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Alexandria VA information help....

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by ge0rgette2, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

    We are staying 2 nights at the Gaylord National, Potomac River over the holidays. As I was told there aren't that, if at all, good restaurants around the Gaylord to rave about. I also hard the Gaylord restaurants are very pricey and not worth it.

    I'd love to go to Alexandria, Old Town, to dine... or grab something and come back to our room to eat... We don't mind doing that, we are an easy going family...

    I was thinking of bringing some cereal, poptarts, etc to save on cost of breakfast along with a bag of snacks... make coffee in our room, or buy a cup at the Gaylord.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to eat in Old Town, etc....

    I'd love the suggestions... I was told that Alexandria is about a 10 mile drive away into VA from the Gaylord.
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  3. kylmac

    kylmac New Member

    My husband is from Alexandria and we love going in on the weekends to eat! We love Mexican (South Austin Grill), Spanish Tapas (La Tasca), and fun Irish (Murphy's). There are so many restaurants to choose from so you will not go hungry. Have fun at the Gaylord-I think there is a Shrek ice exhibit going on right now-not sure.
  4. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

    Yes, that's why we are going .. seeing the ICE show.
  5. wdwmom2

    wdwmom2 <font color=teal>It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorr

  6. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member


    Ill have a 9 to in tow. So I might try it.

    We are a simple eating family. Pizza burgers etc
  7. GeraldineW

    GeraldineW New Member

    The Fish Market and Bilbo Baggins are also good choices in Alexandria.
  8. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member


    Just read up on Nandos' Chicken? and Potbelly sandwiches?
  9. Tigger&Belle

    Tigger&Belle <font color=blue>I'm the good girl on the DIS<br><

    I couple years ago I ate at a good Mexican restaurant at National Harbor. I haven't been back since to know if it's still there, but it would be worth a try. Not sure about what's in Alexandria since we haven't been there for awhile. We love Potbelly's for a quick, cheap dinner.
  10. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

    Potbelly's is cheap .... but decent right? soup and sandwiches!?
  11. Tigger&Belle

    Tigger&Belle <font color=blue>I'm the good girl on the DIS<br><

    I just looked online and the Mexican restaurant we ate at is called Rosa Mexicano.http://www.rosamexicano.com/index.php?action=page&id=2064

    You mentioned Potbelly's, which we like. Looks like National Harbor also has an Elevation Burger, which we like a lot. They also have a Baja Fresh, which isn't bad counter service Mexican. http://nationalharbor.com/dining/

    Alexandria is fun, however I don't know that you need to go there for the food. If you want to go walk around there and check it out, it's worth a trip, but there are plenty of restaurants at National Harbor. It seems to have grown a lot from when I was last there.
  12. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member


    I've never had any of the restaurants there....

    I'm looking for decent food, decent priced... family of 4, on a nice simple holiday budget :) Don't want to spend an arm and a leg, just simple food that is tasty :) hehe
  13. Janet Hill

    Janet Hill New Member

    Nandos Chicken just opened a couple of weeks ago and is very good and inexpensive chicken.

    Potbelly sandwiches also good inexpensive food.

    If you are into burgers there is a BJR and 5 Guys. Both good, but BJR is more expensive and fancier fixins.

    One of my favorite spots is the homemade gelato place on King Street, in the 1000 block (I forget the name). Little pricey for a treat, but sooooo good.

    Parking at the meters is $1.75/an hour (I think) and is limited to 2hours. Just go a little farther into the neighborhoods and you can park 2 hours for free.
  14. shelemm

    shelemm New Member

    There is a Nando's at the Gaylord. It is very, very good. Counter service. Get the quarter dark spicy, if you can handle spicy food. The side of mushy peas is excellent. This is affordable, high quality food.
  15. Tigger&Belle

    Tigger&Belle <font color=blue>I'm the good girl on the DIS<br><

    I see on your other thread that most of you don't like Mexican food, so scratch Rosa and Baja Fresh. If there's a 5 Guys, that's another very reasonably priced place, assuming that you don't have peanut allergies (they have peanuts scattered throughout the restaurant to snack on). I prefer Elevation Burger over 5 Guys (more topping selections), but they are both good and relatively inexpensive.
  16. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member


    We have 5 guys here... it's good, bad for you, but good! LOL :rotfl2:
  17. clutter

    clutter <font color=FF66FF>Princess's Mom<br><font color=b

    Nando's is one of my favorites! Great chicken sandwiches (they can be a bit on the spicy side, even the mild), best french fries of anywhere I've been. Amazing salads and sides.

    Potbelly's is decent and inexpensive. Sandwiches, chips, salads (love the non-fat dressing), shakes, excellent choc chip cookies. Not my first choice for a good meal, but it will do in a pinch. I'd pick it over subway.

    I didn't read the Gaylord thread, but I find it hard to believe that there are no good restaurants. Maybe not inexpensive enough? Personally, I wouldn't get take-out from Alexandria and bring it back to your room. Too far!
  18. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

    That's what I'm actually trying to avoid...

    I just want to park at the Gaylord, since I'm paying daily parking anyways, and then just walk to get a meal and bring it back or eat at the hotel, but with a picky 9yo it's hard... It's the regular staple meals, if you know what I mean.

    I'm not worrying about a high end meal either, as long as it's hot and good, my family is okay - Now if it was my husband and I without 2 kids, then that's a different story.
  19. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

    Actually, I would just love to grab a pizza, bottle of water/soda and relax in the room ;) but that's just me, I don't need gourmet.

    I'm going to see what I can find out about the restaurants.. I know everyone's tastes are different...
  20. Tigger&Belle

    Tigger&Belle <font color=blue>I'm the good girl on the DIS<br><

    If you go to Potbelly's save room for an ice cream sandwich. They make them on the spot with their big chewy cookies (sometimes later in the evening they run out of the cookies). My son and I share one since they are so big...very yummy and inexpensive.

    Alexandria really isn't close enough to bring food back, at least not as I remember. It's not so much the distance, but the walk to the parking both locations. But the only time I was at National Harbor was with friends and we rode bikes across the bridge from Virginia, so it seemed like a L-O-N-G way! :rotfl:
  21. ge0rgette2

    ge0rgette2 New Member

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