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AKL how much is good price in resale ?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by myosotisd, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    Hello everyone,

    i'm looking to buy 100 points in resale in AKL, the point is at 87$ and use years is december, do you think it's a good price ?

    i always travel in september/october so do you think december UY is fine for me ?

    the next annual fees will be due in January 2014 ?

    It's easy to book value room in AKL for September/October ?

    thanks for your reply
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  3. timandjanl

    timandjanl Member

    It depends on whether the contract is stripped of points or if it has banked points and all of 2013/2014 left. Also, you might check the ROFR thread. People have been passing ROFR for much lower than $87.

    If you normally travel in sept/icy then I do not think December is a good UY for you. If you ever had to cancel a trip at the last minute you would have very little time to use the points before the end of your UY. Ideally, you want to travel at the beginning if your UY so you would want September or August.

    As for getting a certain kind of room, if your home resort is AKL you will be able to book at 11 months out and I imagine you'd be able to generally get what you want.
  4. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    thanks for your return, the contract has no points left for 2013 but 100 points for 2014 and 100 for 2015

    if i cancel my trip last minute i will lost my airfaire too and i have to book few month before because i'm flying from France
  5. Missyrose

    Missyrose DIS Veteran

    There's little to no chance of being able to book a value villa at just a few months out. You likely need to be able to book 10 to 11 months out to get a value villa.
  6. greengeen

    greengeen Member

    You wouldn't actually be getting points until December 2014, more than a year from now. So you shouldn't be asked to pay dues any earlier than December 2014.
  7. Annielkd22222

    Annielkd22222 Member

    If you get the points for 2014, then you pay the fees for 2014
  8. wishicouldgomoreofte

    wishicouldgomoreofte Mouseketeer

    No, this is wrong. December use year pays their dues in Jan like everyone else. So Dec UY points dues for 2014 are paid in Jan 2014.

    OP, I see by your travel dates in your signature that you have been traveling in Sept, as you said, since 2007. Was that to get "free dining'? DVC member cannot stay on points and get free dining. I don't know if that would bring a change in your travel dates. Sept is the "cheapest" time to travel for DVC--lowest point requirements. Oct is VERY busy time for DVC, so don't count on getting much outside of your home resort if you want to travel in Oct.

    As previously stated, it is best to have the use year start when you travel most, so Aug or Sept for you. I have Dec use year, and wish I had understood that before I bought.

    Good luck with your learning and buying experience.
  9. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    yes i know about free dining but i'm fine because we always do at least two weeks in Orlando, one in a value with free dining and the second in the past in International Drive's motel and this september we stayed one week room only in All Star Music so I plan to do in the future one week like always with free dining and parks tickets and the second week in DVC Hotel with car renting to eat off site and do universal, outlets and use our disney tickets from the first week

    thanks for your reply
  10. Nabas

    Nabas Member

    DVC resale prices are very high right now. For a 100-point AKV contract, asking prices start at $87/point today.

    If the contract has all of its 2013 points and the seller is paying for these, then it's a good price at today's prices. If the contract doesn't have any 2013 points and your next points don't come until December 2014, then I suggest you should wait for something better.

    If you typically go September/October, then December is just about the worst Use Year you could get. A December UY gives you no time to use your point if you can to cancel your vacation plans. Given your travel dates, try for a Use Year during the summer months.
  11. Nabas

    Nabas Member

    Since you stay at a Value Resort, DVC will be more expensive. I'll present a simplified example. Don't get hung up with the specific assumptions I make. This is just an exercise you suggest one way to think of it. Play with the numbers based on your assumptions. Also note that inflation has some effect but I'm ignoring that to keep the example simple.

    Let's say you purchase your DVC at $87/point and closing costs add anther $5/point to the cost on your 100-point contract. Let's also assume you sell in 10 years at $60/point and pay a 10% commission. Let's also assume you do not finance. The total cost per point per year over 10 years would be $3.80/point ((87 + 5 - (60 - 6)) / 10).

