Any dreams unlimited ta's here-help needed

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  1. lisam427

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    Nov 24, 2008
    if there are any travel agents from this area of the boards with dreams unlimited. i have booked an accessible room but am having some issues regarding this need and need some help with my reservation. if you can pm me please i would appreciate it. i have no problem authorizing an agent to take over my current reservation. thank you.
  2. disneymarie

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    Aug 31, 2007
    I had issues with the reservations I had made through Disney and a TA for the accessable room. 9:30 at night. Not enough beds for the disabled adult person to have their own. Finally were able to have it straightened out. First they wanted an additional $1,000+ for a second room to attach the accessable room at a value. I could not even use my AP for a better rate.

    I almost can predict the same issue with the next trip too. Oh, and I did make 5 calls to make sure the rooms fit all, and were accessable.
    Not sure what you problem with booking is, but after three trips I can never have it right at check in even with a DIS board TA making ressies.

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