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Anyone forming a group for the NWM Half Marathon in DC?

Discussion in 'Events/Competition' started by Rupert B Puppenstein, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Mouseketeer

    I know that there is an advantage to doing this for the NWM in San Francisco, so I am not sure what advantage there may be for this race, Is it just that if one person gets in everyone does? Anyone have any ideas about what amount of people you should have a goal for signing up within your group?
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  3. MelindaRuns

    MelindaRuns Member

    There is a group on FB made up of all sorts of folks, a lot of them being avid Disney runners. Its called Endurance Sports Connection. Go "like" their page, and they have info on NWM DC team.
  4. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Mouseketeer

    Thanks! :) I am already laughing at some of the comments! :lmao:
  5. longhorns2

    longhorns2 Mouseketeer

    Check the Princess thread- someone recently posted about this!
  6. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Mouseketeer

    I am going to go with the first group I think. It appears to be much larger and even though they seem to hint that groups should only be comprised of family and close friends, might as well go for it. The odds are the same either way I think. San Francisco seems to work so differently. Here is a link to the group on Facebook if anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/endurnacesportsconnection/
  7. bskelly07

    bskelly07 Member

    Yes, if one person in the group gets picked, then you all get admission into the race. From there, it is completely independent. The group that I'm trying to get to sign up with me, we already have 5 and I've got about 5 others who are on the fence. It'd be great if you signed up with us!! Haha, but I won't push you either way you choose. But we here at dis boards are nicer and not random creeps on facebook ;). If you are interested, I can give you my e-mail (it's also in the princess half thread) and send you the info. Thanks! And best of luck with your decision :)
  8. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty Mouseketeer

    I have been looking for a group for this so I will have to check out facebook... unless they're creepy, then I will not join
  9. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Mouseketeer

    They are far from creepy. They are a nice and active group. Plus, a lot of them run a lot of races, so it makes me seem a little less excessive for running all the ones I do. :cool1:
  10. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty Mouseketeer

    I just realized how mean I sounded, sorry! I will check them out, I'm looking to expand races outside of disney
  11. Rupert B Puppenstein

    Rupert B Puppenstein Mouseketeer

    Definitely didn't take you are sounding mean. Just forgot the emoticon. :) I highly recommend trying races outside of Disney. There are so many great ones out there! Disney may have some of the best medals, but I have managed to find a few that I like more!

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