AKL Room Report - plus first time requested a room change

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jaysue, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. jaysue

    jaysue DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 2002
    I am not sure if it was due to us checking in at 4:30pm or if it was that we had at best an indifferent CM at check in at the AKL

    We arrived at AKL March 15 at 4:30pm to a decently long check in line - in front of me were people who could not figure out their DDP, a travel rep from another country who was reviewing all the names one by one with the CM who was checking them etc.

    After waiting about 15 minutes to check-in (and I was still in a good mood BTW as I was admiring the architecture of the lobby), I finally had my chance

    The CM barely gave me a welcome, did not offer any information regarding activities at the AKL and just generally had not a bad attitude but shall we say a mediocre attitude (which in my mind is the worst)

    Our room requests were Arusha Savannah view and non-smoking (and yes I know they are requests )

    Well, we were checked in a rather perfunctory manner and the CM then printed the room number on the map - 2345 - for some reason my spider sense tingled and I asked where the room was and where it faced. This room did not have an Arusha Savannah view and based on where it was, I guessed it was close to being a ground floor room. Nonetheless as I have always been at least ok-good with all room assignments in the past I decided to go check it out.

    Well, this is one of those rooms that should have a standard view charge associated and no premium charge (at least it was non-smoking)

    The so called view was directly into a holding pen (for animals I guess) - in essence a fence line - if I cranked my head to the right, I would then see some Savannah - at this point between the fence line view, the mediocre CM, and the premium price paid for the room, for the first time, we requested a room change.

    Not expecting to get another room, we did get a pleasant surprise and another room was offered to us - 5114 - again, my spider sense tingled but at least I knew we would not have a fence view and it would be a "deluxe" (i.e. larger room by 37 square feet which is nice when you have the kids with you)

    Ok, so off goes DW with the kids to get new room keys (who were tired from a park touring day at Epcot), I stay at the room to wait for the bellhop who was already in transit.

    The bellhop arrives and to his credit hides his despair well at having to move our stuff again (over halfway across the lodge)

    The bellhop and I arrive at the room before DW and the kids - the bellhop opens the room and settles everything in - is very helpful about the resort and polite - I tip him $20 for his extra trouble (maybe his best tip of the day?) and off he goes - DW and the kids come staggering in (they are tired)

    I go to the balcony and my spider sense is confirmed - we have a Sunset Savannah indirect view with the massive restaurant vent fans below and to the right - some Savannah directly in front and most needing a crank of the head to the left. In essence another less than stellar room but certainly an upgrade from the infamous 2345.

    Room 5114 was in excellent shape - spotlessly clean, beds in great shape, clean carpets and all furniture and fridge in working order. From the balcony looking straight ahead we did see Ostrich, Marabou Cranes and Antelope from time to time. Cranking your head, you would see in the distance from time to time, Ankeole Cattle, the occasional Giraffe and Patterson's Eland. In essence the animal viewing was quite good if you excuse the head cranking.

    However, I think to offer a room such as 5114 which has an indirect view and has noise and smell influences from the restaurants ventalation as a fully premium deluxe savannah view room is not terribly fair.

    Now I know some resort rooms are great, some are good and some are shall we say not so good, but at AKL the differences seem to be the most accentuated between the Arusha Savannah (inside the crescent) view and the exterior Savannah views unless you were on the exterior sides that directly face the Savannah

    In any case, maybe the strategy with AKL is to arrive early for check in to get broadest possible selection of rooms (whether room ready or not)

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  3. WildernessMickey

    WildernessMickey Mouseketeer

    May 2, 2003
    I was assigned the same room! After booking a savannah view, I expected to get one! The room was just facing a dirt pit with no animals in sight. Your view consisted of that dirt pit if you looked down, and if you looked across, you would see other people's balconies (not very private either).

    I went back to the front desk, stated my concerns politely, and received an apology from this other CM (not the one who checked me in). He said he knew just what I was talking about, that the room in question should be assigned a standard view, and he placed me in a nice room on floor 2 facing the main savannah. I guess they haven't changed the view designation, but they need to! This was over a year ago! We ended up having a great time and saw lots of animals from the balcony of our new room. :yay:
  4. lumpy

    lumpy Earning My Ears

    Feb 26, 2005
    When we went last Sept they assigned us a room on the 2nd floor(don't remember which room it was) that the view was this big rock right in front of the balcony. We requested another room too! I don't think they should charge you the extra money for a view of a rock!
  5. jaysue

    jaysue DIS Veteran

    Nov 24, 2002
    Thanks all - I was thinking as I was posting that maybe I was being too sensitive about the room/location and being a little tough on Disney

    Funny how someone else had 2345 as well - agreed on the dirt path! :bitelip:


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