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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by tahrea, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I love how people will fly from 1,000 miles away to visit Disney...but then an extra 5-8 minutes tacked onto their commute from the resort to the parks is a worrisome distance. :lmao:

    AKL is our favorite resort. It's beautiful, it has some of the best cast members around, offers a slew of unique activities, and has fantastic restaurants.

    The bus service is fantastic. The service is shared between AKL and Kidani, but with Kidani only a moment away, it takes no time at all.

    Our last stay in October was at Saratoga Springs. It took forever for the bus to make its way around all the various stops, so I wouldn't really consider that any faster than AKL's service.

    Our stay before that was at BC, twice. Convenient if you're going to Epcot or DHS, of course, but if you're not? Be prepared to wait forever for a bus to MK that you have to share with several other resorts.

    With four deluxe resort stays in 2012, I can tell you that AKL's was the fastest and most efficient with the fewest amount of stops. The extra miles in-between AKL and MK or other parks really didn't create an issue. :thumbsup2
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  3. spiceycat

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    Oct 26, 2000
    it takes a lot less than 18 mins to get to AK from AKL -

    there is alot more than 1 minute from Epcot to MK - it is at least 10 to 15 minutes and that is driving.
  4. Mixxy33

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    Dec 11, 2012
    We have stayed at AKL the last five visits. I think we got spoiled by the great restaurants, beautiful lobby, pool and just feel of the resort. We always rent a car. If you check frequently there are great deals. Got a mid size for last week for $140 total. You get free parking everywhere and you can visit resorts, parks and off site areas at your leisure. Once you get a feel for the roads its a breeze getting around especially in the slow season. We have tried other resorts but always go back to the AKL. Can't comment on the buses because we never used them but I would try the AKL. Also I think compared to the other deluxe resorts the price is the best (except for maybe the Wilderness Lodge). You will not be disappointed...
  5. anjalee6

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    Mar 31, 2010
    We have gone to Disney the last five summers during one of the busiest times during the year and have never spent more than 20 minutes on any bus ride, even to the Magic Kingdom. Maybe we have just lucked out with good bus drivers. We have stayed at AKL the last four summers in a row and are staying again this summer. I think it all depends on what appeals to you. We would take the quiet charm of AKL anyway over the hustle and bustle and busy feeling of some resorts. Some people like the complete opposite.
  6. kgreen

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    Jun 20, 2011
    My family Loves AKL!!! The bus ride doesn't seem long at all. Ak is 5 or 6 minuets, the longest ride was to MK & it was maybe 20 min. but didn't seem like it took that long, once you are on the bus it goes pretty quick. AKL is our favorite, every where you look there is something new & interesting. It's beautiful!!!!! Don't let the fact that AKL is a bit away from the hustle & bustle detour you from staying there! I'm pretty sure you will Love it too! We stayed in a bunkbed/arusha savanna view. Every morning while the family was still asleep, I went to fill my coffee, & sat on our balcony. Where in the world can you watch the sun rise over the savanna while the animals begin to wake & move! It's pretty awesome! :thumbsup2

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