Alamo vs. National CC's

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by peacefulgirl, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Jul 11, 2004
    OK, I am confused .. aren't they both the same owners ?

    I just went to Alamo site to check rates again. It said sold out (4 days) and it sent me to National with a MUCH higher rate :( ... but I have a ressie already for Alamo for Econ car, 4 days at 138.88 and have one for National ressie for 4 days, Econ car for 181.83.

    (got another ressis tonight for Alamo for a midsize for a week 119/week total is 159.61 !!) pick up location changes rates too... hmm same car same dates change pick up location and its higher price ???

    Not only is National high rates but National says it will not except a debit card for ressie ... and only MAY except it for final payment ??? huh ! But Alamo will except debit for both ???? HUH ???

    Whats so great about National that they do this ???

    I think so far my best deal is using mousesavers code for whol trip, 10 days at airport for compact 253.83.

    Can I use any other codes with mousesaver code ???? Can I use entertainment code too ??

    yikes! code city huh!

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