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anyone thought of becoming a Disney Travel Agent

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Lees3rwe, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Lees3rwe

    Lees3rwe New Member

    Part time to make extra money, get Disney perks, and satisfy that Disney itch between trips?

    I already work full time, go to school part time, but have considered this. I am already helping friends plan their trips for free... why not get comped for it?

    Any feedback out there?
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  3. LuvLuvLuv

    LuvLuvLuv New Member

    i think about it everyday... i would love it!! i plan and give advice to others too!!

    i just have no clue about how to even go about doing it... and everytime i sit down to research, something comes up! subbing to this thread!
  4. Moodyzblu

    Moodyzblu New Member

    Yes! I'm actually taking Disney College of Knowledge lessons now. :goodvibes

    It's a lot of fun and I can't get over how much I've learned so far. (and I thought I knew everything !) :thumbsup2
  5. LMCT88

    LMCT88 New Member

    I wonder how you go about it as well too, if anyone one knows I would be interested, I am constantly giving information to people about Disney. :)
  6. Lees3rwe

    Lees3rwe New Member

    Michelle- do they have a required amount of hours or anything?
    I am thinking of going through Mickey Travels.
    I have a friend in another town that is a rep for them, but I haven't asked her any questions yet because I don't want her to get mad. :scared1:
  7. Moodyzblu

    Moodyzblu New Member

    I'm not actually going to work for Disney but an affiliated travel agency who is an authorized Disney vacation planner.
  8. Pooh Girl 71

    Pooh Girl 71 <font color=red>Good looking, half naked men and c

    I actually do this on a part time basis. I have a full time job and am working on my Ph.D. I enjoy doing it but I don't earn enough to get my own IATA or CLIA number so no awesome discounts for me. The extra money I make goes back t o my Disney habit though lol
  9. Lees3rwe

    Lees3rwe New Member

    This would be through a partner company, not Disney, and I have no desire to do it full time or leave my job... just make enough to pay for a value trip per year! :cool1:
  10. lpizzuro123

    lpizzuro123 New Member

    Wow that sounds great. How did you go about getting into this.

  11. labdogs42

    labdogs42 <font color=darkorchid>I managed to wrestle a play

    How does one take these classes? Sounds cool, even if I'm not going to be a Disney TA!! (although, I'd love to do that, too!)
  12. Tweevil

    Tweevil Twin Evils....

    I am interested too! Any little bit helps my disney slush fund. :cool1:
  13. Moodyzblu

    Moodyzblu New Member

    Someone I met through another Disney forum got me into it. She has an online TA.

    You can only take the classes using a travel agents CLIA numbers (as far as I know) You have to be a TA in training.

    Like others have said ... it's not really a full time thing .. I would just like to make enough to put into my Disney trip fund. :thumbsup2
  14. bearloch

    bearloch New Member

    soooo how would one go about this take a ta class?? it does sound fun!!
  15. Wendy*Darling

    Wendy*Darling New Member

    Google "become a Disney Travel Agent" or something like that. A lot of specialist agencies have a "join our team" page with applications. I would apply at more than one and compare what they offer you. :)
  16. Dizfan4life

    Dizfan4life New Member

    I should check into that :rotfl2:! Every other month I have friends facebook me asking me to help them with decisions regarding their Disney vacation! In fact, my cousin just called me last night to have me help her and she told me I should be a travel agent for Disney! I checked into it a while back and one stipulation was that you had to stay at various resorts and at that time I was one short from their requirements! I would SOOO love to do this!!! :thumbsup2
  17. cricketgirl

    cricketgirl I've waited my whole life for this!

    I should seriously look into this. Everyone I know tells me it is what I was meant to do. Right now I do it for free for all my frineds going. Maybe getting paid for it would be nice.
  18. jodiey

    jodiey New Member

    Oh my this is right up my ally, I think about it all the time. I would love to quit my job and be a Disney TA full time, but I just know that's not possible right now, but part time would be great! Can't wait to hear if someone has advice on this :)
  19. Pooh Girl 71

    Pooh Girl 71 <font color=red>Good looking, half naked men and c

    I hate to sound jaded. I thought the same thing before I got into it. There are lots of people who will ask you for advice and then go book it themselves. Even friends.
  20. Heva2015

    Heva2015 New Member

    Oh yes...people want the quick answer, they don't want to pay you for the advice or they would talk to those who are currently agents.
  21. Dizfan4life

    Dizfan4life New Member

    Yup.... well aware of that.

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