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ALOHA! The Polynesian Resort Information Thread: September 2012

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by guitarob, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Kac923

    Kac923 New Member

    As of 12/31 (and I have the pdf saved from my travel agent showing this) the TA site said Poly volcano pool would be closed 2/18-3/1 so if it gives dif dates now than it was changed recently. I realize that most people feel tikiman is more accurate but I'm just pointing out that something must've prompted the change in dates on the TA site so it does make me wonder whose info is correct. As for the GF, the beach pool and new splash area will still be open and has a waterslide and poolside bar so that's still a good alternative to poly's quiet pool.
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  3. MikeRx

    MikeRx New Member

    It all depends on timing:

    1. The resort Monorail goes to the Contemporary and TTC before the Poly, but you can get off at the TTC and walk the short path back. 10-15min is shortest if no line at station. The monorails run every 5-10 minutes during busty times.

    2. The ferry boat drops off at the head of the path to the Poly at the TTC so it is very easy as well. Likely 15-20 min without the wait for the boat to arrive and load.

    3. The boat launch from MK goes to the GF first and it a smaller, slow boat with limited capacity, 20-30 min with the stop at the GF with no wait for the boat at the MK.

    We took the boat launch in July and were faced with a slow boat, mosquitoes and a stop at the GF. We elected to get off at the GF and make the 10-15min stroll to the Poly. Other times the mosquitoes may not be an issue, but it looks like you will be there in the Summer too.

    If the monorail line is short use it, it has the shortest wait between trains and gives you two good stops (TTC & Poly). The Ferry, if you can see it coming in and judge the crowd waiting is the next best option. The ferry swallows crowds! The boat launch, if waiting or coming in with a short line, can be an option, but has more limitations (see above). If time is not an issue, being on the lagoon in a small boat with the lights of the resorts in front of you is very relaxing! Both the ferry and monorail are better choices with a stroller or ECV. No ECVs on the boat launch and strollers must be folded and held.

    All in all it is these three options are far better than waiting for a crowded bus, long waits to leave the bus area and parking lot after a magical day in the park. The bus can be a magic killer for these reasons. The easy transportation is one of the many reasons we love the Poly!

    Mike :wizard: DW princess: DS (4 ½ ) pirate: DMIL princess:

    First visit 1976, WDW 2/2010 BC CL, Disneyland GC 12/2010, WDW 4/2012 POLY TPV, WDW 7/2012 (off site meeting), WDW 12/12 POP and 4/2013 POLY with Disney Dream cruise!
  4. Hbelton07

    Hbelton07 Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

    I am not staying at the Poly (not my choice :sad2:) but we have a few ADRs there...so

    Question...Is it a big no-no for us to swim in the pool before/after our dinner reservations? I know pool hopping isn't really allowed, but is this really pool hopping if I am a paying customer at the resort...for the food...LOL..I know it's a bit of a stretch, but would it be okay? Wouldn't want to get the stink eye from anybody :scared:
  5. HeatherLassell

    HeatherLassell Queen of the PTR

    Big NO NO! You must be a resort guest not just eating there otherwise the pool would be FULL!
  6. ThreeLittleLadies

    ThreeLittleLadies New Member

    We have our second ever trip booked in April. It will be our first stay at the Poly! We are all super excited!

    Here are my questions-
    1- I booked our trip with the latest discount released in early January. I, of course, received a pin code in the mail the next week. If I call can they switch my reservation to the pin code discount if it's a better deal than the current offer?

    2- What's the best way to get the LH that we want? We didn't make a specific request on our last trip because we didn't really care, but I definitely have a LH and level in mind. I used online check in last time, and from what I've read on here that is not the best way to get the room you want. Is that correct? Do I call ahead of time and request a specific LH? When and where do I check in? I'm so confused!

  7. Megsie1000

    Megsie1000 New Member

    Hey I have a question for you Poly experts.

