FW or at the Pop. For us its about value for the money. In our minds, the hotel is just a place to shower, sleep, and maybe take a dip once in a while. The values offer clean, well decorated rooms and include all the amenities we are looking for:

    King sized bed (the kids are now in college, so won't be coming with us next Fall! :thumbsup2)
    Nice Pool
    Transportation (buses and cabs)
    Great Service

    I calculated that the money we will save by staying at POP over staying just at POR will cover the cost of the Dolphins In Depth at Epcot AND a Culinary Adventure in Signature Dining AND attend Party For The Senses at the Food and Wine Festival, and still have savings left over.

    Everyone has to decide what has the most value for them. It's an individual decision. For us, as long as it says Disney when we pull up to the hotel we are confident it will be a good experience, enough so that we can spend money otherwise reserved for the room on more exciting experiences. :cool1:
  17. tennessee

    tennessee New Member

    u can request a king size bed. My hubby and always do and we get it. I love the values. I find the smaller pools at the resort usually dont have many kids.Save the money and do other things. Deluxe is not that great and not for the price. I have stayed at many deluxe hotels and dont put disney deluxe with the ones in chicago and many other places we have been.
  18. deadhedjen

    deadhedjen New Member

    We just did our family trip in August at BWI (Dx rm CL), and just this month a girls only trip at ASSp.

    Previously, we'd only stayed value (ASMo & Pop) for all our trips or off site.

    Gotta tell you...I preferred ASSp over BWI. Even with the CL and everything.

    Just couldn't justify the extra cost. Plus, bus service was much better IMO.

    Here's what was nice about BWI...

    -being so close to Epcot WS you could go there every night just taking a short stroll.

    -access to drinks/snacks/breakfast in the CL.

    -room was WAY bigger (we did have a Dx room though)

    Here's what was nice about staying at ASSp...

    -paid $63.75 or $74.25 per night depending on if it was a weekday/weekend (vs $466-$494 per night at BWI)

    -room was closer to the food court/busses than it was to the busses/boardwalk at BWI

    -bus service was better. No picking up/dropping off at S/D, BC/YC.

    -there's a fridge in the room so we had drinks/snacks anytime we wanted them (packed in checked bags, but can do a grocery delivery with $ saved)

    I know you are considering Pop, and all of he above will still apply.
    Pop also has nicer grounds/theme than the All-Stars IMO.

    I say use the money saved and do signature meals, spa treatments, cab rides if you don't feel like waiting for busses, etc. :thumbsup2
  19. LuvGoofy6

    LuvGoofy6 "This bond between us can't be broken. I will be

    The fact that there are only two of you can go either way. If my husband and I were going without kids then we may spend extra money doing the pampering thing because we aren't spending as much on airfare, food and park tickets for a family of four. The theming is fun at the values but that depends on what theme you are wanting. Are you wanting restful or fun? The Yacht Club theming was very restful and even in December the buses were much better than the time we stayed at the value. While at the value we rarely had a seat as the buses were packed. However, we did like the options of food at the food court when at the value. OP, maybe ask yourself what you want from the vacation. Do you want restful pampering or lots of activity?
  20. CarrieR

    CarrieR New Member

    I do feel like the values are underrated. I have stayed at Pop with:

    my BFF (we were in our 20s) and her parents (late 50s)
    two or three twenty/thirty-something girlfriends
    my BFF, her brother and SIL
    my BFF and two teen cousins (14 & 15,) one of whom was on an air mattress on the floor

    The air mattress makes things a bit crowded. But we are definitely people who only dress and sleep in the room. We do tend to have lunch in the room a few times - stay in the parks from RD until noon or 1, take the bus back to Pop, grab lunch from the food court, go back to our rooms to eat. (Usually someone showers while the rest eat, and we swap out, then nap.)

    This last trip, our feet were soooo sore (ran half-marathon and then toured the parks) and the pool was just fine to stick them in, vs. a hot tub. We stayed once at AKL and couldn't use the hot tubs because of some nasty smokers in them. (Nasty referring to their attitude, when we asked them to stop smoking due to it causing us respiratory problems/asthma flares... and the fact that it was posted no smoking.)

    The only thing I would've changed about that trip was to request a preferred room. We were not moving very well and were in the way back corner of the 80s on the 4th floor. LOL!

    Anyways, crowded busses are a PITA but it happens maybe three-four times during the trip. Four times, x15 minutes a trip, is a single hour of uncomfortableness vs. $$$ savings.

    If I were you, I might do 4 days Pop 2 days BWI... that will give you a taste of both "styles" but still save a good bit of money. Then you will be able to make an informed decision about which is more important to you for your next trip. :)
  21. alecshawn

    alecshawn WDW Fanatic

    The Values are incredibly....underrated. INCREDIBLY.

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