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    We're traveling May 12-21, wondering if this works. I feel like I'm missing out on some things, but I think that's bc of Star Wars weekends. It's so important we go two days, but it's eating a hole in our plans!

    Driving, Dh, Me, DD (5) and DS (3), staying at Carribbean Beach Resort. We got almost every year, but this year we skipped a trip to do a Disney Cruise. Looking to get back to WDW and excited for new FLE!

    Sunday, May 12: Arrive late morning, go to Fantasmic Lunch (anybody know when they are coming out with May bookings?), Do late afternoon stuff at HS, Fantasmic.

    Monday, May 13: AK Morning, HDDR 6:15 PM

    Tuesday, May 14: MK Day, Ohana Ressie 5 PM

    Wednesday, May 15: Bibbity Bobbity Boutique MK 1:30 PM
    Be Our Guest 5:30 PM

    Thursday: HS Day, DH and I @ Victoria & Alberts Chefs Table 5 PM (May take kids to a club or get a sitter, not determined yet).

    Friday: HS - STAR WARS WEEKENDS - Lunch at Drive-In Theater 11:15 AM

    Saturday - Hang out at Resort, Yacht Club Dinner 5:45 PM. May go to Epcot for Fireworks.


    Monday - Akershus 8:30 AM Breakfast, Epcot

    Tuesday - Open, leave around 1pm.

    Ok, Thinking that DD may want to eat at the Castle on Wednesday, in which case we could do BOG on Monday, but not sure if kids would do great with 3 days at MK. They LOVE AK and HS. Could do AK on Tuesday instead.

    Ack! I'm so torn!

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