Applying for Second DCP! (Questions)

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by Disneyobsession138, Nov 6, 2012.

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    May 1, 2005
    Hi everyone,

    So I did my first program during Fall 2011. It was an amazing experience, but I had to leave early (I was NOT terminated) because I had a series of unfortunate but serious illnesses that caused me to call in multiple times. It was just extremely bad luck and I was so sad to have to leave, but my family, my managers, and I decided that I should focus on getting and staying well and then hopefully come back at a later date. My managers had told me I would have a rehire status, but did not tell me if there was a restriction....and we left on relatively good terms.

    Does anyone know if the fact that in my last program, during the periods of my serious illnesses, the fact that I inevitably had multiple points and one reprimand on my record card hurt my chances of getting rehired as well? Do those points/reprimand carry over into my new program if I were to be re-accepted??? Do I have to apply in a different manner than before, or is it the same application process??

    Also, does anyone know that since I am starting a graduate program in hospitality management and hotel lodging operations, is there a greater chance I will be placed in a hospitality role? Is it dumb to do a CP as a grad, haha?

    Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate any insight/experience sharing and answers to my questions! :smickey:
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    Sorry that you got sick! I hope you are doing better now. Disney will ask why you left and you will have to explain. Any self-term does not help your chances to get accepted- you'll just have to prove why you should be able to go back to Disney!

    Personally, I would suggest doing a PI, but it's up to you. Disney fills their roles based on what they need and based on your experience. A background job in hospitality could help! Or you could apply for just that job if working somewhere else doesn't interest you as it wouldn't help you with your career goals.

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