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Any problems renting dvc pts?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by cavesrus, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. cavesrus

    cavesrus Member

    Using David's or tts anyone have any problems renting pts? Ever?
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  3. jp02

    jp02 Member

    I just returned from a trip where I rented from David's. I had NO issues at all and would definitely recommend him!
  4. lsenquiz

    lsenquiz Active Member

    We have been renting for the last 8 years from individuals and have never had a single problem. We have rented from 5 different individuals during that time.

    Having said that I should also say we have never had to change or cancel any of our trips at the last minute.
  5. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds Active Member

    I am about to rent for the first time (booked and paid in full 4 months ago), from an individual...who didn't have a high point count or rent out that often. That being said, she has been wonderful and I have 0 concerns. When we were figuring out how to minimize paypal fees (she is in Canada), I felt badly that she was getting 'hit' with the fees so I even gave her a $50 GC to Amazon to offset some of the fees...not requested or expected, I was just grateful and appreciative.

    Go for it, it is no more riskier than renting a condo from vrbo dot com.
  6. cavesrus

    cavesrus Member

    Yea I thought that would be the issue just wanted to double check! Haven't seen the question before I'm sure it has been asked a lot tough.

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