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Alaska-- do you swim?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by AMB1, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. AMB1

    AMB1 New Member

    We are cruising to Alaska next July. My kids have seen pictures of the Mickey pool and think it looks fun. Do people actually use the pools on the Alaskan routes? Is there much activity on decks 9 and 10 or do people spend most of their time indoors?
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  3. Annabell

    Annabell New Member

    Yes, people do swim in the pools on an Alaska cruise. The pools are heated so you are warm in the water.
  4. MillauFr

    MillauFr Buzz & Woody

    The pools were very crowded. They are heated to 90 degrees.
  5. DisSarahK

    DisSarahK Missing Mickey...

    We cruised to Alaska this summer and my children only used the pool on embarkation day--they were too busy all the other days to swim! I was surprised they didn't even ask to do it, but they truly were BUSY! There definitely were other people in the pools every day though...but they weren't packed by any means. There were maybe a handful of people at any given point (except for embarkation day). The pools are heated up really high for the Alaska trips.
  6. BAT

    BAT New Member

    Also the Goofy pool is sunk under the deck enough that you don't feel any breeze or wind. Now that, plus the heated water makes it nice to swim.
  7. kcashner

    kcashner New Member

    We used the hot tubs. As above, the pools are heated, so you are only cold in the open air.
  8. Momma2Jax

    Momma2Jax New Member

    Granted ours was in September, but I only saw a couple people swimming. So if your kiddos are willing to brave the air when they get out, they could have some prime swimming spots! :) especially when you are in a port!
  9. AMB1

    AMB1 New Member

    That's good to know. I've no doubt that the girls will want to go in, I'm just not sure Mom wants to go in with them! This may be a job for Dad:thumbsup2
  10. GrumpyBelle

    GrumpyBelle New Member

    We didn't swim when we went, but as others have said the pools are heated and do get use. The problem is getting out. I saw many frozen kids running to get dry and warm.
  11. DisneyMomJen

    DisneyMomJen New Member

    Based on trip reports I have read, I think our cruise the end of July this year was not the norm. It was freezing!!! Yes, there were a few peeople swimming and we did do the hot tub one day but said we were crazy after. It was so cold people were walking aroudnd in parkas, uggs, winter hats, etc.
  12. EeyoreIsMyName

    EeyoreIsMyName New Member

    We went to Alaska in July 2011 and the pools were heated and being used by lots of cruisers. Of course, the weather was very warm that week (except for Tracy Arm-we about froze sitting on deck!).
  13. BAT

    BAT New Member

    I think the trick is having one person ready with towels when the rest get out and quick to get indoors (pretty easy to do).
  14. Tinaphpc

    Tinaphpc New Member

    Also the Goofy pool is sunk under the deck enough that you don't feel any breeze or wind.
  15. The Maleficent One

    The Maleficent One New Member

    We went on the Alaska Cruise this past September (3-10th 2012) Even with the chillier air the pools were all being used regularly...some kids lived in them lol.

    There is plenty of activity all over the ship. Decks 9 and 10 always had some people out strolling, or sitting at the tables. Deck 10 also has the sports zone so it was being used quite a bit with basketball, air hockey, and fooseball.

    Day 3 the entire ship will be on decks 9 and 10 as its a great place to take pictures when cruising Tracy Arm.

    Hope this helps :)
  16. tvguy

    tvguy Question anything the facts don't support.

    Never used the pools on my last Caribbean and Hawaiian cruises.
    Used the pools on both my Alaskan cruises.
    Have a great photo of my entire family on HAL's Amsterdam in the outdoor pool at the very back of the ship, steam rising, and the Hubbard Glacier in the background.
  17. MrsDuck

    MrsDuck New Member

    My parents went last July. They are FL wimps and said it was too cold for anything but the hot tub. :laughing:
  18. Chilly

    Chilly <font color=darkorchid>I was having a bit of a blo

    We went in on our Alaska cruise in May.
  19. gometros

    gometros <font color=teal>WDWWDS Chief Weapons Inspector an

    We're going to Alaska in June, not on Disney, but this question could apply to us as well. I have the funny feeling, with all I've read about Alaska cruises in the Inner Passage, that there is so much to see and do, that our cruise will be much different than we are used to on other itineraries.
  20. snarfieca

    snarfieca New Member

    We went swimming in Alaska during our cruise in Aug. :cool1:
    It was sunny and warm. I think it was the afternoon we were in Skagway; the ship wasn;t moving - so no wind.

    We even laid on the lounge chairs and read for a while; in our bathing suits. We weren't alone.

    It was strange because there were people walking by in parkas.

    We had amazing sunny and warm weather. It was rainy and windy on our at sea days.

    from MB
    <trying to decide where to go next>

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