    Let's assume that, adjusted for inflation, today's AKV's $5.67/point annual Maintenance Fee (MF) remains relatively flat.

    During the ten years, let's assume you always use roughly your 100 points per year for a 7-night stay. (For example, AKV Standard View Studio is 88 points per week in October while a Savannah View room is 116 points. So alternating between these two comes out to roughly 100 points per year.)

    Adding the cost per point per year of the purchase to the annual MF, multiplying this by 100 points, and then dividing by 7 night means you're paying $135/night to stay at AKV ((($3.80 + $5.67) * 100) / 7).

    Considering you always go in September or October, it will always cost you less to stay at a Value Resort or offsite. Throw in "Free Dining" (which can't be assumed in future years) and your DVC stay will be a lot more expensive,.

    However, you'd be staying at a WDW Deluxe Resort.

    So, is the extra cost worth it to you and your family?

    Again, I've built in in a lot of assumptions. If you want to provide your own assumptions, I can enter these in an Excel spreadsheet and do a more detailed calculation for you.
  12. chrisaman

    chrisaman Member

    Lets assume he is a billionare and only is joining so he can say he is a member. ;)
  13. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    I stayed at values resort but now i want to stay in deluxe for a week, i visited AKL, Beach Club, Grand Californian in Anaheim... and really like them and dream to stay here but cannot offer every year.

    I'm paying in € (no financing) (1€ give me 1,35$) so it's a good deal for me because i don't know in the future the value €/$

    i made an offer for 85$ per point i will see if the buyer accept it

    for the use year it's not a problem because i will not cancel and did not plan to go in 2014
  14. Dividends

    Dividends Earning My Ears

    Off on a tangent

    The promotion that ended oct 4th had pts as low as 128(1000) they are now priced at 138pt for a 1000.
  15. timandjanl

    timandjanl Member

    It sounds like you already had your mind made up on some of the issues you asked about so I'm not sure why you wanted advice. Good luck with your offer. I hope everything goes well and that you get what you're looking for!

  16. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    the seller sold today to an another brooker, i will continue to check i'm not hurry

    thanks everyone for your advice, now i know that if i found an used year in the summer it will best for me

    and i have others questions,if i need it's easy to rent points (throught a website i read 11$ per point min 95) ?

    and to get Disney Grand Californian in Anaheim for few nights 7 months before in low season for ex September ?
  17. Annielkd22222

    Annielkd22222 Member

    There are tons of contracts out there. You should have no trouble getting something close to what you want.
  18. myosotisd

    myosotisd Park fanatic

    yes i hope, but i think i gonna stick to the Timeshare Store or if anyone has an other good brooker ?
  19. Nabas

    Nabas Member

    If you are looking for "good" service, the Timeshare Store is considered one of the best.

    The Timeshare Store also is possibly the most expensive DVC reseller.

    What are you looking for in a "good" broker?
  20. Annielkd22222

    Annielkd22222 Member

    Why are they the most expensive?
  21. dmunsil

    dmunsil Disney Uber-Nerd

    Because they are the oldest and the most well-known, and they move the most properties. They tend to realize, on average, higher than average sale prices. But I don't actually think they're that much higher than the others, with the exception of Fidelity. Fidelity has a contract to be Disney's recommended agent, which means they get a bunch of motivated sellers who really want to get out of their contract now now now, and are often willing to take a lower offer in order to sell quickly.

    I don't see any evidence in the deeds that the other sellers tend to be lower than The Timeshare Store overall. One thing, though, is that looking at the deeds you can't see who the broker is; you can only see the title company. Most of the brokers have a preferred title company they like to work with, so it's an imperfect way of getting stats on brokers.

    All that said, these days Magic Vacation Title, which is The Timeshare Store's preferred title company, records around 50% of the total DVC deeds. Most of the rest are recorded by Timeshare Title and More, who does titling work for several other brokers. The third is First American Title, who are Fidelity's preferred company. There are always a dozen or so filed by miscellaneous out-of-state companies, local lawyers, etc.

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