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**April 6, 2013** - Fantasy Eastern Caribbean to San Juan!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by PoeticMoe, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Mommynurseof2

    Mommynurseof2 New Member

    Is there anyway you can email me the Mickey ear image to my personal email? I can't seem to get it to print clear by using the image from the disboard. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...:confused3


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  3. ColoradoMomof5

    ColoradoMomof5 New Member

    We are bringing sand toys.. our boys love the beach! We can't wait to meet everyone! Our kiddos still have no idea! So excited to tell them on Sat morning! See ya'll soon!:)
  4. hoppin62

    hoppin62 New Member

    We are taking some beach toys also. The water at Castaway Cay is not deep, your little ones will still be able to get their feet wet! The water is calm, no waves. :)
  5. OrcaPorkka

    OrcaPorkka New Member

    I doubt we'll have room in our luggage for beach toys, but I will keep it in mind. I can't believe how much packing I still need to do before our flight tomorrow at 1:30!!

    Hope everyone else is having a calmer start to their vacation! :cool1:
  6. hoppin62

    hoppin62 New Member

    We are off tomorrow at 3:00AM! :scared1:

    See you all on the ship! :woohoo:
  7. OrcaPorkka

    OrcaPorkka New Member

    Just wanted to say that we had a great time, and seeing folks we knew (and especially the FE group!) made it even better.

    Thanks to each and every one of you!
  8. mjruane

    mjruane New Member

    What a wonderful week! I am in a serious post-vacation depression right now:(

    Many thanks to everyone for helping to make our cruise even more special! The FE gifts were just awesome!!! We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.
  9. hoppin62

    hoppin62 New Member

    Thank you to all the people who made this cruise so much fun! The kids loved going back to the cabin to find out what was dropped off!
    It was such a sad flight home! :guilty:

  10. Mommynurseof2

    Mommynurseof2 New Member

    Well said! We loved it so much that we've already booked another 7 day for next year's spring break :cool1:

    I'm thinking we were victims of FE thieves though. We only got "mail" on the first 3 days :(

    The gifts we did receive were amazing and thoughtful! The map of the ship with all of the state rooms made delivering the gifts a breeze. The cups, note pads, pens, and dry erase board were all put to good use. The trading pins were so cool! We've never traded pins before, so thanks to you guys, we are now sucked into the frenzy::yes::. There are so many things to be greatful for, I can't begin to mention them all!!!
    Thanks to EVERYONE!!!:hug:

    The Grant Family
  11. hoppin62

    hoppin62 New Member

    Did you get our FE gift? I also did not receive some gifts... and am wondering if there were FE thieves??? :confused3 :confused3 :confused3
  12. mummy lee

    mummy lee New Member

    Thankyou for all our lovely gifts we had a fantastic time and it was so great meeting you all around the ship. Sorry emmamc252 we had your gift returned to us as I didn't have the correct stateroom number and we were unable to trace you with just your first names :-( x
  13. Moose Mom

    Moose Mom New Member

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful FE gifts. Everyone is so creative. We all loved coming home and seeing if there were and surprises. Sorry to hear that that there were some missing gifts. I hope everyone had a great time on the trip. I know we did!:goodvibes
  14. aamsmom

    aamsmom New Member

    A VERY delayed thank you from us as well!! Came home to a sick husband, then caught the bug too :sick: ?!! No way to end a fabulous trip??!!!

    We enjoyed meeting everyone and thank you to those who came to the group meet. Sorry for the confusion and having to change locations ... I called DCL and was told that ALL areas were open to ALL guests during embarkation?!! Oh well, for anyone organizing a future meet on the Fantasy/Dream ... Deck 12 is a FAMILY area!!

    We also enjoyed participating in the FE exchange! I had a blast creating our gifts and hope you all found them to be useful! Even though my daughter is older, she still enjoyed coming back to the room to see what might have been dropped off! We appreciated the creativity and thoughtfulness that was put into the gifts ... thank you!

    Sorry to hear there may have been thieves on board ... hopefully you all received ours? I did take photos of everything and would be happy to share to see if we can piece together what went missing?! Just let me know!

    The next big question is ... who's planning their next cruise already?!!

    Until then, take care! Thanks again! and 'See 'ya real soon'! :wave2:
    ~Lisa and Mallory

  15. MissLiz

    MissLiz New Member

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all finally getting back to normal. I think we finally are.

    Lisa--thanks again for organizing the meet! It was great to put faces to screen names!

    Mummy lee - I just wanted to let you know that my girls loved seeing all of the different outfits that Alice wore. They still talk about how lovely she looked as Rapunzel! You can let her know that she has two super fans here in Georgia! :thumbsup2

    We had a fabulous cruise! I, somehow, got burned at Castaway Cay even though I spent the majority of the day in the shade and used a ton of sunscreen. Oh well, I have a nice souvenir suntan now. Lol

    We don't have another cruise scheduled yet, but we are seriously looking at Alaska for 2015 maybe. I'd love to "reverse compare" the new vs classic ships. It would be interesting.

    Thanks to everyone for helping to get through the waiting time! It was fun!
  16. sahchristensen

    sahchristensen New Member

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful gifts. Abby and I liked coming back to the room to find surprises each day. We had a wonderful cruise and can't wait until our next one. We will go to Disney Resort at Vero Beach in July. Love that resort and have met some great friends there. Great resort for the kids and adults with lots to do!
  17. HillBre11

    HillBre11 New Member

    This is also a very delayed "thank you" just trying to get back into the swing and just now am able to get on my personal Pc to write everyone. We enjoyed meeting everyone and also the great gifts, the girls really liked seeing each day what they got. Thanks again for everything. We have already booked our next cruise to Alaska in 2014 so if anyone is going let us know. Can't wait to see the differences in the ships. We are also looking at a four night on the dream again but not set in stone could change but great to hear about Vero Beach, we thought about going there before the cruise for three or four days and then ending the trip with the cruise. We will see if it works out. Thanks again everyone and can't wait to see everyone again on future cruises. :)
  18. HillBre11

    HillBre11 New Member

    Lisa if you could I would like to see what was missing because I only received 9 rooms gifts so I would be curious what was taken and find out when since we checked a lot due to earlier FE I had heard of kids taking things out while passing through the halls. Thanks. Hillary
  19. jmb910

    jmb910 Obsessed with anything Disney!

    Hello to everyone! Thank you to everyone also for all of the wonderful gifts! My daughters love their night lights!

    We only got 8 staterooms in our FE and we were on a busy hallway, so it is very likely we were the target of thieves :(.

    It was nice to meet all of you!
  20. disneywwjrb

    disneywwjrb New Member

    Oh, how I miss that ship!! We also enjoyed the FE experience and I have teenaged boys!! They are big pin traders so the pins were a hit! We fight over the ink pens and someone's Fantasy cup is always on the couner. The lipglosses and nail polish made their appearance in our onboard pictures. This week my daughter has been filling in the daily journal that was given for a daily school assignment. We pulled out pictures and have had a wonderful time reliving each day on board. We had forgotten the variety of the nightly bread service and how Gavin, our waiter, cut up the "little princesses" food each night. This was the best vacation we've ever had and our family was blessed to share it with you. Thank you for your part in making our week so magical.

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