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    I have a moderately autistic 22 year old son who loves DisneyWorld, but after 20+ times, I would love suggestions for other places to go, in addition to our annual WDW trip. I have a brother who lives in Nashville, and a niece who lives near DC, any places there autistic kids might like to see? Just looking, thanks.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    Have you tried a water park? Our younger dd has ASD, and has always loved Water Country USA. This year she decided she wanted to stick with Hubba Hubba Highway. So we did for hours!! Thank goodness our older dd is old enough to go off on her own! Busch Gardens, with the emphasis on animals is also good, but it can be a hot park, with lots of steep hills, so be forewarned.
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    Feb 4, 2001
    Have you talked to him to see where he might like to go? Can he tell you?

    We went to New York and Nashville this last summer but it was to visit family. The fun things we did were the Nashville Zoo and a wine tour. The Nashville Zoo was not worth the money. I love zoos which is why I wanted to go. This zoo is HUGE. A ton of walking but not very many animals. I was disappointed. We went to lunch at Bully Hills Winery in upstate New York. They offer a wine tour and DS was fascinated with it. He was one of the only ones actually asking questions on the tour. We did have some issues when we came home and DS is fairly high functioning. We regressed in some areas but are back to where we need to be. Disney is comfortable for him so we are sticking to that for now.

    DS does want to do some caverns. He has always been interested in caves and rocks though. I think DC would be too much for him unless he can handle the crowds. As much as I would love to go, I am not sure my DS could handle it. He is only 14 though. What are you DS's interests? That might help you find some other destinations.
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    My son is not autistic but he is on the spectrum. ADD. He is now considered a low functioning adult, he is 24 now. Some of his favorite places are: The cape. The lakes region here in NH or lake george in NY. Acadia national park. Going into Boston to all the museums. The duck boat tours. He also loves history. Bus and trolly tours and such. Arboritums. The freedom trail. Absolutley loves the mansions in Newport, RI. Another favorite is Acadia National Park. He loves to fish, has the patience of Job even if it is not evident in everything else. Rent a trailer and go to an RV park. If given the choice though he will always go to Disney. We are going in May and he cannot wait he is so exited. It kills him that very often he cannot tell his sister about vacation plans ahead of time. DD is also cognitvley imared and will get obsesive so we wait until about a couple of weeks or up to a month of said trip. DS though like to help plan them and will often also inform us of what he thinks she will like. He like to research the places we are going to see what there is to do. For disney he looks to see what is new or has changed and wil let us know what resteraunts he might like to try. We do need to limit him also pr he can go overboard sometimes.

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