Any TDC CM? Help please...

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  1. vovo2013

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Hello, I just got hired by The Disney Store in my hometown and I need some advise.

    I am hearing that management is very bad and that they give PT only 2 or 4 hrs a day. I can work sat and sun because I don't have anything to do. Also the famous on call for work thing! Any advise???

    I am on call with the children hospital volunteering department as well. I really hope this does not conflict with work.

    I am a college student who needs to pay for bills and school. I was wondering if I need to get another job while working for The Disney Store? They are going to be paying me very good compare to the parks hours!

    I never asked about the benefits of working with Disney because I do not care. I am there to created more magical moments for the guest who enter the establishment. pixiedust:

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