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Anyone made it through (or not made it through) ROFR recently? - Section V

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mac_tlc, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. chasshan

    chasshan calgirl6

    I'm still new to all of this, but couldn't you just call and ask to be taken off the wait list until you hear back about ROFR? Then if it doesn't work out just get back on the wait list with DVC? Would that then put you at the bottom of a long list? It seems like you could eventually get some points through resale, eventually, and most likely at a savings.
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  3. nunzia

    nunzia You can't top pigs with pigs, but you CAN top Toys

    Well, I could, but it's taken me almost a year to be at the top of this waitlist for my use year points at VGC. Since the VGC is so small, contracts are very difficult to get direct. Certain use years seem to come available rarely and it looks like mine is one of them. If I cancel I will be sent to the bottom of a very long list and then if the points get ROFR I will end up with nothing and have to begin my waitlist process at the end of the pack. Resale points are also hard to come by and this is the first one I've seen in my use year as long as I've been looking.
  4. quandrea

    quandrea Mouseketeer

    Couple of years ago we paid $62 a point for a 200 pt contract at SSR. Thought it was a good deal. Now I see them passing at $45. Can we really pick up a contract at $45 per point. May be time to add on....
  5. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    At $50 or less, it may be difficult to find an agreeable seller. Not impossible if you have time & are very patient, and willing to take lots of rejection.

    Easier to get seems, like something in the $50-60 range, depending on specific contract. GL

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  6. lovin'fl

    lovin'fl Mouseketeer

    I'd say you might be able to get a resale for $48-58 range...the smaller the contract the higher the cost.
  7. chateau

    chateau Mouseketeer

    I hear ya!!:hyper:
  8. rojen

    rojen Member

    Seems that all the SSR contracts going for sub $50 are stripped. If you're going on vacation this year and you need to pay ~$10-12 per point to rent, the $45pp SSR don't look as good.
  9. quandrea

    quandrea Mouseketeer

    Stripped wouldn't be bad. We're thinking of future use. What are people's thoughts on stripped contracts?
  10. DannysMom

    DannysMom Mouseketeer

    If a stripped contract suits your needs, and you can get the seller to accept a suitably low price, as a stripped contract will be worth less than a loaded one, then go for it. I think, there would generally be less competition for a stripped contract. A highly desirable loaded contract can be snapped up within hours of being listed.

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  11. lovin'fl

    lovin'fl Mouseketeer

    We aren't fond of stripped contracts but that's because we are always in need of points (we have family that uses our points). But if you don't need points now then stripped is good as it can save you money if you get a good deal. You have to figure that points are worth about $10/point...so my 100 point AKV contract we are in ROFR on, it has 61 2012 points and 100 2013 points. That is $1600 and we are paying $66/point...so if you find 100 AKV points with no points until 2014...then maybe you could get it for in the $50s/point (not as low as $50, but maybe $56).
  12. rojen

    rojen Member

    Even if you're only looking for future use, a stripped makes no sense to me. You can get a stripped contract for $45, or a contract with all 2012+2013 points for $55-60. Since the rental market is currently strong, rent the 2012 and 2013 points, and you'll come out way ahead. Even at $10 per point rental, you're getting $20 off the initial per point cost. You're probably gonna be paying MF for those years anyways. A stripped SSR would need to be below $40 before I'd consider it.

    Not everyone wants to rent though. But I think the risk/difficulty of it is way overblown.
  13. Sur

    Sur Love the Dis

    it depends on size too... an itty bitty contract is hard to rent the points (with very much to offer). Stripped may be the way to go to add on, when the points aren't needed immediately. Also, stripped can be of varying degrees.
  14. ELMC

    ELMC Mouseketeer

    I see your point, but your example is not a good one. A stripped contract for $45 a point is the same thing as a $60 contract with 2012-2013 points. For a loaded contract, you will most likely pay maintenance fees for 2013 whereas in the stripped contract you won't. If priced accordingly, a stripped contract does have benefits for certain people, including those with no immediate plans for vacation, those with limited cash flow and those who are truly averse to renting out their extra points.
  15. rojen

    rojen Member

    Is there someplace to see what contracts are going for besides this thread? Don't see many prices for stripped contracts to know what they're actually going for. Some of the sub $50 contracts are crazy good deals. Probably outliers and lucky buyers though. Plus they're all 300+ point contracts. Even for people with a lot of money, that's a scary amount to put out up front.

    Seems that waiting two years and hoping the price comes down might be better in the long run than buying stripped. But no guarantees.
  16. quandrea

    quandrea Mouseketeer

    Why wait two years? I assume that is when a stripped contact becomes active.
  17. Lizard Valley

    Lizard Valley Member

    I'm one of those lucky outliers, and got my 100 pt Aug SSR for 45$pp 3 months ago. It was advertised as having all 2012 and forward points. I was looking for loaded for 55$pp, so adjusted my price down by $10pp to account for the fact that it didn't have 2011 points. I probably could have gone lower but I thought I was pushing it for a 100pt contract. Then I got extra lucky, and all 100 2011 points were included too.

    I didn't use one of the 4 big resale companies on this one...just one of my inquiries on various other sites actually panned out. I had been making offers and getting rejected for a month by then. I learned A LOT, and also learned what I was willing to compromise on.
  18. puffkin

    puffkin DVC Owner- SSR & AKV

    I am in ROFR now on a 115 pt Feb SSR contract at $48 point so it's possible :-)

    No 2013 points but we didn't need them and didn't want the hassle of going through renting a smaller amount of points. We also didn't want to pay 2013 dues so it worked for us.
  19. Scotch

    Scotch Mouseketeer

    For those looking at smaller contracts who are searching for these seemingly low $ pp that some folks are getting, don't forget to keep in mind that when you are looking at smaller contracts, the actual cost pp goes up when you take into consideration the closing costs. So closing costs of ~$650 (if you use Fidelity with the $195 admin fee), for example, would add $6.50 pp on a 100 pts contract but $3.25 pp on a 200 pts contract.
  20. moreisgood

    moreisgood Falling in love

    I'm not sure I see the prices going down in the foreseeable future. Disney seems to keep increasing the price of points for new projects (can't imagine what Grand Floridian will be!), and I think that will keep up the prices of older sites' points. If I look at the charts on this board, the resale prices are close to the original prices for most projects. If you buy new, your points will likely loose value on the resale market. But, if you buy resale initially, I think it's likely that your points will hold their resale value for quite a while. Once we get closer to the expiration of those points, the value will decline.

    Am I missing something in my reasoning?
  21. DougEMG

    DougEMG Mouseketeer

    I'm kind of thinking the same thing. As long as there is higher demand of DVC then supply,increasing direct prices should also drag resale prices up higher.

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