    My Mom just got back recently from a trip to Hawaii. She has also decided last minute to join us on our trip to the Poly. :cool1:

    She said while in Hawaii she did a tour of this abandoned resort and she said the tour guides told her that this resort was the "inspiration" for Disney's Polynesian Resort. Looking at the pictures it does look familiar. Is this a known thing or was her tour guide making stuff up? I can't find anything on the internet about it.

    Here is the abandoned resort in Hawaii:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coco_Palms_Resort

    We leave a week from today!!!

    ETA: Sorry edited to put in a different link. Not sure what was up with the name of that blog I first linked. UGH.
  8. Janny

    Janny New Member

    Is there a way to walk to The Grand Floridian from the Poly with a wheelchair?
    How Long A Stroll?
  9. Hbelton07

    Hbelton07 Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

    Sigh...I figured, just hoping maybe there was a rule exception I didn't know about. Thanks though! I know some people get really annoyed with pool hopping topic. I never really had to worry about it, now my boys are getting bigger and can swim so I guess I have to add fun pools to my list next trip. ;)
  10. GeorgiaHoo

    GeorgiaHoo New Member

    Wouldn't bother me if you did it but there will be a bunch of people on here that will act like doing so is a felony.
  11. tsme

    tsme New Member

    It would be a big NO-NO. And the last time we were staying at the Poly they were checking for room keys & putting bands on those who were guests & asking those who were not to leave. So not a good idea.
  12. princessap

    princessap New Member

    I wish there was a way to know for sure when the pool will be closed...so frusturating as it will change our plans :(
  13. GeorgiaHoo

    GeorgiaHoo New Member

    When we were there last time (Feb. 2011) they weren't doing any such thing. We were never asked for any proof that we were staying there. Of course, you run the risk that IF they are checking you'll be asked to leave the pool, but it isn't like they are going to round you up and shoot you. I've heard that they check when it is particularly crowded.
  14. GeorgiaHoo

    GeorgiaHoo New Member

    Agreed. We have reservations first week of March and I'm contemplating switching to the Beach Club. We'll spend at least one day at the resort/pool and probably a few evenings as well. Has anyone called Disney or the resort itself to ask?
  15. princessap

    princessap New Member

    I know how you feel....our arrival day we arrive really early and that whole day was going to be resort day :(
    I am going to call Poly directly and will let you know
  16. princessap

    princessap New Member

    Just called the polynesian resort directly and she said the pool slide will be closed March 4-15 but the pool itself will remain open....a bit disappointing...she also said guests won't be allowed to use other resort pools as the pool itself will be open.
  17. GeorgiaHoo

    GeorgiaHoo New Member

    Well, that sucks. Thanks for calling though. Have to determine if we want to switch or not -- full pool will be open first few days we are there we planned on March 4 for resort/pool day and that will be the first day the slide is closed.
  18. TaraPA

    TaraPA <font color=navy>I will think of that animatronic

    I had never heard this but the pic does resemble a Poly longhouse! You should ask Tikiman on his site - if there's any truth to it, he will know!
  19. DznyCrzy11

    DznyCrzy11 "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference wh

    I bet it was!!! It does look a lot like the Poly! I had always heard Walt Disney wanted a Polynesian inspired resort after him and his wife had visited Hawaii and fell in love with it, obviously it was built after he passed away. Interesting though!

    Sent from my Galaxy S II
  20. princessap

    princessap New Member

    No problem...we arrive March 4th :(
    However, I am trying to think positive and I am not even sure my girls would use the slide without one of us going down with them so maybe it won't be that bad....I want to be on the monorail and no other resort is available for discounts like I got with Poly.
    Tikiman says February 18-28 so fingers crossed he is right~

    Looks like we will be there the same time!!! it is our first onsite stay and I am excited about that part of it...sometimes I wish I didnt find this site and overthink and overplan my trips...LOL
  21. Tess

    Tess <font color=deeppink>DIS Vet - 1997<br><font color

    With regard to the bolded, you would not be permitted to go down the slide with them if they were hesitant. You could go before or after them, but not with them--only one person on the slide at a time. :thumbsup2
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